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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1811: The Small Universe of the Heavenly Court Is in Danger (3)

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Chapter 1811: The Small Universe of the Heavenly Court Is in Danger (3)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Your noses are really sharp!” When Tu Chengshan saw Feng Qianliu, he knew that this was a confirmed fact. The other party had caught up. There was nothing he could do. Next, it would depend on their methods.

“Your tail is too long.” Feng Qianliu sneered.

Tu Chengshan let out a dry laugh. “Qianliu, I don’t know what you’re targeting this Bing Zhen! This fellow actually killed Yan Wuyu and Yanzi when he was imprisoned by us, so I personally came to pursue him.”

Tu Chengshan threw out a smoke bomb. This smoke screen stunned Feng Qianliu for a moment. She immediately suspected the authenticity.

Bing Zhen had killed Yan Wuyu and Yanzi. This possibility was hard to say. However, from Tu Chengshan’s current attitude and words, Feng Qianliu already understood that something might have really happened to Yan Wuyu.

It was very likely that there was an important key to this Bing Zhen. Otherwise, Tu Chengshan was not a filial son. Why would he spend so much effort to chase after him personally to avenge Yan Wuyu?

That was impossible.

Feng Qianliu was even more certain that there was a secret on Bing Zhen.

“Whoever snatches it will own it. How about that?” Feng Qianliu raised her head in Xu Tui’s direction. Her bangs fluttered in the wind. She looked exceptionally graceful. After Feng Qianliu entered the small universe of the Heavenly Court, she put down her combat uniform and helmet.

“Sure, you guys go first.” Tu Chengshan pouted at Bing Zhen, looking like she would go first if she had the ability.

It was three kilometers away from the Eastern Heavenly Gate City Pass. If they rushed over, they would definitely be targeted by the Heavenly Court’s garrison. It was very difficult to capture someone and retreat to a safe distance at lightning speed. Tu Chengshan did not want to be a meat shield for others.

Wouldn’t it be good if he snatched it over when Feng Qianliu snatched it over? However, it was obvious that Feng Qianliu would not give him this chance.

“Then let’s make a public promise. Whoever snatches it will own it. We won’t interfere anymore.” Feng Qianliu sneered.

This time, Tu Chengshan did not dare to agree immediately. In terms of ability, Feng Qianliu and the other wind-types were more confident in doing such a thing. If they paid a price, they really had a chance of snatching back Bing Zhen.

If he made a public promise, Tu Chengshan would definitely keep it. After all, he was the chief of a high -ranking organization. He could be as shameless as he wanted in the dark, but he had to keep his public promise. If he broke his credibility, his authority would be over.

Just as Tu Chengshan was hesitating, the expressions of Tu Chengshan and Feng Qianliu changed at the same time. They suddenly turned their heads to look behind them. Behind them, Xu Yilong brought 50 Nine Satellites Planetary realm experts and 3,000 Planetary realm experts and slowly pressed forward in a military formation.

Tu Chengshan and Feng Qianliu were shocked and furious when they saw this scene. None of them had expected the deputy commander-in-chief of the Spiritual Army, Xu Zhijia, to interfere. If Xu Zhijia interfered, not only would this matter become complicated, but their hope of capturing Bing Zhen alive would also become very slim. They were only a small number of elites. On the other hand, Xu Yilong had brought over an elite army.

Although it was only a portion of the Planetary realm elites who were temporarily gathered at the frontline of this battle, they had also brought 50 Nine Satellites and 3,000 Planetary realm experts.With a concentrated fire, it was possible for the two waves of people to all be reduced to ashes. How could they compete with Xu Zhijia? Of course, the possibility of Xu Yilong focusing his fire on them was extremely low. However, this pressure…

“Chief of Staff Yilong, what are you doing?” Tu Chengshan quickly asked.

“The commander-in-chief said that the two confidentiality chiefs are chasing after a fugitive and are in danger. As the landlord here, he has to do his best to protect the safety of the two chiefs. If anything happens to the two chiefs here, the commander-in-chief will probably have to apologize to the Second Master or the Sixth Master with his death,” the chief of staff of the Central Star Field Military District, Xu Yilong, replied loudly.

Feng Qianliu and Tu Chengshan cursed the sly old fox in their hearts. They could not refuse. However, if the 3,000 Planetary realms were activated at the critical moment, even they could only obediently hand them over.

Tu Chengshan still did not give up. “Chief of Staff Yilong, may I ask where the commander-in-chief is? Can you contact him? I want to discuss concrete actions with the commander-in-chief.”

“There was a fight and bloodshed in the eastern camp. The commander-in-chief has already rushed over to suppress it,” Xu Yilong said.

As soon as these words were spoken, Tu Chengshan and Feng Qianliu once again cursed Xu Zhijia for being a sly old fox among sly old foxes. This simply blocked their way. Under normal circumstances, how could there be such a coincidence? Besides, even if there was really a bloodshed, he, the commander-in-chief, did not need to rush over to suppress it.

“How about this? Chief of Staff Xu Yilong, can we discuss how to pursue this fugitive?” Feng Qianliu said.

“Chief Feng, I’m sorry. This is a battlefield. I can only obey military orders! The military order I received now is to stand guard here. If anything happens, I’ll assist the two chiefs.”

Xu Yilongs answer was neither soft nor hard, but it left Tu Chengshan and Feng Qianliu at a loss. They frowned continuously. Tu Chengshan even secretly cursed Xu Zhijia. This old thing was too much. He had just accepted the benefits of a planet in front of him, but he was already turning his back on him.

What was worse was that even if Xu Zhijia turned hostile and interfered at this moment, he had to give away the resource planet that he had promised.

This was a separate matter.

This was the price he had to pay for letting him pass…

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