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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2180 I'll Stay With You

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Chapter 2180 I'll Stay With You

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In the dense night, a silver arched bridge stretched across the sky.

A section of the bridge met the distant horizon. On the other end, it spread into the sky, disappearing into the clouds and connecting to the unknown.

It was magnificent, brilliant, beautiful, and noble.

Beams of light gathered together, forming a silver bridge that seemed to have substance. But upon closer inspection, some of the light spots didn't seem to be simple light spots. Instead, they seemed to be engraved with some patterns.

But because they were very far away, one couldn't see it clearly for the time being.

“That bridge has appeared since the night that the line of words flashed in the sky above the God Residence Realm.”

Chu Liuyue thought of Cen Yi's words, and countless thoughts flashed across her mind.

“In the beginning, it was just a gathering ball of fine light. It was born where the world met, and it was difficult to reach. It stayed up all night. But gradually, the light stretched out and headed for the sky, forming the shape of a bridge bit by bit.”

“Even now, that bridge will still appear every night and continue to extend.”

“No one knows what it is, but everyone is certain that the end of the bridge is the legendary Fantasy Divine Palace. The day the bridge is completely formed will be the day the Heaven Gate opens!”

Chu Liuyue stared fixedly at the bridge in the sky. After a long time, she gently exhaled. Cen Yi's guess should be the guess of all the cultivators in the God Residence Realm.

Such a strange and beautiful scene was unfamiliar and novel to them. Humans were always fearful and curious about unknown matters. Even if they knew that it was dangerous, they always wanted to try it out themselves.

This time was no exception.

Furthermore, there might be a huge opportunity hidden behind that bridge. Who wouldn't be tempted?

Back when that new Gate Realm opened, it had attracted so many people to go, let alone the current situation.

“Are you still looking at this?” Rong Xiu walked out of the house and put a coat on Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue adjusted her clothes and was silent for a moment before asking, “Do you think the place that is connected beyond the bridge is really the legendary Fantasy Divine Palace? If that's the case, then… Are Big Baby and the others there too?”

Rong Xiu held her hand.

Perhaps it was because the night wind was cold, but her fingertips were also cold.

After wrapping her hand in his palm and sensing that her body was gradually warming up, Rong Xiu said, “No one can say for sure. We'll only know when we get there.”

“True.” Chu Liuyue turned her head and looked at him.

Those quiet and deep phoenix eyes were calm, reflecting two small figures of her.

His voice was as low and gentle as ever.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment before saying, “Rong Xiu, I keep feeling like there's a hand pushing me over.”

Although she still didn't know who the person behind her was, there was indeed an invisible hand pushing her in this direction bit by bit.

The Fantasy Divine Palace must be related to me somehow. But for some reason, the current me doesn't have any relevant memories.

Rong Xiu bent down and kissed her forehead. “Yue'er, don't be afraid. No matter where you are, I'll accompany you.”

Regardless of distance or life and death.

Chu Liuyue's originally uneasy heart instantly calmed down.

She raised her head slightly and kissed him. Before he could react, she leaned her head against his shoulder and rubbed it gently. “I'm not afraid. I have you.”

“What? A”Yue even invited Grandpa Miao Zhen over?”

In another courtyard, Tuan Zi and Zi Chen were sitting opposite a stone table.

There were many fresh and juicy berries on the table.

San San had specially chosen these and sent them over. All of them were rare treasures of heaven and earth, and hey were extremely effective in replenishing energy and healing injuries.

They were originally for Zi Chen, but they were now Tuan Zi's.

At this moment, Tuan Zi was munching on a red fruit that was bigger than her fist.

Hearing Zi Chen's words, she immediately stopped and looked up in shock and confusion.

“Yes. He should be here tomorrow.” As Zi Chen spoke, he glanced at her.

Her small mouth was stained with red juice and a few white seeds.

The pair of big black grape-like eyes flickered, full of confusion.

“Look up,” Zi Chen said.

“What?” Tuan Zi asked curiously, but she still raised her head obediently.

Zi Chen reached over and wiped the white seeds off her lips.

“No one is snatching it from you. Just eat slowly,” Zi Chen retracted his hand and said calmly.

Only then did Tuan Zi realize that she had been eating so happily that she didn't even know when she became like this.

She wiped her mouth, and her hand immediately turned red.

It was rare for her to feel a little embarrassed.

“Oh… I don't know why I've been so hungry recently…” She looked hesitantly at the fruit in her hand and then at the mostly empty plate on the table—it was all hers. It seems like… I really ate a little too much?

Zi Chen retracted his gaze, his handsome and cold face expressionless. “Don't waste it.”

“…Oh!” When Tuan Zi heard this, she felt much more at ease. As she ate, she muttered, “Clan Leader Grandpa also sent me a message. He said that he'll be here in the next two days. Strange—didn't they just go back not long ago? Why are they here again?”

Although she was young, she had followed Chu Liuyue around these two ancient legendary fiends a few times.

Under normal circumstances, Miao Zhen and Yi Zhao would never appear at the same time.

In all this time, it had only happened twice. One was because of Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue's wedding, and the other was because something had happened between her and Zi Chen.

But this time—

“Is it because of the bridge?” Tuan Zi looked up at the bridge in the sky.

Zi Chen narrowed his eyes. “…Probably.”

“I wonder how that bridge appeared.” Tuan Zi pouted and stuffed the last bite of fruit into her mouth. “I keep feeling a little uncomfortable when I see it.”

Zi Chen frowned slightly and looked at her. “Uncomfortable? What's going on?”

Tuan Zi shook her head.

Her small mouth was bulging, and the syllables were a little vague. She raised her small hand and pointed at the bridge. “I don't know… Anyway, it's just…”

Zi Chen reached out and pulled her hand over. Then, he closed his fingers and placed them on her wrist.

He separated a portion of his power and had it enter Tuan Zi's body. After a round of inspection, he didn't notice anything unusual.

In fact, because she had already opened her sixth meridian, Tuan Zi's condition was much better than before, and her strength was more abundant.

There seemed to be no reason for her to feel uncomfortable.

When Tuan Zi saw his serious expression, she immediately smiled. “I'm fine! Don't worry—I'm in good health! Maybe I ate too much?”

Zi Chen didn't comment on her words, but he didn't continue asking.

“Alright, since I'm done eating, I'll leave first!” Tuan Zi clapped her hands and jumped down from the stool.

Zi Chen raised his eyebrows slightly. “Go? Where are you going?”

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