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«The Great Genetic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1408: Key Questions

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Chapter 1408: Key Questions

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

On Planet Peach, Rayxmont, who was surrounded by green light, turned around and looked down at the defense fortress after he rushed out of the cosmic tunnel node. He looked at the unmanned machines circling in all directions.

He then released his mind power and sensed the basic situation nearby.

Powerful Planetary realm powerhouses could quickly determine their surroundings through their mind power. Then, they could quickly determine which planet this was based on the surrounding environment parameters.

After sensing for a few seconds, Raymont suddenly smiled. “This is a planet that is not in any of the Blue Star’s current information. Furthermore, it is a planet that has not been made public by any faction on the Blue Star. Most importantly, this environment is actually so… wonderful!”

At this moment, Rayxmont was still very happy. As the director of the Blue Star Genetic Committee, he had to report to the various alliances and organizations on the Blue Star. Of course, this was only a formality.

However, at least on the public level, there was no information about this planet.

Judging from the defense fortress and all kinds of unmanned machines that he had barged in just now, the controller of this planet was definitely a certain faction on the Blue Star. Most importantly, according to Raymont’s preliminary perception, this planet had the best survival environment in the solar system other than the Blue Star.

Moreover, the Origin Energy was very dense. To put it bluntly, if the element of energy was added, this planet was much better than the current Blue Star. Such a planet looked like a rare treasure.

However, why were there no experts guarding it?

In any case, if Raymont had obtained such a planet, he would have stationed at least half of his forces here.

Such a planet was the foundation! However, why were there no experts in the defense fortress of the cosmic tunnel that should be heavily defended?

Therefore, Raymont was very careful.

A minute later, Raymont seized the opportunity to destroy a few different unmanned machines. He tried to hack into it with his carefully modified personal communication device to obtain information.

However, he was helpless.

“Technology is at least a few years ahead of the technological power publicly announced by the Blue Star in terms of algorithms. Whose planet is this?”

It was also because of this consideration that Raymont was careful and not fast when he explored the area. He had to be on guard against possible attacks. After all, according to Raymont’s understanding, any planet with such resources and conditions had to be protected with their lives.

If he invaded like this, the other party would definitely fight him to the death!

If not for the fact that he was a wind-type supernatural being and had a huge advantage in terms of speed, not to mention the Five Satellites of the same level, even the Six Satellites Planetary realm would not be able to defeat him in terms of speed.

Otherwise, Raymont would have summoned help long ago.

Of course, this was also related to Raymont’s own scheme. It was one thing not to discover a planet with such dense energy, but if he did, he would have to think of a way to hold it in his hands.

With such a dense amount of Origin Energy, the speed at which they nurtured reserve elites was more than double that of other planets.

Under such circumstances, it was already 27 minutes later when Raymont saw the base from afar.

When Planet Peach’s base appeared in Raymont’s line of sight, a look of joy had just appeared on his face. With the base, he could confirm the faction behind him. However, in the next moment, flames shot in all directions from afar.

Not only that, balls of fire rose from all directions. In an instant, at least 12 balls of fire exploded.

Raymont was stunned! It self-destructed! What kind of operation was this? It had self-destructed when it saw that someone had invaded.

That shouldn’t be the case! There was no reason for all the forces on the Blue Star to activate the self-destruction program when they were facing a Five Satellites Planetary realm. That shouldn’t have happened!

Could it be a private planet occupied by someone? At the thought of this, Raymont’s eyes instantly lit up.

It would be great if it was a planet that someone had secretly occupied. He could completely own this planet or not publicize it. Of course, if he wanted to completely occupy this planet, he had to solve the defense of this planet first.

Otherwise, if another wave of enemies came, he would not be willing to immediately activate the self-destruction program and give up on this planet.

Also, safety hazards had to be investigated!

A few minutes later, Raymont looked at the completely destroyed base with a stunned expression. “Is this a gift from the heavens…”

At the same time, An Xiaoxue, who was still on the Karsnai asteroid, also received Ah Huang’s latest repprt

“The enemy is cautious. The exploration speed is rather slow. He only found the base of Planet Peach on the 27th minute of the invasion. The resources of the two bases have all been transferred.

“All personnel have also been transferred! The remaining 43,000 unmanned machines will activate the silent program and enter stealth mode. My sub-program will stay on Planet Peach to monitor the situation at all times. It will also decide if it should activate the ultimate self-destruction program. Xiaoxue, please grant me Level 1 autonomous rights,” Ah Huang reported.

After reading the report, An Xiaoxue entered her biological information. After authorizing it, An Xiaoxue and Cai Shaochu looked at the statue in the Karsnai asteroid and the thousand-odd tamed Blue Star captives with stunned expressions.

