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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1673: Encirclement and No Failure (2)

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Chapter 1673: Encirclement and No Failure (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

While he was cultivating, Xu Tui gathered the core members and began to discuss his next move.

In terms of tactics, Xu Tui would not have any problems with Ah Huang’s help.

However, at the overall strategic level, there were many times when they had to brainstorm, especially in the expeditionary army. Several people had received professional studies and training in this area.

Xu Tui, An Xiaoxue, Yan Lie, Cui Xi, Zhao Hailong, Yang Huai, Wen Xinglun, and Little Six had intelligence support.

Yang Huai was originally from the Huaxia Military Genetic Evolution College. Elites from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College like Yan Lie, Zhao Hailong, and Cui Xi, strategic and tactical command, were also compulsory classes for them.

Xu Tui did not trust Ullr and Ruan Tianzuo.

“I believe that you already know about the roundabout tactics we set up previously. Now, I’m considering returning to Asteroid 677 or 433 through the previous arrangements and entering silent mode to find a way home. Or should I continue forward?” Xu Tui revealed his current hesitation.

Previously, on Asteroids 677 and 433, Xu Tui had given Wen Xinglun, Yanzi, and the others a special mission. He had asked them to find a secret place on these two asteroids to urgently set up half a quantum teleportation channel.

The reason why it was half was that a set of quantum array cores was split into two. After one was set up, only after the other was set up could it be communicated and activated.

Previously, the early stages of the setup had been completed.

As long as they were not discovered by the enemy, as long as Xu Tui and the others needed it, they could set up another quantum array core on any planet and form a new quantum teleportation channel. It would allow the Worldly Expeditionary Force to teleport far away and completely disappear from the enemy’s sight. Then, they would slowly search for a way home.

This was the first step on Xu Tui’s way home.

Otherwise, as there were only a few dozen people in the Worldly Expeditionary Force, as long as the Spiritual Race was given enough time, they would definitely be able to mobilize countless armies. At that time, the Worldly Expeditionary Force would fall into a desperate situation.

They would definitely die! After a short silence in the meeting room, Yang Huai was the first to speak. “Commander, personally, I don’t think we can enter silent mode now.”


“If we enter silent mode too early, the Spiritual Race will definitely make all kinds of guesses about our whereabouts. I think that sooner or later, someone in the Spiritual Race’s staff committee will have the idea that we will sneak back to the previous planet. There is a risk of being exposed. The collective wisdom cannot be underestimated,” Yang Huai said.

“What about your plan?”



“Continue to cause trouble in the West Star Field of the Spiritual Race and attract more of their attention to the West Star Field. The more attention they gather here, the safer it will be after we enter silent mode.

“However, if we continue to cause trouble in the Spiritual Race’s West Star Field, we might encounter the Spiritual Race’s Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses or even stronger teams. This is also an inherent risk,” Yang Huai said.

Xu Tui nodded slightly when he heard that. ‘What about the others?”

“Commander, I personally think that we can continue to fight the time difference!” Cui Xi said. “The Spiritual Race is like a giant at this moment. They can destroy us with a punch. However, just as the Spiritual Race said, we are Blue Star rats. We just have to do our job as rats. If we run fast enough, we can also tear a piece of flesh off the Spiritual Race.”

“Commander Xu, I think that continuing to attract the enemy to the Western Star Field will be extremely beneficial to us entering a silent homecoming mode in the future. The more enemies we attracted to the Spiritual Race’s Western Star Field, the safer we would be. No matter what, it will take a lot of time for the Spiritual Race to mobilize their troops on a large scale,” Wen Xinglun said.

“I understand. Continue cultivating.”

Everyone listened to their thoughts, but the final decision was Xu Tui’s business.

Actually, Xu Tui had already been worried before he heard everyone’s opinions. It was risky to enter the silent homecoming mode. Otherwise, he would not have listened to everyone’s opinions.

“Ah Huang, give me the results of the big data analysis,” Xu Tui asked after everyone left.

“If we don’t calculate the components of luck, for example, if one or two of the

Spiritual Race’s Nine Satellites Planetary realm happens to be near Asteroid 399, the fastest time for the Spiritual Race’s Western Star Field to gather two Nine Satellites Planetary realm experts was ten days.

“In about 13 days, the Spiritual Race might mobilize more than five Nine Satellites Planetary realm experts to surround us,” Ah Huang said. “What about the mobilization route?”

“The mainstream of the troop transfer route is to first send elites into the cosmic tunnel, then rush to the nearest cosmic tunnel node in a short period of time. Then, they would pass through the asteroid where the cosmic tunnel node is and teleport to the nearest asteroid through the quantum teleportation Tunnel.

“Then, they would cross over with their bodies and surround us. I’ve already marked out for you the number of Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses of the Spiritual Race that might be gathered on the surrounding asteroids.

“I’ve already marked out the teleportation star map of the quantum teleportation channel of the surrounding asteroids. Of course, it would be different if the Spiritual Race built a new quantum teleportation channel,” Ah Huang said.

“Yes, continue to collect big data. I need more data support skills.” Xu Tui began to study the Teleportation Star Map of the quantum teleportation tunnel in the surrounding star paths…

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