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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1865: Combination Technique and Home for the New Year (1)

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Chapter 1865: Combination Technique and Home for the New Year (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

His cultivation speed was relatively fast when his nova was at the fifth star halo, especially when he was cultivating in such an extremely dense energy environment, not to mention the speed of Xu Tui’s plunder-type cultivation.

Soon, Xu Tui strengthened the spiritual resonance nova to the peak of the second level, third level, peak of the third level, and fourth level. He stopped cultivating after he strengthened the spiritual resonance nova to the mid-stage of the fourth star halo. He then began the test.

Xu Tui had a plan for the test. The first thing he had to do was to test the changes to the mid-stage of the fourth star halo when the spiritual resonance nova was strengthened.

Five minutes later, Xu Tui came up with a result. After the spiritual resonance nova was strengthened to the mid-stage of the fourth star halo, its resonance ability had become even stronger. It had also improved greatly, but it had not made a qualitative leap.

Before this, his spiritual resonance ability could sense the target’s emotions and feed them to Xu Tui. If the target was angry, happy, suspicious, or afraid, the spiritual resonance would be reflected to him. This feedback reflected the true emotions in the target’s heart, not what was displayed on the surface. This was especially so for the malicious feedback. It had even saved his life several times.

Currently, this ability has only been strengthened further. The emotions of the target were more detailed. For example, he could sense how much fear he was feeling, or even if he was not afraid because of Xu Tui. However, that was all.

This improvement was actually very small. It was not a huge improvement at all. The huge improvement that he mentioned was the resonance of his spiritual resonance. Before this, the spiritual resonance could only resonate with others. Xu Tui could not resonate with others.

After condensing the star this time, Xu Tui realized that he could already resonate with his emotions. He tested this several times before he confirmed it.

When fear appeared in Xu Tui’s heart, he chose to resonate with Yan Lie. Yan Lie immediately fell out of his cultivation and instantly appeared beside Xu Tui. At the same time, he looked around warily. “Commander, there’s danger! I sense great danger.”

Xu Tui smiled and explained it to Yan Lie. Yan Lie’s eyes widened. He actually had such an ability. He directly transmitted his emotions to the target. With Yan Lie’s combat attainments, he immediately understood how powerful or terrifying this ability was.

In the battle of the mid to late-stage of the Planetary realm, both sides were experienced and would go all out.

Think about it. Originally, your enemy was fighting with all his might. However, an inexplicable fear, anxiety, or even joy suddenly appeared in his heart. He would be thrown into chaos on the spot. If it happened a few more times, he might even go crazy.

Under such circumstances, mistakes were inevitable. It would be strange if they did not lose.

Yan Lie looked at Xu Tui as if he was looking at a monster. How could the commander have such a strange ability? Fortunately, the regiment commander was one of them. Otherwise, he would definitely not be willing to fight an opponent like the regiment commander.

“Since I’ve already disturbed your cultivation, help me test a few more rounds.”

Even though Yan Lie was extremely unwilling, he could only nod in agreement. Then, Xu Tui tested the resonance transmission of many emotions. As long as he was angry, liked, suspected, calm, or afraid, the resonance would be transmitted to Yan Lie, affecting him greatly.

The extreme transmission of fear could even make Yan Lie tremble. Of course, this resonance transmission was related to the strength of the target’s mind power.

Yan Lie’s mind power was considered powerful in the Extreme Branch, but it was average in front of the Supernatural Branch. Then, Xu Tui discovered this when he tested Qu Qingshan again. The impact of the emotional resonance on Qu Qingshan was more than a level weaker than Yan Lie. It was quite useful in actual combat.

Xu Tui’s final test target was Ullr.

The new star of the Myth Lord, Ullr, had already been strengthened to the peak of the seventh star halo. It was even a little stronger than An Xiaoxue. After all, they were veteran Planetary realm powerhouses. Their cultivation time was much longer than Xu Tui and the others. He was also an existence whose mind power was second only to Xu Tui in the entire Blue Star Expeditionary Force.

Xu Tui wanted to test the effects of spiritual resonance on him. The moment it was activated, Ullr, who was cultivating with all his might, suddenly revealed a faint joy. Amidst his joy, Ullr opened his eyes and felt a little strange.

What was wrong with him? He was cultivating when he was suddenly happy. Where did his joy come from? After thinking about it, Ullr did not discover where the joy came from. However, why would he feel joy out of thin air? Ullr pondered.

At this moment, Xu Tui had just finished testing the ability of the spiritual resonance nova. This emotional resonance transmission could be considered a huge improvement in the ability of spiritual resonance. Just based on this, the spiritual resonance nova would not be a useless star.

For the time being though, Xu Tui had already understood the changes in the ability of spiritual resonance nova. He could only slowly experience and discover the rest in the future.

Now, Xu Tui wanted to study why the spiritual resonance nova would accelerate its circulation excitedly under the radiation of the mental perception nova.

Would it trigger any changes in his abilities?

Almost instantly, the new stars in his body collectively gathered on the mental perception nova. He instantly pushed his mental perception to the late-stage of the sixth star halo. At the same time, Xu Tui’s mental perception spread out.

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