Most importantly, these Blue Star captives were not easy to deal with. They had been saved. However, they were completely tamed, especially their minds and will. It could be seen that as long as they encountered any Muyas in the future, they would probably defect immediately.

This kind of taming from spirit to will was the scariest. Such a person would be a time bomb if he was saved and placed anywhere.

“How should we deal with it? Lock them all up, or?” Pei Tiefeng asked.

Hearing this, Cai Shaochu shook his head. “They are also the victims of the war.

Contact Planet Kono and find an unimportant resource asteroid. Send it over. Let them devote themselves to development.”


A minute later, as a three-phase thermal bomb was detonated, the statue of the temporary Holy Temple base was shattered.

However, that was not all. After destroying the statue, Cai Shaochu’s boundless mental energy surged out like mercury. It began to filter and search carefully like a sieve. He did not dare to be careless.

About ten minutes later, Cai Shaochu’s eyes lit up. “I found it!”

In the next moment, boundless mind power blasted over in the most primitive way. After bombarding it more than ten times in a row, a ball of holy light exploded into nothingness in the void. Only then did Cai Shaochu heave a sigh of relief.

The mark of the statue!

Xu Tui had instructed him before he left that this was an extremely important thing that he had to destroy. Once this thing was destroyed, the Muyas would have to spend half a year to condense it again.

If the statue mark could not be condensed, the Muyas would not be able to contact the Divine Court of their home planet in a short period of time, much less obtain the help of their home planet.

At the same time, in the Water Origin Palace, Bishop Xiliude, who was circulating his mental perception with all his might to sense the mental state of the person being interrogated, suddenly had an extremely gloomy expression.

His mind power had originally enveloped this hall. With this fluctuation, the aura in the entire hall became extremely oppressive. Dylin looked at Bishop Xiliude.

“The statue forged by Darak and the others has been destroyed,” Bishop Xiliude said.

Dylin was silent. This was normal. The Blue Star humans would definitely destroy such a statue when they saw it.

“However, the statue mark we condensed was also found and destroyed! I can confirm that there must be a problem within us! We have to investigate it thoroughly!”

Bishop Xiliude’s words made Dylin’s expression turn ugly.

The statue could be seen. However, the statue mark was different. Although the interior of the statue was not a secret within the Muyas, many Muyas knew that it was closely related to the normal life of the Muyas.

However, it was different if the Blue Star humans knew!

And it was absolutely impossible to obtain this information from the confession of the captured Muyas.

All the information about the mark of the Holy Temple had been naturally cast with Spiritual Shackles countless times when the Muyas prayed in front of the statue of the Lord. They would not confess even if they were interrogated severely.

It was impossible for the humans of the Blue Star to know. Moreover, it was impossible for them to discover it by chance. One had to deliberately search for the mark of the Holy Temple for a long time to find it.

But now…

“Continue, Dylin. Ask away. I’ll review it! Extend the review to quasi-planetary!”

“Okay!” As Dylin nodded, the holy light on Bishop Xiliude’s scepter became denser. This was another divine technique that was compatible with mind power. It allowed him to clearly determine if the other party was lying. It was primitive and effective!

There were not many Planetary realms, but there were more of them if it included quasi-planets. Even though Xiliude was a Seven Satellites Planetary realm bishop, he was still a little tired after a long time, especially since he still needed to constantly split his strength to suppress the blazing sun in his body.

The blazing sunlight that the Sun Guardian blasted into his body was too strong. It would still take a large amount of holy power and an extremely long time to completely obliterate it. If this was his home planet, it would be easy. He could just find a Holy Temple and borrow the power of the Lord to obliterate it.

However, this was the solar system!

Xiliude could even sense that the sealed sunlight in his body vaguely resonated with the sun in the solar system. Especially when he went out to shine on the sunlight, the ball of sunlight would be activated and enhanced.

It was too difficult to deal with!

Two hours later, Bishop Xiliude looked tired. Commander-in-chief Dylin looked stunned. They had finished their investigation on everyone.

There was no problem at all!

There was no possibility of a spy or any traitor. So who was the traitor? Or was there no traitor?

“Your Eminence, there are still a few people who have not been interrogated!” Another officiant, Lally, who had been watching, suddenly said.

Hearing this, Dylin slapped his forehead. “That’s right. We haven’t asked the four people who escaped from Karsnai. Your Eminence, do you want to ask these four people?”

“Of course we do. Moreover, we have to focus on the questions. Lally, invite them over,” Bishop Xiliude said…

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