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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2185 A Warning

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Chapter 2185 A Warning

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The Flying Star Sect was a first-rate family in the God Residence Realm. It had been passed down for thousands of years and had a deep foundation, But at this moment, the crazily burning sea of fire swallowed everything easily.

Rong Xiu frowned slightly.

At this moment, a team of soldiers in black armor flew over from the direction of the sea of fire. Their collars were engraved with the Sky-Cloud Empire's totem.

These people were Rong Xiu's Black Knights!

“Greetings, Your Highness!” Hundreds of soldiers bowed in unison.

Rong Xiu asked, “Where are they?”

“Reporting to Your Highness, we rushed over immediately after receiving your order, but we were still a step too late. When we arrived here, the fire had already started. Most of the entire Flying Star Sect have died, and only the last 157 people are left. They barely survived. Now, they have all been settled by me 50 kilometers southwest.”

“How are the head of the Shi family and Shi Rui'er?”

“The head of the Shi family has already died in order to protect his clansmen. The second daughter of the Shi family is fine now. She's just in a sad mood and refuses to speak.”

Anyone who suddenly encountered such a thing would find it difficult to accept.

Rong Xiu nodded. “I'll go over and take a look. You don't have to follow me.”

Although the soldiers found it strange, they had always respected Rong Xiu's orders and didn't ask or dissuade him. They immediately agreed respectfully and waited on the spot.

Although it was dangerous over there, His Highness's strength was unfathomable, so there was no need for them to worry.

Rong Xiu moved and quickly arrived above the burning fire.

The houses had been swallowed by the sea of fire, leaving only a blurry outline.

The high temperature caused the surrounding air temperature to rise a lot. Even a river not far away was almost dry.

Every inch of space was under a terrifying grilling and was almost distorted.

Rong Xiu looked down.

Amidst the endless flames, a huge mirror slowly appeared.

The flames danced crazily at the edge, but they seemed to be deeply afraid and didn't dare to approach the mirror at all.

Soon, a figure was reflected in the mirror—it was a face identical to Rong Xiu's.

That person was dressed in a black robe and had a deep gaze.

Arrogant, cold, and noble!

“Family Head, can you sit down and rest for a while?” An old voice came from behind.

Shi Rui'er shook her head and didn't speak. She continued to look into the distance.

They were hundreds of miles away, but they could still see the soaring flames. It was obvious how bad the situation there had become.

And they had just escaped from that hellish place.

It used to be her home.

Her father had already died, and she had been ordered to officially inherit the position of family head.

Ever since she was young, she had been nurtured as the next family head. However, she didn't expect to be in this position under such circumstances.

Her eyes were red, but not a single tear fell. The fire had completely evaporated her tears.

She didn't even have the strength to cry now. She was just relying on her last bit of willpower to stand.

The old man standing behind her felt his heart ache. After thinking about it, he couldn't help but persuade, “Family Head, you've already tried your best. If you hadn't sent that distress message, the people from the Sky-Cloud Empire wouldn't have come. I'm afraid we'd…”

Shi Rui'er was stunned.

Actually, she didn't have much hope at that time. After all, everything had happened too suddenly.

At that time, the only thing she could think of was to ask Peach Blossom Dock for help.

Fortunately, the Sky-Cloud Empire came in time. Otherwise, their entire Flying Star Sect might not be able to survive.

At this moment, a tall figure was rapidly approaching from afar.

It was Rong Xiu!

Behind him were several black-armored soldiers from the Sky-Cloud Empire.

The people behind Shi Rui'er stood up when they saw this. “Your Grace.”

Shi Rui'er took a step forward and bowed solemnly, her voice choked. “Thank you for saving us, Your Grace.”

Rong Xiu said, “Now that the Flying Star Sect has been destroyed, you can't go back. Later, they'll escort you all the way back to Peach Blossom Dock. For the next period of time, stay there first. You're Yue'er's friend. If she wants to save you, I'll help.”

Shi Rui'er took a deep breath. “The Flying Star Sect is unable to repay the kindness of the two of you.”

Rong Xiu nodded and turned to leave.

“Your Grace, you're not going back to Peach Blossom Dock with us?”

Rong Xiu didn't stop walking. “I have something on and need to go back to the Sky-Cloud Empire to settle it. I won't be going back for the time being.”

Shi Rui'er was stunned for a moment before nodding.

With such a thing suddenly happening to the Flying Star Sect, Rong Xiu was probably a little worried about the Sky-Cloud Empire. It was normal for him to go back.

Before she could say anything else, Rong Xiu had already left with Yu Mo.

Looking at the figure that quickly disappeared into the distance, Shi Rui'er felt inexplicably uneasy.

At this moment, the bridge in the sky had already quietly appeared.

Shi Rui'er slowly clenched her fists.

Godly Phoenix Mountain.

After confirming that most of the clansmen had only fallen into a deep sleep, Tuan Zi's heart finally calmed down a little.

However, how to find Yi Zhao was a huge problem.

“I wonder how Elder Yi Yu and the others are doing now.”

At the thought of this, Chu Liuyue looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, are they still at Godly Phoenix Mountain?”

“Yes!” Tuan Zi nodded and pointed at Godly Phoenix Hall. “Grandpa Yi Yu and the others seem to be inside, but…”

“But what?”

Tuan Zi bit her hand and said with uncertainty, “I think there's one less person.”

Chu Liuyue's heart skipped a beat. “Who is missing?”

“First Elder.”

Yi Gong! Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Yi Gong was already at odds with Tuan Zi. After Tuan Zi became the young mistress, Yi Gong was even more affected and rarely came out. Why did he suddenly disappear now?

In the dark and cramped cage, Lan Xiao was leaning against the wall with his legs crossed. His expression was still casual.

“I say, it's really meaningless for you to do this. Everyone had already discussed it and even signed the contract. How can you tear it up unilaterally? You even locked up me and the others? Don't tell me you really think that we'll really obey you after we're locked up?”

He scoffed and rolled over. “It's been so long, and the sea has turned into mulberry fields, but you still haven't given up? How childish. Let me give you a piece of advice. I'm very hot-tempered; I'm not someone you can control. You'd better let me out before I flare up!”

The low, hoarse voice finally sounded. “You broke the contract by forging your Holy Body privately. If you really want someone to be punished, you should be the ones punished first!”

Lan Xiao chuckled and sat up. He smiled evilly. “Not only did I forge my Holy Body, but that heavenly lightning was also sent by Yue'er. What, are you envious?”

“Let me remind you, what she sent over is golden heavenly lightning!”

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