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«The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1406 — You’ve got the wrong person, haven’t you?

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Chapter 1406 — You’ve got the wrong person, haven’t you?

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Seeing how reckless Jiang Qiran was, the nurse who was holding the dressing tray was so shocked that she almost dropped her medicine! She quickly put the dressing tray aside and ran straight towards Jiang Qiran. “Young Master Jiang, can you count it as I’m begging you? ! I can understand that you want to walk around like a normal person, but your left leg is already bleeding! Calm down!” “If this continues, if you’re not careful, your left leg might break again! What if you develop some hidden illness? !” … The female nurse tried her best to persuade him. In the past, all her colleagues were especially envious of her. She became Jiang Qiran’s special nurse and could often see this handsome young man. But now, the female nurse was really scared out of her wits! If anything were to happen to Jiang Qiran, she might not even be able to keep her job! … Jiang Qiran’s lips turned pale, and the sweat on his face kept dripping down. He only felt the dazzling white in the VIP ward in front of him. As for the nurse’s figure that kept swaying in front of him, it was almost impossible to see her clearly. “Go Away, don’t Stop Me!” “I’m very clear on what I’m doing!” … Jiang Qiran felt dizzy. The blood on his feet that was constantly dyed red made Jiang Qiran’s pain become even more intense. The youth dressed in white and blue patient clothes had a terrifying stubbornness in his eyes. The female nurse subconsciously shivered when she saw him, and she even took a step back. … And there was only one voice in Jiang Qiran’s mind! He couldn’t let ye Linlang leave! He wanted to see her! It was fine, as long as he could see her! What kind of pain would it be more painful than forcefully breaking up with the person he liked and leaving without saying goodbye? ! … Jiang Qiran staggered and pushed the female nurse away. When the female nurse saw his state, she was so scared that she trembled. She didn’t dare to stop him, but she also didn’t dare to let him leave! What to do! With Jiang Qiran’s state, where could he go! ! If she wasn’t mistaken, he didn’t even have any money on him! … The female nurse felt uneasy. She watched as Jiang Qiran leaned on his walking stick and staggered forward step by step. For some reason, her eyes turned hot. She kept feeling that this youth had some sense of mission that drove him away from behind. There was someone he had to see. … The female nurse didn’t have the time to feel sorry for Jiang Qiran. She was really worried that she would lose her position, so she immediately called the director. “Director, that young master Jiang from the VIP intensive care unit hasn’t recovered at all. If he insists on going out now, what should we do? !” “I can’t stop him!” The director’s voice sounded even more fearful than the female nurse’s. The young master’s father had personally ordered him not to let Jiang Qiran out of this hospital before his illness was fully recovered. Otherwise, he would bear the consequences! “No matter what, stop him! Tranquilizer, hypnotizer, give him two injections directly! I’ll call security to control him now! You’re responsible for the injections!” “Okay!” The director’s face broke out in a few drops of cold sweat when he was dealt with in such a manner. No matter what, they couldn’t really let that ancestor cause trouble! If anything happened to Jiang Qiran, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences! … Jiang Qiran walked towards the elevator door with difficulty step by step. Although this floor was very empty, there were still patients and doctors coming and going. Everyone looked at the youth in shock. First, they were attracted by his handsome face, which was favored by the creator. Then, their gazes were fixed on his left leg, which was constantly bleeding. The wound was forcefully torn open again, and blood was dripping. How painful was that? ! A few kind-hearted people wanted to come forward and ask if there was anything they could help with? However, due to Jiang Qiran’s dark and malicious eyes, no one dared to take a step forward. They unconsciously made a path for him! This scene was really strange. … Just as everyone was puzzled, a few bodyguards suddenly rushed out from the stairs. “Stop him!” Someone spoke first and they all rushed towards Jiang Qiran. Jiang Qiran was stunned and his pupils suddenly narrowed. However, they did not dare to hurt him. His right hand immediately picked up a walking stick and blocked in front of him. “Whoever dares to stop me today will be fired!” With such a threat released, the few bodyguards immediately became fearful and no one dared to go forward. After all, the director had also instructed them not to hurt Jiang Qiran. Although Jiang Qiran was already so weak, he still had to resist! This made it difficult for them to attack him for the time being! However, not long after Jiang Qiran finished speaking, a slight tingling pain suddenly appeared on his back. … Jiang Qiran couldn’t believe it. He suddenly turned his head around. Out of the corner of his eye, there was only a guilty face. The light pink nurse’s hat stung his eyes. “I’m sorry.” The female nurse who had been taking care of Jiang Qiran all this time lowered her head apologetically. Jiang Qiran only felt that the world was spinning. In less than three seconds, he felt his entire body become weak and his consciousness drowsy. Finally, his tired eyes couldn’t help but close completely. Just when Jiang Qiran was about to fall, two tall bodyguards immediately held him up. … At this moment, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng also heard about Jiang Qiran from the director’s phone call. On the phone, the director’s voice was trembling as he recounted what happened today. Jiang Xuecheng almost fell on the table! “This bastard!” “Stop talking! I want to go and see Qiiran!” Su Wan was extremely anxious. She did not even bother to say anything bad about Jiang Qiran. She immediately urged Jiang Xuecheng to drive to city A’s Chinese medical hospital. … On the other side. Ye Linlang had just boarded the plane. She found the economy class seat she was in and was about to take a seat. All of a sudden, a beautiful stewardess in a uniform walked towards her gracefully. “Hello, Miss Ye. Someone upgraded your seat to first class. Please follow me.” ”…” Ye Linlang looked at the beautiful stewardess in confusion. She felt that there must be some mistake. “I’m sorry, I’m in Economy Class. Did you find the wrong person?” The stewardess grinned, a standard smile after training. “How can that be? Miss, Your Name Is Ye Linlang, right?” “Yes.” Ye Linlang nodded in confusion, and the air stewardess immediately gestured for ye Linlang to come. “Then please follow me.” Ye Linlang felt strange in her heart. She really could not understand why she would receive such preferential treatment. Actually, it was her first time taking a plane, but the ye family did not like her so much. How could they arrange first class for her? Ye Linlang’s heart was in a mess because she had to say goodbye to Jiang Qiran from now on. Even if she ran into such great luck, she didn’t feel any joy in her heart. … Ye Linlang followed the beautiful flight attendant’s footsteps with a heavy heart. And the flight attendant had already taken the lead to open the independent door of the first-class cabin. “Please.” Ye Linlang walked forward in confusion. When she raised her head, she saw a somewhat familiar figure. “How could it be you -”


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