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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1636: You’re Too Brilliant

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Chapter 1636: You’re Too Brilliant

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There was a smile in her eyes, and her voice was clear. Her tone was gentle as if she were saying that the weather was good, but this extremely simple sentence immediately changed the atmosphere!

Nan Yuxing”s expression darkened.

Nan Yiyi”s eyes widened in anger and shame.

The two elders standing behind the two of them also frowned, revealing fierce fighting intent.

Only the noble His Grace raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Comfortable—it was extremely comfortable. The anger that had arisen from the other party”s unreasonable behavior dissipated after hearing those words.

He walked over and wrapped his long arm around Chu Liuyue”s waist.

Chu Liuyue was still concerned about the ‘sour scent” just now. She turned around and glanced at him, wanting to break free from his embrace.

“My wife is right.” Her waist was very thin and could be held in one hand. Rong Xiu”s hand easily grabbed it tightly.

He gave her a ‘be cooperative” look and half-smile.

Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth.?This man really knows how to find an opportunity!

She snorted in her heart, but she didn”t move anymore and allowed Rong Xiu”s arm to hold her.

His Grace was satisfied and even found the people opposite him a little more pleasing to the eye.

“What, did you not hear what my wife said just now?” He was talking to all of them when he said this.

However, Nan Yiyi felt that his words were specially meant for her.?To protect that woman, he is actually so ruthless…

Nan Yiyi found it difficult to accept. The tip of her nose turned red, and her eyes instantly reddened.

Ever since she turned of age, countless people wanted to propose marriage to her! She had never been so defeated in front of a man!

She gritted her teeth and finally took a step forward. “As long as you answer me a question, I”ll leave!”

Rong Xiu”s eyes were filled with impatience. He really couldn”t be bothered to say another word to this woman.

Unfortunately, all of Nan Yiyi”s attention was on her. Before Rong Xiu could answer, she had already spoken.

“How am I inferior to her!?” She raised her hand and pointed at Chu Liuyue.?Even if she is his wife, she can still be abandoned!

However, the other party clearly didn”t have that intention.

The impatience and disgust in his eyes when he looked at her were clear. It was completely different from how he looked at Chu Liuyue.

Nan Yiyi did not understand.?Am I really that unlikable to him?

Chu Liuyue, who was targeted again, was speechless.?This tone… Why does it sound like the main wife accusing a mistress? This woman called ‘Yiyi” really seems to be crazy. As long as she wants it, it”s as if everything in the world should be hers?

I”m still standing there and have clearly stated the word ‘husband.” So the other party didn”t hear a word of what I said?

Chu Liuyue couldn”t even be bothered to be angry. If she argued with an idiot, she would become the same person.

When Rong Xiu heard this, he did not seem angry. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said calmly, “Because you”re ugly.”

Because you”re ugly.

You”re ugly.


As soon as Rong Xiu finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent.

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes slightly, and her expression froze for a moment as if she suspected that she had heard wrongly. But that sentence kept echoing in her mind, making it impossible for her to pretend that she had heard wrongly!

What could hurt a woman who had just fallen in love more than this sentence?

Standing in front of her was an immortal-like man who had shaken her heart, but he had said something like that to her.

The most hateful thing was that she couldn”t refute this! Although she was beautiful, she was indeed inferior to the woman in red standing beside him.

The word ‘ugly” was like a resounding slap to her face.

His indifferent but smooth tone was more like an incomparably sharp steel knife that ruthlessly slashed at Nan Yiyi”s heart!

Nan Yiyi felt a chill run down her spine. Her face was pale, and her body swayed, almost falling to the ground.

“Yiyi!” Nan Yuxing hurried forward to support her.

Seeing her sad and pitiful appearance, he was instantly furious.?This is too much!

“You! You!”

“She insisted on an answer. I”m just telling the truth.” Rong Xiu frowned slightly. “Why can”t she take it after hearing the truth? Isn”t she too fragile? Are you really not planning to bring her home to recuperate?”

Chu Liuyue silently gave His Grace a thumbs up.?This man has always been cold-hearted and quiet. It”s rare for him to be willing to say so much at once, but every word is vicious. Tsk, I even feel some sympathy for Nan Yiyi.

When ordinary women saw Rong Xiu, they basically only dared to look at him from afar because of the subconscious pressure around him.

However, Nan Yiyi was different. She might”ve thought too highly of herself, so she was stubborn and bumped into him. Of course, with such a brain, she would definitely cause other troubles in the future if Rong Xiu didn”t teach her a lesson today.

Shangguan Jing stood at the side and nodded in satisfaction.?That”s right. This kid has a way with words.

He really liked her!

Nan Yuxing”s face was ashen, and the veins on his forehead bulged. For a moment, he simply wanted to tear the other party into pieces! However, Nan Yiyi”s actions just now could only be described as reaping what she sowed.

He wanted to stop her, but he didn”t and instead thought better of it. He could let her hear the explanation so that she wouldn”t keep thinking about it in the future.

Who knew that this man would be so ruthless!?

Nan Yuxing was angry at Nan Yiyi for being disappointing, but at the same time, he hated the other party for going too far. It was as if flames were surging in his heart!

“That”s all. Now, can you leave?” Rong Xiu seemed to think that it was not enough and stabbed her again.

Nan Yiyi”s face was pale, and tears kept flowing. Then, she suddenly broke free from Nan Yuxing, turned around, and ran away.

No matter how thick-skinned she was, she could not stay here anymore.

“Yiyi!” Nan Yuxing was shocked and hurriedly chased after her.

After taking two steps, he turned back and gritted his teeth. “Alright! We”ll remember today”s score! You”d better hope that you don”t meet us in the God-Killing Tumulus! Otherwise—”

There was no need to say the rest. Everyone knew what he meant.

Rong Xiu nodded. “Goodbye.”

With such a sister as a burden, they should be the ones in real danger when entering the God-Killing Tumulus.

Nan Yuxing choked and looked deeply at Rong Xiu with killing intent. Then, he turned around and left, continuing to chase after Nan Yiyi.

The two elders quickly followed.

The few of them quickly left.

It was finally quiet.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and glanced at Rong Xiu. “Am I only better than her in terms of looks?”

Rong Xiu laughed softly. “No. You”re too brilliant; I just want to look at you alone.”

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