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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 911: The Grand Finale

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Chapter 911: The Grand Finale

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Sheng had gone through an extremely long period of time since the first era!

During this period of time, Ye Sheng had improved step by step. Finally, it was time to fuse with the Heavenly Emperor Fruit!

The next step was the other shore!

However, Ye Sheng had to take this step for a period of time.

Time! Space!

When all of this disappeared in front of Ye Sheng, he finally saw the seventh realm.

After crossing several eras, Ye Sheng had experienced a lot from the past to the present. Even Beauty Zhou, who was with him, had reached the immortal King Realm!

Beauty Zhou’s lifespan could keep up with Ye Sheng’s pace!

In the seventh world, the battlefield was solemn. Countless people were tidying up or looking at the sky and the beautiful scenery. They were reluctant to part!

The One hundred year deadline had arrived!

Ye Sheng saw that the Red Army had reached the peak of the Immortal King Realm. The bloodline of the Titan race was extremely terrifying!

His uncle had even reached the emperor realm. Without saying a word, he looked in the direction of Titan Star!

Ye Sheng also saw that the old Titan had already reached the peak of the emperor realm, reminiscing about the past.

Ye Sheng also saw Chu Xiangyu. His stone city had been accelerated by the time and space elder, allowing him to quickly transcend!

Chu Xiangyu had become a terrifying stone man!

Ye Sheng also saw many, many…

These people were all prepared to fight to the death against the primal chaos.

Ye Sheng released Beauty Zhou and took the Pantheon Pill Furnace. The Pantheon Pill Furnace had recovered its lost three legs, and its origin was rapidly filling up.

Once it was filled up, Ye Sheng could fuse with the heavenly emperor fruit and become an invincible war god.

Nirvana realm!

This was Ye Sheng’s goal!

After Beauty Zhou came out, she gently said to Ye Sheng, “I will cheer for you with my daughter!”

Ye Sheng reached out to stroke her hair and kissed her. “Take care of yourself. After this stand, a new world will open up for us.”

Beauty Zhou nodded and said, “I have always believed in you. I believe that my husband is an indomitable hero. So, you can do it!”

Ye Sheng watched Beauty Zhou leave and stood there for a while. He didn’t go to see his daughter because he didn’t go to see his former friends…

Zhuge Xiaoming, du Qingyi, Chi Jun, Chu Zhongtian, and so on…

These people were all unimportant people in this big battle. Only he, Ye Sheng, was the one who decided the outcome of the battle.

The throne of the Heavenly Emperor, the throne of the earthly emperor, and the throne of the human emperor. These were the three supreme fruit thrones condensed from the birth of the universe.

The Primal Chaos Race’s elder ancestor really wanted them!

But they just couldn’t get them. The old man of time and space had always been guarding the three positions of the fruit. If he couldn’t find the right person, he would rather wait for an era and an era than take them out.

The Immortal King was the first person that the old man of time and space chose after inspecting for several eras.

The Immortal King didn’t disappoint the old man of time and space’s expectations and successfully ascended to the top.

Ye Sheng was the second person he chose.

The Immortal King and the space-time elder investigated together and gave the most important position of the heavenly emperor fruit to Ye Sheng.

Now, Ye Sheng had to work hard for this position!


With a casual rip, Space Split Open, and Ye Sheng found the immortal king and the space-time elder.

They were drinking tea together.

“How’s the preparation?”The Immortal King asked with a smile after seeing Ye Sheng.

“It’s fine as long as we can fight. It’s hard to say whether we can win or not,”Ye Sheng replied.

“That’s fine then. The 100-year period is over. In ten days, the Great War will begin. The Primal Chaos is also making preparations. Countless old fogies are beginning to revive,”the spacetime elder said.

“Then I’m Ready!”Ye Sheng said with a smile.

“Have you fused with the Heavenly Emperor Fruit?”The Immortal King asked.

“No, but I think it’s going to happen soon. When the Pantheon pill furnaces fuse, I’ll use battle to nourish the battle and break through in battle!”Ye Sheng said truthfully.

“Sure, using battle to nourish the battle is the best way!”The Immortal King nodded in satisfaction, acknowledging ye Sheng’s method.

Ye Sheng looked at the endless deep space, where a terrifying power was awakening.

The Primal Chaos race was also preparing for this battle!

In the remaining ten days, Ye Sheng did nothing but accompany Beauty Zhou, ye Yun ‘er.

The family was reunited warmly, and Ye Sheng was enjoying the warmth of family!

During this period, he also went to find some friends from the past, from the Small World to the universe, along the way, he rarely met up until now!

Ten days later, Ye Sheng stood up, his body turned into a ray of light, and flew into the depths of the universe!

Ninth Heaven!

This was the place where the primal chaos race had always laid their foundations, and it was also the final headquarters of the primal chaos race!

Ye Sheng moved, and so did the others!


The universe began to tremble, and waves rose up, forming an incomparably huge momentum!

