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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1812: The Small Universe of the Heavenly Court Is in Danger (4)

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Chapter 1812: The Small Universe of the Heavenly Court Is in Danger (4)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

This was the rule of trading between the higher-ups. At the entrance of the Eastern Heavenly Gate City, Xu Tui could hear their conversation clearly through the enhancement of the Longevity Emperor’s Seal. He could not help but feel a little depressed.

These three guys were treating him like a piece of fat meat. They were secretly infighting to decide who he belonged to. It was just that no one cared about his opinion.

Xu Tui felt that these three guys were disrespecting him even after chasing him to this extent. He quickly communicated with the commander of the Heavenly Court guards. “Commander, how should I address you?”

“Lord Star Lord, I’m Dongyu Jiajiu. Sir, you’d better get closer to the city pass and stick to the energy array that enters the city pass. Then, I’ll control the array to activate a small opening. You can quickly flash in. There shouldn’t be any safety problems, ” the commander of the Eight Satellites said.

At the level of commander, deputy general, lieutenant, and team leader, the guards of the Heavenly Court were no longer numbered. Instead, they had a name. Of course, this surname was also very common. It was almost like a serial number.

Dong represented the order of the army that the commander in front of him belonged to, which was the garrison of the Eastern Heavenly Gate City Pass. Yu, was the rule given by the ancient Heavenly Court. The word ‘Yu’ in the words ‘Tian’, ‘Di’, ‘Xuan’, ‘Huang’, ‘Yu’, ‘Zhou’, ‘Hong’, and ‘Huang’.

Jiajiu was considered a name, but it was actually a higher-level number. From the number, this commander-in-chief was relatively close to the front and was a little more experienced. Under normal circumstances, such an experienced commander’s cultivation was usually at the peak—the peak of the Eight Satellites.

“Thank you, Commander, but I have a question.” Xu Tui shrank back again. At the same time, he was on full alert to prevent Tu Chengshan, Feng Qianliu, and the others from launching a pounce.

Xu Tui had to be extremely careful when he was facing the Nine Satellites Planetary realm or even the Nebula realm.

“Please speak, Star Lord,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

“Commander, the enemy has already entered the attack range of the city pass. Why didn’t you take military action?” Xu Tui asked.

“Star Lord, firstly, they are still outside the optimal attack range. Secondly, the enemy is too powerful individually. It is not appropriate to take the initiative to attack. Most importantly, I’m just a small commander. The commander-in-chief and the marshals of our Eastern Heavenly Gate are not around. I have no authority, much less dare to take the initiative to attack,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

Xu Tui was stunned. “Commander, do you not dare to take the initiative to attack, or can’t you? So you can only defend passively?”

“I am limited by my military position and military orders, I can only defend to the death,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

Xu Tui frowned. In military operations, defending to the death was never a brilliant tactic. If they insisted on defending to the death, they would be attacked by the enemy with specific tactics. At that time, they would definitely lose!

Suddenly, Xu Tui understood the intention of the Spiritual Race army to continuously build fortifications at the frontline. He also understood the current tactical intention of the commander-in-chief of this battle, Xu Zhijia.

They continuously built powerful fortifications and pushed forward layer by layer. They used the fortifications to expend and resist the attacks of the Heavenly Court guards and send them attacks.

If this continued, they would be able to break through the Eastern Heavenly

Gate City Pass of the small universe of the Heavenly Court at the lowest price.

“Commander, I’m afraid we won’t be able to defend it if this continues,” Xu Tui said.

“We are limited by military orders and have a military position! We all understand this principle, but none of us have the ability to command other colleagues. We are all equal-level commanders,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

Xu Tui immediately understood when he heard that. Without the Marshal and the commander-in-chief, the people guarding the Eastern Heavenly Gate were actually the 36 commanders of the Eight Satellites. They did not subdue each other.

Perhaps Xu Zhijia had come up with such a tactic because he understood this. If that was the case, the Eastern Heavenly Gate would be in danger. It was not just the Eastern Heavenly Gate. The Northern and Western Heavenly Gates were in danger as well. The entire small universe of the Heavenly Court was in danger.

Xu Tui’s expression suddenly became extremely solemn. However, he suddenly thought of another possibility…

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