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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1409: The Appearance of the Small Universe Stargate

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Chapter 1409: The Appearance of the Small Universe Stargate

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Xu Tui was currently in the small room of the Water Origin Palace. This was the privilege brought about by Officiant Kaedo. He could enjoy a room alone.

After the initial treatment of Bishop Xiliude, Xu Tui was treating himself. His injuries were very serious, mainly because of the injuries on his body. The holy power of the Muyas was very good at treating such injuries.

After Bishop Xiliude’s treatment, he had almost recovered 70%. He still needed some time for the remaining 30%.

In reality, Xu Tui only had one thing to do after he returned to his independent room and got Derry and Belas to guard the door.

He had to restore his mind power!

Purifying the negative power in the Soul Crystal and the Blood Crystal quickly filled the empty God Slaying Sword. At the same time, he recovered his mind power.

In reality, Xu Tui knew that it would definitely be his turn when Bishop Xiliude started to ask all the Planetary realm and quasi-planetary experts in the expeditionary army. There were no exceptions.

Although he had previously obtained the favor of Bishop Xiliude, there were definitely no exceptions in this matter. Therefore, Xu Tui knew very well that this would be the most important obstacle in his life as a spy.

After this, everything would go smoothly. If he could not pass this stage…

What Xu Tui was doing at this moment was the worst-case scenario. If he was exposed, his survival was the most important thing. Under normal circumstances, it was basically impossible to escape after being discovered in front of two Seven Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses.

However, Xu Tui naturally had his reasons for being confident.

Firstly, even if they noticed something unusual, with his current situation, these two would not kill him immediately.

Secondly, he had made preparations now. Moreover, he had an unexpected gain.

The unexpected gain was the power of the water origin power that Xu Tui had refined. The first thing Xu Tui sensed when he entered the Water Origin Palace was the indescribable sea of power hidden under the flat lake. It felt like a person seeing the sea.

Under normal circumstances, what Xu Tui sensed should be how small he was. However, what Xu Tui sensed now was a connection.

Xu Tui felt that he could control a portion of the power in the lake through the power of the water origin power he had refined. This was a portion of the power.

Xu Tui had only refined 40% of the Origin Power of the Water Origin Palace, but he was already able to mobilize the power here to launch a defensive attack. Moreover, mobilizing the power of the Water Origin Palace was instantaneous.

At the critical moment, he could mobilize the power in the Water Origin Palace to set up a defense. Even though Xiliude and Dylin were Seven Satellites Planetary realm powerhouses, it could also buy Xu Tui a moment.

An instant was enough!

Xu Tui had already dispersed a few of the powder that had formed the mental magnetic pillar when he entered the Water Origin Palace. He could complete teleportation in the shortest time possible.

He relied on the power of the Water Origin Palace to stop Xiliude and Dylin for a moment before teleporting away.

This was Xu Tui’s plan in the worst-case scenario. If there was an accident, the God Slaying Sword was prepared for that possible accident.

Of course, that was the worst-case scenario. He might not be discovered.

“Please tell Lord Dylin that I’ll be there soon,” Xu Tui replied to Lally. He slowly stood up, but he kept using the spiritual resonance technique to undergo the final strengthening. He strengthened the previous image.

At the same time, he told Derry and Belas over and over again that he was Kaedo, he was Kaedo, he was Kaedo! As long as the two of them determined that Xu Tui was Kaedo, what they had told Xu Tui previously would not be a betrayal.

As for the rest, it had really happened. What was there to be afraid of?

Three minutes later, Xu Tui brought Derry and Belas to the main hall. Bunet was already there. When he saw Xu Tui coming over, Bunet immediately took the initiative to step forward. He crossed his arms and bowed to Xu Tui. This was his way of expressing his gratitude.

In his memory, Xu Tui had risked his life and used his intelligence to save him. His gratitude toward Xu Tui was indescribable.

Before Xu Tui arrived, Dylin and Bishop Xiliude had already finished their questioning of Bunet. It was normal. There was nothing wrong with Bunet.

“Kaedo, you know that we have just arrived, but we have been severely injured. From the looks of it, there must be a problem within us. Therefore, we need to appraise everyone once. I’ll ask normally. Lord Xiliude will do the appraisal. You just have to answer truthfully.” With that, Dylin added, “Everyone has to accept it.”

Xu Tui nodded, but he looked at Bishop Xiliude. This made Xiliude very satisfied. This Kaedo still knew whose side he was on. Bishop Xiliude nodded in satisfaction.

“Then who should we start with?” Xu Tui asked.

“Let’s start with your two escorts,” Dylin said.

“Yes, please.” Xu Tui took the initiative to retreat to the side. He looked magnanimous, but no one knew that Xu Tui had actually distanced himself from Dylin and Xiliude and approached the door of the main hall.

If anything happened, he would immediately teleport and escape. If there was an accident, it was very likely that it would happen to Derry and Belas. However, he could not kill all his attendants. If these two Muyas were alive, they would only be more valuable in the future as long as they passed this obstacle.

