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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1866: Combination Technique and Going Home for the New Year (2)

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Chapter 1866: Combination Technique and Going Home for the New Year (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The moment his mental perception spread out, the spiritual resonance nova seemed to have been stimulated. It began to glow brightly, and the internal power spontaneously accelerated. Xu Tui also scattered the ability of spiritual resonance.

Almost at the same time, Xu Tui revealed a stunned expression. Several voices suddenly appeared in his mind, or rather, his heart. This sound did not sound directly. Instead, it was the kind of sound that was reflected. It was similar to a transmission of consciousness.

“Could it be that I’m about to break through to the Nine Satellites? Is that why I’m happy? Is this a sign from the Heavenly Dao? I’ve never heard of it before. However, it’s a good thing to be happy when cultivating. If I continued to cultivate, I might be able to break through to the Nine Satellites today. Once I break through to the Nine Satellites, I might be able to defeat Xu Tui.

“Forget it. Xu Tui had already killed a Nine Satellites head-on. It was probably impossible for me to break through to the Nine Satellites and defeat him. However, in front of him, I definitely have no problems protecting myself.”

“Seven Satellites, my target today is the Seven Satellites. I have to break through to the Seven Satellites before my cultivation ends today.”

“Sigh, I should be able to break through to the Eight Satellites today. In the past, the Eight Satellites Planetary realm would definitely be the top-notch powerhouse on the Blue Star. However, I felt that breaking through to the Eight Satellites realm was nothing. Even if I break through to the Eight

Satellites, my status might not be as high as when I was at the Five Satellites…”

Chaotic voices entered Xu Tui’s mind through mental voice transmission. It was as if Xu Tui had entered a noisy market. It was so noisy that his head swelled. He instantly retracted his spiritual resonance. Only then did he feel much better. However, in just three seconds, he, who had reacted, almost slapped his thigh in shock.

This ability! What was that just now?

Thoughts! He could actually hear the thoughts of others when he used his mental perception nova to radiate the spiritual resonance nova. This was the most private thought in one’s heart. He could actually hear or sense it.

This was simply…

Would there be any secrets in front of Xu Tui in the future? Afraid not!

Xu Tui carefully recalled the voices just now and understood. The one who thought about the joy of the heart was undoubtedly the Lord of Myths, Ullr. This fellow actually thought that this joy was a sign of the Heavenly Dao that he might be able to break through to the Nine Satellites?

If Xu Tui told him the truth, would Ullr’s mentality collapse on the spot? However, Ullr still knew his limits. He understood that he would not be a match for Xu Tui even if he broke through to the Nine Satellites. However, it was more pertinent for him to have the ability to protect himself in front of Xu Tui after he broke through to the Nine Satellites.

The second was Yan Lie. Yan Lie was currently at the late-stage of the sixth star halo. If this continued today, he might be able to break through to the Seven Satellites.

This was normal. When he left with Xu Tui from the Manut asteroid, Yan Lie had followed Xu Tui all the way to cultivate. Xu Tui had focused on taking care of him. He had not missed out on any benefits.

If An Xiaoxue had not been born in the Genetic Miracle and had cultivated faster with Xu Tui many times, her cultivation would have been slower than Yan Lie’s.

Xu Tui analyzed the third thought and understood that this was Ruan Tianzuo’s inner voice. Currently, other than Jin Ji and Lavis, he was the only one in the expeditionary army who could break through to the Eight Satellites.

He did not expect Ruan Tianzuo to feel disappointed after his cultivation soared. But then again, even Cai Shaochu had to give Ruan Tianzuo face with his status on the Blue Star back then. It even affected the internal affairs of the Blue Star. And now, he was far inferior. It was normal for him to have such thoughts.

Hearing others’ thoughts? This ability surprised Xu Tui too much. Soon, three words appeared in his mind. Psychic mind reading.

There was a saying in the Huaxia Myths, psychic mind reading.

The most widely circulated technique was psychic mind reading, which was one of the six techniques of Buddhism. However, according to the ancient books, psychic mind reading could only be obtained when one’s Buddhism was profound and reached a certain level.

However, in the Huaxia Myths, there were also six techniques in Daoism. They were The Divine Eye, The Divine Ear, The Divine Nose, The Divine Tongue, The Divine Body, and The Divine Mind.

Daoism’s Divine Mind refers to the ability to see through all living beings in all directions and know about the secrets in others’ hearts. Although he had not thought about it, he had seen through the Prophet.

Xu Tui felt that the ability to know the thoughts of others after the combination of his mental perception and spiritual resonance was very similar to the Divine Mind. He knew what was going on in their hearts. He had known before he could think. This was a little like the passive resonance before the spiritual resonance.

He could read minds!

An ancient divine power. Moreover, it was not a known divine demon abnormality. It was an ability formed by the combination of two novas.

This meant too much to the Blue Star humans. If he could unearth a few more of these abilities, it would increase the strength of the Blue Star by leaps and bounds. Under the combination of these two abilities, he could obtain powerful divine abilities like the Divine Demon.

If he discovered a few divine abilities that could be used in battle and got the junior cultivators of the Blue Star to cultivate these related abilities to a certain extent, they would be able to form divine abilities. Their combat strength would definitely be outstanding.

For a moment, Xu Tui’s blood boiled as he thought about this…

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