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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2188 Ocean

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Chapter 2188 Ocean

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At this point, countless cultivators had already gathered on the shore. They looked over in unison and couldn't conceal the enthusiasm and passion in their eyes.

Chu Liuyue and the rest's arrival caused an uproar amongst the crowd.

“That person from Peach Blossom Dock came!”

“I heard that Senior Tang Ke and Mr. Su produced close to a hundred supreme Yuan instruments, and they were all given to Peach Blossom Dock as gifts a while back! I wonder what kind of scene that was.”

“I've long heard of Shangguan Yue's name. I didn't expect to meet her here.”

“What's so strange about that? Fantasy Divine Palace's Heaven Gate is about to open, and countless cultivators have rushed over, wanting to go in. She's naturally not an exception.”

“However, wasn't that person from the Sky-Cloud Empire always with her? How come I don't see him this time?”

“She only brought so few people along. It seems like Shangguan Yue is very confident in herself! However, I don't think anyone can enter that Fantasy Divine Palace…”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

During this period of time, Chu Liuyue could be considered to be in the limelight in the God Residence Realm. Hence, the crowd couldn't help but be curious about her and want to find out more.

Chu Liuyue completely disregarded the surrounding gazes and voices

She looked forward.

The dark-blue water overturned as waves kept hitting the rocks, causing splashes.

Different from other oceans, the ocean here had rich force. Even just by standing on the shore, they could feel the unignorable suppression.

Other than the silver bridge, there was nothing above the sea.

“There are no living things here at all,” boomed Shangguan Jing with knitted brows.

Other than them, this place seemed excessively quiet, and only the sound of the waves continuously crashing echoed in their ears.

Chu Liuyue stared at the mysterious ocean and lightly said, “The force in the ocean is too rich, so no living things can go near it.”

“Master, what kind of logic is that?” Xiao Ba blinked and leaned over curiously. “Wouldn't it be very beneficial for cultivators if there is rich force?”

Chu Liuyue's lips curled up. “That is normally the case, but the condition is that your body has to be able to tolerate the infiltration of the force. Once you can't control it, it will only spell doom.”

The palace in the Red Moon Desert previously had such a problem.

“I see!” Xiao Ba nodded with understanding and held her chin. “However, this place is indeed strange. There's so much Heaven and Earth Force, but it doesn't spread outside and only fills this area. It seems… as if there's an invisible barrier locking everything here.”

Chu Liuyue looked at the silver bridge with deep thoughts.


The distant ringing reverberated throughout the area!

Everyone was taken aback!

“The Heaven Gate is about to be activated!” someone from the crowd yelled, and it was not hard to hear the excitement and emotions suppressed in the voice.

“We have to pass that bridge to go over, right?”

“We have to cross the ocean first to reach the bridge.”

“This ocean is rather weird. Will it be quite dangerous?”

“If it's dangerous, you just have to be more careful. You can't be so worried that you keep watching and do nothing, right?”

Even if they knew that the road was dangerous, it could not kill their desire to go forward.

“I'll go first!” An elder in black stroked his beard and walked out first.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him.

She did not know the elder, but judging from his aura, he should be a legendary warrior without a doubt.

At this point, a legendary warrior would indeed be more confident.

The crowd all looked over.

That elder in black came to the shore, waved his palm, and set up a red barrier around him. Then, he went on his toes and rapidly went toward the silver bridge in the center!

Everywhere he passed, ripples on the ocean surface spread.

Then, the crowd saw that the elder clearly slowed down!

The rich Heaven and Earth Force was like mud that slowed his steps!

The elder in black was stunned and felt as if his body was pressed down by a huge mountain, so heavy that he almost could not breathe

He quickly circulated the force in his body,forcefully stopping himself from falling. But even so, he was still much slower.

Only half the journey had passed, and his bodily force was used up at a stunning rate.

When he finally arrived before the silver bridge, his forehead was filled with sweat.

He stepped onto the silver bridge before he felt the heavy suppression instantly being reduced.

“Phew—” He sighed heavily and took a while to recover.

When he looked back, he felt lingering fear.

If he were any later, he wouldn't be able to take it and would directly land in the ocean.

He looked at the crowd on the shore and said with lingering fears, “I'm afraid only legendary warriors can forcefully pass through this ocean. Those below legendary warriors should just give up!”

Once he said that, the crowd exchanged glances.

There were indeed many legendary warriors that came here, but there were quite a few true gods as well. With this sentence asking the true gods here to choose to give up, how could they be convinced?

“He's saying this… to lie to us, right? It's just flying across the ocean. How can it be such an exaggeration?”

“That's right. This distance is not too far. Why must it only be legendary warriors who can pass it? We shouldn't listen to others.”

“But he doesn't look like he's lying…”

“No matter what, don't easily believe anyone at this point, okay?”

The crowd partook in heated discussions in no time.

Instead of saying that they didn't believe that elder in black, they just felt indignant to give up like this.

They finally came here with much difficulty. How could they just leave with this sentence?

The elder in black saw the crowd's reactions, felt stifled, and harshly whipped his sleeves. “That's all I'm going to say. Believe me if you want! If you court death and something happens, don't blame me for not reminding you!”

Many people hesitated for quite some time before they chose to go forward!

“If we go over together, perhaps we can support each other and successfully pass through!”

“That's true!”

“Then, we'll just follow behind them—”

After a moment, Chu Liuyue saw three people holding hands and going forward.

Out of the three, there was one legendary warrior and two true gods. They looked very young.

It was no wonder they were so ambitious.

The trio walked forward tentatively, but they quickly noticed the severity of the matter.

The layers of heavy suppression came from all directions and almost crushed them!

Their bodily force was used up crazily. Even so, it was still very hard for them to move.

When they finished one-third of the journey, one of them couldn't persist and dropped into the ocean.


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