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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1672: Encirclement and No Failure (1)

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Chapter 1672: Encirclement and No Failure (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

November 21, 2141.

This was the third day since the Worldly Expeditionary Force entered Asteroid 399. At this moment, Xu Tui had already drawn the power of the underground earth vein on Asteroid 399 out of the ground to cultivate for two days.

Asteroid 399 was much larger than Planet Y and Asteroid 1142. It was more lively. Coupled with the fact that he had guided the power of the earth vein a few times, Xu Tui already had experience, so he used it more fully.

Therefore, although the boundless Origin Energy drawn out by the earth vein had allowed the members of the Worldly Expeditionary Force to cultivate for two days, it was not exhausted. According to the current situation, this cultivation state could still last for half a day.

During this third destructive cultivation, most of the members of the Worldly Expeditionary Force’s cultivation soared.

The reason why they said most of it was mainly because Xu Tui and Ullr had not improved much.

For example, Xu Tui. After two days of crazy cultivation, he had only raised his mind power force field from the early-stage to the middle-stage of the eighth-stage star halo.

This was when Xu Tui’s cultivation efficiency was dozens of times faster than others.

Of course, this was also a normal situation. The higher the cultivation, the harder it was to improve.

Another example was Ullr. Currently, he had only strengthened his main planet force field from the early stage of the seventh star halo to slightly more than the middle stage. If he wanted to break through to the eighth star halo, he would have to do it two to three times.

As for breaking through to the Eight Satellites Planetary realm, he needed even more.

After all, it was not just the main planet that needed to be strengthened to break through to the Eight Satellites.

Even though Xu Tui had only strengthened his mind power’s main planet force field from the initial stage of the eighth star halo to the middle stage of the eighth star halo, the increase in his total mind power was very obvious.

Currently, Xu Tui still had 25% of his mind power left after using the foreign body teleportation twice.

Don’t underestimate 25% of Xu Tui’s mind power. This was already a very safe amount. It was enough to support Xu Tui in a regular battle. Moreover, Xu Tui had an optimization direction.

In order to increase the chances of the expeditionary army surviving in the foreign realm, Xu Tui was constantly optimizing his mind power when he used the foreign body teleportation.

Xu Tui prepared to continue strengthening the quantum entanglement energy teleportation Nova and the Instantiation Nova for the remaining half a day of his cultivation.

Many sensory researches had discovered that strengthening these two new stars could reduce the consumption of mind power for the foreign body teleportation to a certain extent. He estimated that after today, he would still have 30% of his mind power left after using the foreign body teleportation twice.

In reality, after this period of self-research, Xu Tui realized that the Instantiation Nova formed by the instantiation genetic ability chain might be much more useful than most people had imagined.

It was not the useless star that the Blue Star had studied before.

Before this, the new stars condensed from the instantiation genetic ability chain were directly classified as useless stars. Without a specific ability and occupying a new star spot, what else other than useless could it be?

However, in reality, Xu Tui realized that every time a new star was strengthened, almost all of his supernatural abilities related to mind power would increase and decrease. Its power increased to a certain extent, and its consumption decreased to a certain extent.

Of course, the increase in power and decrease in consumption were very limited.

According to Xu Tui’s previous senses, it was probably only two to three percent. However, this value was the increase or decrease of every strengthening of the star halo.

Xu Tui’s current Instantiation Nova was only at the third star halo. The increase in power and consumption was about 7%. What if Xu Tui strengthened the Instantiation Nova to the sixth or even the seventh or eighth star halo?

At that time, the increase in power and consumption would be at least 20%. It was very terrifying when it accumulated.

It was a divine skill!

It was definitely a divine skill!

This was especially so for the School of Perception Instantiation. It was a divine skill among divine skills. The other Supernatural Branches also had extraordinary uses. Before this, because of its very useless auxiliary function and the limitation of the number of new stars, it was classified as a useless star.

However, it was different now.

An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, Miao Huanshan, Mu Xingluan, Yan Xuejin, and Li

Zheng had already condensed a new star of instantiation under Xu Tui’s strong suggestion. Once they strengthened the Instantiation Nova to the fourth or fifth star halo, the power would truly be displayed.

Even without the help of the Star Official’s Seal, they would be able to kill enemies above their level with this enhancement.

This was the situation of Xu Tui and Ullr.

Other than Xu Tui and Ullr, everyone else in the Worldly Expeditionary Force had increased exponentially.

Currently, other than the three Two Satellites, the Worldly Expeditionary Force were all above the Three Satellites.

Ruan Tianzuo had completely broken through to the Seven Satellites Planetary realm and became the second Seven Satellites Planetary realm in the expeditionary army.

Lavis broke through to the Six Satellites, and Yin Ba was at the peak of Five Satellites. He was not far from the Six Satellites.

Other than that, An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, and Jagren had completely broken through to the Five Satellites Planetary realm. Wen Shao and Wen Xinglun were only a step away from the Five Satellites.

Most of the others were between the Three Satellites and the Four Satellites.

Continuously cultivating on three planets in a row caused the strength of the Worldly Expeditionary Force to increase exponentially. It also gave Xu Tui some confidence.

Next, as long as they did not fall into the encirclement of the Spiritual Race’s army, there was a lot of hope for the battle. There was even more hope of bringing everyone home safely…

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