The old Titan tore through the sky and finally displayed his strength. His expression was cold. He wanted to charge into the primal chaos race and take revenge for the Titan Star!

He was the one who transcended on the Titan star, but because of him, the Titan clan was destroyed by the chaos clan!

The old Titan had been telling the public that the person who transcended the Titan clan was dead, but in fact, he was enduring!

“Today, I will shatter the Nine Heavens!”The old Titan said coldly.

The first demonic God held the ancient flag in his hand and swept in all directions, suppressing the world and covering it!

The four prehistoric knights had also awakened. They had successfully transcended and without a word, they headed straight for the Nine Heavens of the chaos race to participate in this battle!

There was also Chu Xiangyu, who took stone city and flew up into the nine heavens. He was incomparably powerful!

Many, many people were attacking the nine heavens of the chaos race!

The martial ancestor smashed the first threshold of the nine heavens with his fists and entered directly. With a wave of his hand, he unleashed a terrifying attack!

He suppressed the attack and together with the five elders, they crushed the nine heavens of the chaos race!

There was also the old turtle, who was smoking a cigar and carrying a blood dragon as he rampaged!

Countless experts flew out from the DAO College and under the leadership of the green-robed senior sister, they smashed the first heaven of the Nine Heavens of the chaos race!

These experts were unrestrained and unbridled. They vented their anger and engaged in a bloody battle with the Warriors of the chaos race!


In the depths of the universe, corpses fell one after another. All of them were at least at the immortal king level!

But now, thousands of people were dying every second, or even tens of thousands of people…

It was extremely cruel!

Ye Sheng was at the peak of the Ninth Heaven. When he saw this scene, he suppressed the anger in his heart.

Beside him were the immortal king and the space-time elder!

The three sovereigns’fruit position had been inherited by the three of them!

The powerful strength of the three emperors allowed them to face the true mastermind of the chaos race!

Three days!

Shang Qingtian! Wan Mingtian! Surpassing the heavens!

It was them who had secretly harmed the three emperors, causing the universe to be destroyed and reborn again and again, creating the power of the chaos race!

“Three days, we are here!”The old man of time and space said calmly.

“I thought you had been hiding like a turtle and refused to come out!”Shang Qingtian smiled disdainfully, looking down on the old man of time and space.

They also knew that the space-time elder held the position of the three emperors fruit and had been choosing the successor of the three emperors.

They also wanted to capture the space-time elder, but unfortunately, the space-time elder was too cunning. He had been hiding in the infinite dimension of time and space. Even someone as powerful as three days would find it hard to find him.

This was also the reason why the space-time elder had chosen the immortal King and Ye Sheng in the end!

“I can’t defeat the three of you alone. I need to find help,”the space-time elder said calmly.

“This is the help you found?”Wan Mingtian said disdainfully. He looked down on Ye Sheng and the Immortal King.

“I will kill you!”The Immortal King was very direct. He didn’t waste words. Since you looked down on me, I will kill you.


The Immortal King attacked with a terrifying power that connected to the origin. Wan Mingtian was cut into pieces.

“You deserve to die! ! !”Wan Mingtian frowned in rage. He twisted his body, reverting back to his original state, and instantly made his move.


As the immortal king and Wan Mingtian exchanged blows, world after world, space after space, went to an unknown past world!

Ye Sheng and the old man of time and space looked at each other.

“Shang Qingtian is mine, you shall fight against Chao Tian!”The old man of time and space stretched out his hand and dragged Shang Qingtian away, disappearing into the boundless wilderness of time and space.

In the vast nine heavens, only ye Sheng and Chao Tian were left!

Below the eighth heavens, the battles were unceasing and more intense, but this had nothing to do with Ye Sheng and Chao Tian.

If they did not die, this battle would not stop.

“You can defeat me?”Chao Tian sneered. Seeing that Ye Sheng had not reached the Nirvana stage, he felt even more disdain in his heart.

Chao Tian wasn’t an old man. On the contrary, he was similar to Ye Sheng. He had the appearance of a young man, and his aura was like an ocean. Even Ye Sheng couldn’t tell.

The only thing he could be sure of was that Chao Tian was at the Nirvana realm!

Ye Sheng said indifferently, “Give it a try. I don’t have the habit of surrendering!”

“Actually, there’s nothing bad about surrendering,”Chao Tian said.

“I’m not born to kneel. I Can’t surrender!”Ye Sheng said truthfully.

“The gap is too big. It’s not shameful to surrender!”Chao Tian persuaded Ye Sheng.

“Shameful, very f*cking shameful. I want to use my own ability to deal with you!”Ye Sheng said firmly.

“You’re the only one who hasn’t reached the other shore realm?”Chao Tian said indifferently.

“Can’t I?”Ye Sheng asked.

“No!”Chao Tian said with certainty.

“Then what about this?”Ye Sheng fused all three of his clones into one. From then on, he no longer had any earth clones or ancient god Clones.

Because of this fusion, ye Sheng’s cultivation had risen to the peak of transcendence!