“Derry, please answer me. Have you ever betrayed us, the Muya Clan? Did you betray the supreme Lord?” Dylin’s question was very sharp.

However, in the next moment, Xu Tui’s faint smile froze. That was because Derry did not answer immediately. If he did not answer immediately, it meant that there was a problem. He had rehearsed similar problems before. There were no problems at all.

Suddenly, Xu Tui saw the rich holy power emanating from the scepter in front of Bishop Xiliude. It should be because of the divine technique that made him hesitate.

Xu Tui had a smile on his face. His mind power did not fluctuate, but he was cursing in his heart. Was he exposed just like that?

What the f*ck…

What a waste!

Xu Tui slowly injected his mind power into his left eye. He was already prepared to escape. The hesitation of Derry made Bishop Xiliude and Dylin focus their gazes on Derry at the same time. Was there something wrong with this guy?

“Your Eminence, is secretly complaining considered… a betrayal?” Derry stammered.

“Complaint? When did you complain?” Bishop Xiliude was stunned. Xu Tui was also stunned.

“When I was sent to Planet Manyo, I complained. I even… resented it!” Derry’s expression was completely self-centered.

“Any dissatisfaction with the Lord is a normal existence. However, in the end, as long as you return to the arms of the Lord, you will be loyal to the Lord,” Bishop Xiliude said. “Then there isn’t.”

“No?” Dylin was puzzled.

“No.” This time, Derry answered firmly. Commander-in-chief Dylin looked at Bishop Xiliude, but Xiliude waved his hand, indicating that Derry had passed.

Xu Tui’s expression and mind power did not fluctuate. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He had passed the first level. Next, it was time for Belas! Ten seconds later, Belas successfully cleared the level.

This made Xu Tui relax again. At this moment, he almost wanted to shout that the ability of the School of Radiation Influence was the best. Unfortunately, Professor Song Zhenglin from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College did not know.

These abilities of the School of Radiation Influence seemed to be supportive, but they were really impressive. Under constant strengthening, even the divine techniques of the Muyas could not be determined.

Ot course, this was based on Xu Tui’s powerful mind power.

Xu Tui’s mind power, which was at the sixth star halo, was his foundation.

How strong was Bishop Xiliude’s mind power? He was definitely stronger than

Xu Tui, but not by much. A mind power satellite with seven star halos or eight?

“Kaedo, come here,” Bishop Xiliude called out softly when it was Xu Tui’s turn. Xu Tui stepped forward and stood still. “Kaedo, please answer me. Have you ever betrayed us, the Muyas? Did you betray the supreme Lord?”

The moment he asked this question, Xu Tui felt a boundless mind power mixed with holy power wrap around his head like mercury. That feeling was as if he was being spied on. It was rather uncomfortable.

However, at the same time, waves of holy power were constantly resonating with the holy power in Xu Tui’s body.

That’s right. Xu Tui had holy power in his body. He had injected the holy power in advance before he came.

The secret that Bishop Xiliude was asking was probably above the resonance of the holy power. Amidst the resonance of the holy power, Xu Tui felt an indescribable peace and tranquility in his heart. He only wanted to say everything.

However, what was Xu Tui talking about? Xu Tui was not a Muya. Why would he betray a Muya?

“No!” Xu Tui’s answer was very determined.

The questioning ended. Bishop Xiliude, who was extremely confident in his divine spells, frowned. Similarly, Commander-in -chief Dylin was also frowning. There were no problems with all the Planetary realm and quasi-planetary realms. That means there was no traitor.

So what was the problem? There was no one who could lie under the questioning of a divine spell. At the very least, it had never happened within the Muyas. The Muyas at the Transmutation Realm were not considered at all. Their cultivation and status were too low. They did not even have the right to be traitors.

“Then what exactly is going on?” Bishop Xiliude rubbed the space between his brows. He was a little tired.

“Your Eminence, did someone deliberately leak our news?” Neff, the commander of the 4th Combat Brigade, suddenly said.

“Oh? Who is it?” Xiliude looked up.

“For example, the Spiritual Race? As our enemies, the Spiritual Race knows us very well! ”

“The Spiritual Race is now our ally,” Lally added.

“But in the end, the Spiritual Race is our eternal enemy!” Neff emphasized.

Neff and Lally almost quarreled. This made Xu Tui very happy. Lord Neff was a godly assistant and a godly teammate.

Bishop Xiliude pinched the space between his brows again and stopped the argument. “That’s also a possibility. However, we can’t rule out the possibility of a traitor. We have to pay more attention…”

While they were talking, Darak suddenly walked quickly and said loudly, “Your Eminence, Lord Dylin, the small cosmic universe stargate above Ceres seems to have become reality! But I don’t know if I can enter or leave!”

As soon as he said that, Xiliude and Dylin looked out at the same time… “Let’s go and take a look!”

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