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Chapter 3227: Failed

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

This time, the recruits from the first to the third car didn’t answer their comrades. The recruit from Car No. 2 stepped on the accelerator and wanted to rush up the slope. The accident happened so quickly that he didn’t have time to react…

Bang! The front wheels slammed into the ground. Due to the high speed, the front wheels hit the pits. Due to inertia, the entire car flipped over. Then, two loud bangs were heard. The entire Warrior commuter turned upside down.

The comrades in the two cars that were pressed sideways behind were shocked. They braked continuously on the slope. Their faces were a little green. Only then did they manage to stop the car.

The wheels of Car No. 2 were still spinning quickly. It could be seen how fast the recruit had been driving.

The recruit, who had been in contact with the various teams in the car, was still quite conscious. After the world spun, he curled up and gritted his teeth.

He said awkwardly, “I didn’t get to block him, and I even f*cking overturned!”

The channel exploded.

“F*ck, did you overturn? Is that for real?”

“How can it be fake? Car No. 2, how’s your situation? Are you alright?”

“Did you really flip over? How did you flip over? Hurry up and reinforce him!”

“It’s all over. The captain is so fierce. Brothers, can we block him? Brother from Car No. 2, from your voice, you shouldn’t be seriously injured. Take care and wait for the other brothers to come and save you.”

“No. 2, how’s the situation? Did you flip on the spot or did you flip out?”

Countless voices came from the channel. Recruit No. 2, who was curled up until his chest and ribs hurt, tried his best to uncurl himself. He replied to all his brothers in a muffled voice, “I flipped on the spot. I’m fine. I won’t die!

“All of you have to block him. This is a good opportunity to hold our heads high. We have to grab it.”

They were already in trouble, but they still remembered their desire to hold their heads high. It could be seen how deep their obsession was.

Before they could finish communicating, a roar was heard. “Target vehicle, break out. Target vehicle, break out. S26, take a detour!”

“S26 is a bilateral bridge. This is a good opportunity! Block it!”

“Brother No. Two, take care! We’ll avenge you!”

“Damn it, avenge my *ss. He didn’t take a detour to S26 and came back instead. No. 16 fell for it. The moment the car retreated, the target vehicle reversed and rushed back!”

“No. 16, force the captain to stop!”

Recruit No. 16 watched helplessly as the target vehicle brushed past the edge of the mountain road under his eyes. As the car drove past, he seemed to see the captain driving… But he seemed to be several sizes smaller.

He didn’t look like the captain!

Looking out again, Recruit No. 16’s heart skipped a beat uncontrollably. The captain, who seemed to be a few sizes smaller, drove the car to the edge of the mountain road. From the tire marks left behind… Recruit No. 16 replied to the other brothers, “The captain, who’s a few sizes smaller, drove past the edge of the mountain road. Half of the outermost wheels are outside, and the other half are in the air.’

The entire channel went silent.

The entire process lasted for about a minute because Car No. 2 overturned. A minute later, it returned to silence. Only the sound of recruit No. 2 panting could be heard.

As for what Recruit No. 16 said about the captain who was a few sizes smaller, that was ignored.

“Surveillance room, Car No. 2!” The recruit in Car No. 3, who had turned off the entire channel, stopped the car and unbuckled his seatbelt. At the same time, he immediately contacted the surveillance room. They didn’t know the situation of Car No. 2 now, but if an accident happened, they had to contact the higher-ups immediately. Once someone was injured, they could receive support immediately…

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