“Your cultivation is impressive, but you can only bully those people below!”Chao Tian said honestly.

“Then what about this?”Ye Sheng took out his heavenly emperor fruit seat.

Chao Tian Yi frowned and said, “This is fine, but you still have to kneel and beg for mercy!”

Ye sheng smiled and said, “I don’t understand. With this and the heavenly emperor fruit seat, I still have to kneel and beg for mercy?”

“If you say so, then you’re kneeling and begging for mercy. This is something that many people can’t even beg for!”Chao Tian said indifferently.

“I’m sorry. I’m born with a cheap bone. I just don’t like to live a comfortable life.”Ye Sheng sneered.

“So you want to become me!”Chao Tian suddenly came to a realization.

“No, I just want to kill you now.”Ye Sheng shook his head and said.

“If you kill me, you’ll Be Me. It’s the same principle. You’re not a hero.”Chao Tian shook his head like he was shaking his head.

“Then you’re wrong. If I kill you, I won’t become you!”Ye Sheng chuckled

“I don’t believe it. Back then, I was as confident as you. As time passed, I changed. When it’s your turn, you’ll change too!”Chao Tian chuckled.

Ye Sheng narrowed his eyes and said, “You’re admitting that you’re going to lose!”

“The space-time elder has been preparing for so long, yet we’ve spent so much time constructing a forest of nine heavens. This time, apart from me winning against you, the other two will definitely lose.”Chao Tian was very clear that the situation was different now.

The space-time elder had waited for seven epochs. The person he chose was definitely the most suitable!

In these seven epochs, how many outstanding experts, Geniuses, monsters…

Did the space-time elder not have a choice?

In the end, he chose the immortal king and chose Ye Sheng.

They might be geniuses that shocked the world, but it could not be denied that timing was also very important.

Ye Sheng said, “Then you are wrong. I can tell you very clearly that you can’t beat me today!”

“Let’s give it a try. If I beat you and obtain the position of the heavenly emperor fruit, I can still save you!”Chao Tian said indifferently. As soon as he finished speaking, he attacked.


The myriad of changes in the surrounding world froze at this moment. Time and space crushed Ye Sheng, wanting to kill him!

“Primordial Divine Fist!”

Ye Sheng’s gaze deepened. His fists were like the Great Sun as he waved them out. A single fist was an entire era.


The Primordial Divine Fist was blocked by Chao Tian. Countless attacks flew down like fireworks. It was extremely beautiful.

However, Ye Sheng wasn’t discouraged at all. After this punch, his fusion with the heavenly emperor fruit was even more profound, and he could vaguely feel the threshold of the other shore.

Therefore, at this moment, Ye Sheng’s aura was like thunder, soaring up.

Aeon Divine Fist!

In an instant, Ye Sheng threw out hundreds of punches, instantly suppressing Chao Tian.

Chao Tian just sneered. In his eyes, Ye Sheng’s actions were tantamount to courting death. He was just putting up a stubborn resistance.

As someone in the other shore realm, it was very easy for him to block ye Sheng’s attack.

Dong Dong Dong! ! !

His fists made the Nine Heavens Rumble. Ye Sheng’s eyes were like blazing flames, extremely bright and terrifying to the point of disbelief.

Chao Tian frowned. Why was Ye Sheng getting stronger and stronger as he fought?

“Are you using me as a sparring partner?”Chao Tian’s expression suddenly changed. He had guessed a certain possibility and couldn’t contain his anger.

“You’re not stupid, but it’s already too late!”Ye Sheng let out a long cry. The heavenly emperor fruit exploded at this moment, and countless rays of light seeped into Ye Sheng’s body.

He had reached the other shore!

Chao Tian’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly retreated. He was no longer ye Sheng’s match.

Because ye Sheng had the heavenly emperor fruit, Chao Tian did not have it.

“Go to hell!”After reaching the other shore realm, Ye Sheng fiercely punched the void. Instantly, an era enveloped Chao Tian.

It was annihilated together!

Chao Tian struggled with all his might, but it was useless. He was simply not a match for Ye Sheng.


The era exploded, Chao Tian shattered, and his soul dissipated!

Ye Sheng let out a long sigh of relief and said indifferently, “I told you, I can’t kneel down. You still want me to kneel!”

On the other side, the immortal king who came back from the future was covered in blood, but his spirit and energy were very good.

“It’s over!”The Immortal King was not surprised that Ye Sheng could kill beyond heaven.

Ye Sheng did not speak, but looked at the few layers of heavens below.

They were still fighting.

The time and space elder appeared by the side, but he was still uninjured. He said indifferently, “From now on, we should not appear in the universe easily. Let the universe develop on its own.”

“The destruction of the chaos race was not done by us, but by these people. After a few eras of hard work, we only helped the three sovereigns to take revenge,”the immortal King said as if he was implying something.

“I’m going to live in seclusion. I’ll bring my wife and find a planet with beautiful scenery and live a small life,”ye Sheng said with a light smile.

The Big Ending…

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