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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1973 This Woman is So Ruthless!

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Chapter 1973 This Woman is So Ruthless!

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Yi Wentao's face turned red as he widened his eyes and stared at Chu Liuyue. Even though he didn't speak, his reaction was enough to show his attitude.

Yi Wenzhuo couldn't help but shout. “Shangguan Yue, you're too greedy!”

Thirty supreme Yuan instruments? Why doesn't she just rob them?

Chu Liuyue clicked her tongue regretfully. “Master Yi, it seems that in your brother's eyes, your life isn't as important as those dead things?”

Yi Wenzhuo trembled with anger. “What nonsense are you talking about?! When did I say that?! You're clearly the greedy one! Do you know how much 30 supreme Yuan instruments are worth?!”

The corners of Chu Liuyue's eyes turned cold. “Oh? In that case… Do you know how much my Peach Blossom Dock is worth?”

Yi Wenzhuo was speechless.

The remaining people who wanted to argue and criticize also shut their mouths.

The scene suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Thirty supreme Yuan instruments was indeed a sky-high price, but it was nothing compared to Peach Blossom Dock.

Supreme Yuan instruments could be refined as long as there was a supreme Armory Refinement Master. As for the quantity, it was just a matter of time.

One had to know that Shangguan Jing alone had many supreme Yuan instruments. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given out so many at once when Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue got married.

Therefore, for an existence with such a deep foundation like the Yi family, they could definitely take out 30 supreme Yuan instruments. However, it was just a huge loss.

But Peach Blossom Dock was even more precious and could only be chanced upon by luck. Otherwise, it wouldn't have attracted so many aristocratic families for thousands of years to try to take it under their wing.

Wasn't the Yi family here for this too?

At the end of the day, they were the ones who came to try and snatch Chu Liuyue's Peach Blossom Dock first. Now that Chu Liuyue had won this bet and had the upper hand, it seemed like… there was nothing wrong with her request.

The two sides fell into a short confrontation.

Chu Liuyue's expression was relaxed.

The reason she wanted these things was very simple. Yue Manor had just been established, and they didn't have enough stock!

There were many heavenly treasures here, and there were also many experts who had come to seek refuge. However, there were almost no Yuan instruments that she could take out.

Even though she was an Armory Refinement Master herself, it was impossible for her to support the entire Yue Manor by herself.

Now that there was ready-made wool, it would be a waste not to take it.

What a great opportunity!

Chu Liuyue felt like asking for 30 pieces was too little. But considering that Yi Wentao had already lost two of his arms and was basically half-dead, she decided to give him a discount.

After all, she sincerely wanted to complete this transaction. Thus, she had to show her sincerity, right?

If the Yi family knew what she was thinking, they would probably vomit blood from anger.

Jun Jiuqing turned around and looked at everyone. “Elders, what do you think?”

Everyone groaned inwardly. How else can we think? Can we refuse? The head of the family is still in Chu Liuyue's hands! Moreover, according to their previous agreement, even if she really kills Yi Wentao today, the Yi family has no right or position to pursue any responsibility!

After a while, someone finally said, “As long as we can save the family head, we… will pay any price!”

The rest of the people agreed.

Jun Jiuqing's gaze swept past them before looking at Chu Liuyue again. “I can agree to your two conditions on behalf of the Yi family. You—”

“Don't be anxious. I haven't finished speaking.” Chu Liuyue smiled and interrupted him. “Thirdly, from today onward, if the Yi family encounters anyone from my Yue Manor, they must take a detour! If the Yi family uses today's incident as a reason to provoke my Yue Manor again… If one comes, I'll kill one! If two come, I'll kill two!”

As she spoke, she raised her chin. “In case some people go back on their word, I'll have to trouble you to write a post personally to prove it.”

The Yi family members were all dumbfounded. They never expected her to make such a request!

Jun Jiuqing quickly reacted and pursed his lips. In the end, he chose to agree. “Sure.”

With that, he took out a brush and paper from his Cosmic Ring and started writing.

Everyone in the Yi family watched him write with complicated expressions.

You object, don't you?

Then, what about Yi Wentao? Does he agree?

This matter is too aggravating then…

He thought that he would return triumphantly today, but who knew that he would end up like this? This level of humiliation was almost equivalent to ceding land as compensation!

The Yi family's atmosphere was oppressive and solemn. Everyone's expression was extremely ugly.

Today, he had completely embarrassed the entire Yi family!

Soon, Jun Jiuqing finished writing and flicked his wrist.

The piece of paper quickly flew toward her.

Chu Liuyue caught it and took a closer look.

This time, Jun Jiuqing didn't have any crooked thoughts. He wrote everything according to what she said.

Chu Liuyue nodded in satisfaction.

“Can you let him go now?” Jun Jiuqing asked.

“Don't be anxious. There's still one last step.” Chu Liuyue smiled calmly. “There's no signature on such a piece of paper. It's useless.”

Jun Jiuqing frowned slightly. “I've already written my name on it.”

I'm the young master of the Yi family. Moreover, with Yi Wentao's current state, he will probably give up his position as the family head soon. At that time, I will take over the entire Yi family. It's the same for me to be in charge.

However, that wasn't all Chu Liuyue wanted.

“Whoever provoked today's matter will be responsible.” As she spoke, she suddenly raised her hand.

Next to her, something flew over—it was a severed arm!

Everyone present could tell that it was Yi Wentao's arm!

Just as everyone was shocked and confused, not knowing what she was up to, a light and shiny dagger suddenly appeared in her hand.

Immediately after, she flicked her wrist, and the dagger quickly flew out!

A finger was silently chopped off and flew toward her!

She received the broken finger and left a bright red fingerprint on the paper! Then, she threw the broken finger to the side and took out a white handkerchief to wipe her hand carefully before burning it.

The entire process was smooth and natural! It was as if it wasn't a person's arm or finger but an unrelated object!

Finally, she shook the ‘contract” and carefully examined it before nodding in satisfaction. “That'll do.”

As she spoke, she took a step back and bent over with a smile. “Thank you,

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