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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 851: Harmonious families

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Chapter 851: Harmonious families

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The vast sea?

What was this place?

Ye Sheng had never heard of it before, but after thinking about it carefully, he had not broken through to the immortal realm before, so he should not be qualified to hear about it.

“The vast sea is an ocean of laws. It is normal that you have not heard of it. Many people in this universe have not heard of it,”said the old Titan.

“An Ocean of laws. Can Anyone Go There?”Ye Sheng asked in surprise.

“Of course not, the vast ocean isn’t in our hands, it’s in the hands of the chaos clansmen. That’s why I said most people haven’t heard of it.”The old Titan shook his head.

“If it’s in the hands of the chaos clansmen, then can I Go There?”Ye Sheng frowned. This law ocean was actually controlled by the chaos clansmen, it was a bit troublesome.

“The chaos clansmen control the law ocean. Fortunately, they also know that it’s not good to eat it all for themselves, so every person who has just broken through to the immortal realm can go in and comprehend it, but the period of comprehension is only a short ten years.”The old Titan explained.

“Only ten years. Then, can the chaos race’s own people comprehend it indefinitely?”Ye Sheng asked.

“Of course, that’s for sure. That’s why the chaos race is so powerful. They can fight against an entire era on their own. In reality, it’s not just the vast ocean that has such a unique geographical environment. The chaos race also controls an unknown number of treasures. This is also what they gain from every era of destruction,”the old Titan said regretfully, he felt sorry for the previous few epochs. The rise of the chaos race depended on the treasures of their era. At the same time, he felt sorry for the current era because the chaos race was about to attack this era.

Ye Sheng asked one last question, “How do I go to the vast sea?”

The Old Titan shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Ye Sheng was dumbfounded. You Don’t know that you told me so much?

“But the collectors in the central star field definitely know,”the old Titan said affirmatively.

Ye Sheng understood. The last time he went to the seventh realm, he had also bought the information from the collectors and handed over all the energy of the big eyeball.

Ye Sheng’s heart ached when he handed over so much energy. The collectors were too greedy.

“I don’t have any treasures to trade with him. He’s too greedy,”ye Sheng said unhappily. When he thought about how the energy of the big eyeball that he had painstakingly obtained was actually exchanged by the collectors with a piece of information, he felt an imbalance in his heart.

“The collector is very greedy, but the price you paid last time was too much. This time, you go and ask him to give you the information directly. He said that it was left over from last time. It would be too much of a loss to exchange so many origins for a piece of information,”the old Titan gave Ye Sheng a suggestion.

“Will he agree?”Ye Sheng asked doubtfully. He could not beat the collector.

“It’s okay. With me backing you up, don’t be afraid. That thing he did was a little too much,”the old Titan encouraged Ye Sheng.

“Alright, I’ll go look for the collector in a few days,”ye Sheng said firmly. He would definitely go to the vast sea.

The setting sun was like blood.

After a huge battle, although they had won, the outcome was very tragic. A million soldiers had died in battle, and 100,000 of them were once their brothers. Now that they had left, everyone’s hearts were heavy.

The Joy of victory was only temporary. Sadness followed closely behind. Therefore, there was no celebration in the firmament star. There was only silence.

Beauty Zhou was in her room, silently praying for something. She was also a cultivator, and now that her cultivation base had reached the seventh heaven of the immortal Trove, she knew that praying was useless. No immortal or deity would come to help her, but she just wanted to pray.

For nothing else, she just wanted to find a peace of mind for herself, so that she could calm down and not let her imagination run wild.

Her husband was an indomitable man, a genius who could do anything. He would definitely turn misfortune into good, and a disaster into good fortune.

Ye Yun ‘er had been accompanying beauty Zhou for the past few days, taking care of her mother. When the mother and daughter stood together, they did not look like mother and daughter at all, but more like sisters. Beauty Zhou was her elder sister, mature and mature, graceful and calm, ye Yun ‘er, on the other hand, was full of the feeling of a young girl, a beautiful girl.

When Ye Sheng returned and saw the two most important women in his life, he revealed a gratified smile.

“I’m back.”A simple sentence caused Beauty Zhou and ye Yun ‘er to walk over excitedly. Looking at the intact Ye Sheng, the huge burden in their hearts was completely relieved.

“I’m going to cook dinner. Let’s have a family gathering tonight.”Beauty Zhou beamed. She was very beautiful and moving. She went to the kitchen and began to work.

Beauty Zhou’s cooking was only for Ye Sheng alone. Ye Sheng was not around, so even if ye Yun ‘er wanted to eat, it would depend on her mood. If she was in a bad mood, it was impossible for ye Yun ‘er to make any requests.

Now That Ye Sheng had returned, Beauty Zhou immediately went to cook. This made ye Yun ‘er look helplessly at him and said, “Did you guys pick me up?”

“You have to know that mother and I are true love. As for you, it was purely an accident.”Ye Sheng laughed loudly. His words made ye Yun ‘er’s head full of black lines, and she was speechless.

“Do you need me to give you guys some space now?”Ye Yun ‘er raised her eyebrows and said.

“Do you believe that I can beat you up?”Ye Sheng raised his arm.

“You can’t bear to do it, just a little,”ye Yun ‘er said mischievously.

Ye Sheng stayed at home to accompany Beauty Zhou for a few days. During these few days, he did not do much. He chatted with Beauty Zhou, played chess, and talked about the local customs of the universe. His main purpose was to accompany her.

Companionship was the most affectionate confession, and Ye Sheng’s companionship was the best confession.

As for ye Yun ‘er, after eating dog food from her parents for a few days, she dragged the Void Demon King away from firmament star and began an interstellar adventure.

Ye Sheng did not care about ye Yun ‘er. She was already an adult and had her own space. She could do whatever she wanted.

When a baby eagle grew up, it had to fly on its own.

Ye Sheng continued to spend a warm and touching month with Beauty Zhou.

One month later, he went to see Zhuge Xiaoming and Chi Jun…

Du Qingyi left and returned to the immortal court with the artifact. He was said to be going back to negotiate with the immortal court.

The force behind du Qingyi was originally separated from the immortal court. Now that he was going to negotiate, something big was going to happen.

Zhuge Xiaoming was also going to leave. His grandfather had arranged a series of training plans for him to train him well. However, Zhuge Xiaoming wanted to drink with Ye Sheng before leaving.

It was the same for the Red Army. They wanted to be brought by his uncle for the final training.

Therefore, Ye Sheng found them and the three of them drank crazily under the moonlight.

After three rounds of drinking, Zhuge Xiaoming said with his drunken eyes, “After this training ends, I must hang the chaos race up and beat them up.”

Ye Sheng looked at him and smiled, “It’s good to have a dream, but you must do it within your ability. Don’t Brag.”

“I can do it too. My uncle said that he would help me unlock the bloodline of the Titan ancestor. Once the Atavism bloodline is unlocked, I will quickly surpass you.”Chi Jun patted his chest and said.

“Then I will wait. But you are already so strong now. If you unlock the bloodline, are you going to become a Gorilla?”Ye Sheng teased.

“No, the Atavism bloodline will be directly purified to the first generation Titan. At that time, the Titan was an existence that even the chaos race did not dare to provoke.”Chi Jun said proudly.

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