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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1407 Aren’t you adding fuel to the fire?’?

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Chapter 1407 Aren’t you adding fuel to the fire?’?

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The first-class cabin had an independent door, and inside, the furnishings were incomparably exquisite. Ye Linlang looked at the figure not far away and was subconsciously stunned. She saw that the other party was dressed simply and had a very elegant temperament. She wore an inky gray dress and a lotus-colored silk scarf around her neck. There were many wrinkles on her face, and it could be seen that the other party was probably in her fifties or sixties. However, from her elegant and gentle demeanor, one could still tell that when the old lady was young, she was a stunning beauty. … Wasn’t this the old lady who handed her a napkin in the departure hall because she saw her crying? ! … The beautiful stewardess in uniform had already left. In the large first-class cabin, only ye Linlang and the old lady were left. Ye Linlang bit her lip in confusion. “Did you promote my seat?” “Yes.” The old lady in the ink-gray dress saw ye Linlang’s awkwardness and immediately smiled, waving at Ye Linlang. “Little girl, come and sit.” As the old lady spoke, she pointed at the still empty velvet sofa beside her. Ye Linlang hesitated for a moment. After all, the other party looked too amiable and did not seem to be someone sent by Shen Xier. After all, if Shen Xier really wanted to squash her to death, she probably did not need to go through so much trouble to find someone to kill her directly. … Because she had just thought in the wrong direction and even thought that the old lady was a bad person, Ye Linlang’s face was slightly embarrassed and her expression was very embarrassed. “Hello, Grandma. Why did you upgrade my cabin?” The smile on the old lady’s face deepened when she heard ye Linlang’s words. “Actually, it’s nothing. It’s just that I’m bored by myself. I saw how uncomfortable you were in the hall just now, so I simply called you over to relieve my boredom.” As she spoke, the old lady even caressed ye Linlang’s hair in a very familiar manner. Ye Linlang did not like to be so close to strangers and subconsciously wanted to hide. However, when she saw the other party’s loving and amiable smile, Ye Linlang did not know why, but her nose felt sour. The song family’s Granny’s smile inexplicably lingered in her mind. It was also so kind and tolerant. Therefore, Ye Linlang also allowed the other party to do so. “Old Granny, you’re really a good person.” Because she thought of the song family’s Granny, Ye Linlang’s eyes became hot and she could only mumble. … Seeing how obedient ye Linlang was, the other party liked this girl even more. “Aiya, why do you keep calling me grandma? Although I’m quite old, can’t I change my address?” When Ye Linlang heard the other party’s request, she was instantly stunned. The old lady with an elegant smile stroked ye Linlang’s hair once again. “My surname is Zhao, and my name is Zhao wanqin. You can just call me Grandma Zhao or just call me grandma. I’ve always wanted an obedient granddaughter. Boys are made of mud, so it’s not fun.” Hearing that, Ye Linlang burst into laughter, and his expression became much more relaxed and generous. “Hello, Grandma Zhao. My Name Is Ye Linlang, Ye of leaves, a dazzling array of Linlang.” … After Grandma Zhao’s kind teasing, ye Linlang gradually, the gloominess in her heart also dissipated a lot. She did not expect that she would be able to meet such a good person like Grandma Zhao on a random plane. Not only did she pass her napkins when she was crying, but she also saw that she was unhappy and gave her an upgrade to chat with her. Ye Linlang had never had a grandmother since she was young. She even knew that the reason why she was abandoned was because the old lady of the Ye family valued sons over daughters. If only her grandmother could be as cute as Zhao Wanqin’s grandmother. Ye Linlang sighed in her heart. She suddenly thought of something. “Grandmother Zhao, are you going to the capital of Dongchen Kingdom as well?” Old Lady Zhao’s expression was warm as she pointed at the vast sea of clouds outside. “That’s right. Have You Seen the clouds outside? I came to Dongchen kingdom this time for this.” “Clouds?” Ye Linlang was confused as she listened. She turned her head and only then did she realize that the sea of clouds looked so magnificent from the plane. But from another perspective, it was similar to the cotton candy that children liked to eat. That’s right, it was a huge version of the cotton candy. It was very beautiful. … Old Lady Zhao made a cute gesture at Ye Linlang. Although Zhao Wanqin was already over sixty years old, her attitude was very young. “That’s right. I’m here in the capital of Dongchen Country to participate in an international art exhibition. The theme of the art exhibition is clouds.” When Ye Linlang heard Old Lady Zhao’s words, she suddenly came to a realization. Looking at the old lady’s attire, even though it was simple and capable, it was obvious that she was either rich or noble. “So, are you the guest invited to watch the exhibition?” Old Lady Zhao wanqin laughed heartily. “No, I’m an artist. The organizers invited me to show paintings related to clouds.” “So You’re an artist. You’re even invited to participate in an international art exhibition. Amazing, Amazing!” Ye Linlang’s gaze became even more respectful. She suddenly remembered that Jiang Qiran had used the most ordinary black brush when she was teaching at the Plum Blossom Village Branch. That youth was very serious when he drew. It could be seen that he had some foundation. And the side profile of the lively girl in the painting was her. When Ye Linlang thought of Jiang Qiran, the smile on her face instantly became much gloomier. She looked at the endless stretch of clouds outside the window and secretly prayed in her heart that Jiang Qiran could get better soon. Even if they were not together in the future, at least they could appreciate the same blue sky and white clouds. Thinking like this was also a kind of consolation, right? … Ye Linlang did not know that not only did Jiang Qiran’s physical condition not get better, but it even worsened! At this moment, in the VIP ward of city a Central Hospital! The youth had been injected with tranquilizer. Although he had woken up now and his leg had been rebandaged, it was not as bloody as before. However, his face was completely pale, with a haggard look that could not be ignored. Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan stood beside his sickbed. Su Wan was extremely worried, while Jiang Xuecheng’s face was full of anger. “Jiang Qiran, the last time you promised that you wouldn’t act recklessly! Are you taking my words for granted? !” “You Brat, are you trying to rebel? !” Seeing that Jiang Qiran’s expression was still unfocused, his eyes were so empty that it was frightening. He was like a perfect sculpture that had lost its soul. Jiang Xuecheng frowned and almost dropped a cup! “Are you done? ! You tried to escape with your illness, and you’re still pretending to be dumb? !” Jiang Qiran did not care about Jiang Xuecheng at all. In his heart, it was as if something was constantly tearing at his flesh and blood. It hurt. When Su Wan saw her son like this, her heart hurt even more, and she hurriedly pushed Jiang Xuecheng. “You’re the one who’s Done! Don’t talk about your son, aren’t you adding fuel to the Fire?” Jiang Xuecheng was furious, and when Jiang Qiran heard Su Wan’s words, he suddenly seemed to be a little angry. He stretched out his hand with difficulty and pulled Su Wan’s sleeve. His voice was soft, and his breath was faint. “She left…”


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