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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 814: Book of the New Age

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Chapter 814: Book of the New Age

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Who is it?”An angry shout echoed throughout the ancient city. Wu Wudi stared at Ye Sheng angrily and got up all of a sudden. It wasn’t a big deal since he was only at the eighth sky of the half-immortal realm, but he was only slightly injured after being attacked by Ye Sheng.

However, this anger was hard to dissipate. He was about to take down this stone man and get the origin of the stone man, but he didn’t expect that someone would suddenly appear and stop all of this.

Wu Wudi wanted to kill someone. His unconcealed anger almost turned into a fire dragon that shot into the sky and mixed with the essence smoke. It was extremely fierce.

The young kings of the hundred clans also glared at Ye Sheng. They could also share some of the origin of the stone man. Ye Sheng’s appearance was their common enemy.

The stone man also frowned and looked at Ye Sheng. Because ye Sheng had unexpectedly joined in, he had sent Wu Wudi flying. This made him temporarily give up the idea of dying together.

“I am the nightmare of the four knights,”Ye Sheng said coldly. He was at the sixth sky of half-immortal realm and looked down on everyone with the Fist of the epoch that he had learned along the way of cultivation.

Wu Wudi stared at Ye Sheng, shocked and angry. He had never expected that Ye Sheng would suddenly appear when he was about to succeed and disrupt the rhythm of everything.

“The Nightmare of US Four Horsemen, do you think you are worthy?”Wu Wudi spoke in disdain as he abruptly punched out.

The Sun and Moon appeared under his fist, the smoke of his essence energy was incomparably resplendent. His entire being was like countless suns added together, extremely powerful. When he erupted forth, it was as though he was unstoppable.

However, Ye Sheng’s fist of the New Age wasn’t afraid at all. The book of the New Age derived from the Fist of the new age was beneath his feet, making him look like an unrivalled immortal king. Facing Wu Wudi’s fist, he didn’t hesitate at all, he directly punched out.


The Fist of the new era slammed into Wu Wudi’s body, creating a huge shockwave. The entire ancient city trembled as though it was about to collapse. Wu Wudi’s fist was crushed by Ye Sheng’s fist of the new era, he wasn’t a match for Ye Sheng at all, in an instant, Wu Wudi was crushed like a dried twig, causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

“Impossible! Your cultivation base is lower than mine, yet your fist is so unstoppable?”Wu Wudi roared. His expression was one of madness. After being defeated by Ye Sheng, he could not understand this situation at all. Why was this happening?

“My cultivation base is lower than yours. It’s just a superficial phenomenon. My understanding of the DAO is much deeper than yours. It’s completely within reason that you were defeated by my fist,”Ye Sheng said coldly. A huge, pure white book appeared in front of him, a book that was emitting dao rhythm floated in front of him. He punched out, and the book exploded into an era. Prosperity, prosperity, and decline all happened in an instant.

Ye Sheng had a lot of understanding of the Dao. There was Chu Xiangyu, the old Titan, Yan, and the senior king of the Four Horsemen…

Especially the senior king of the Four Horsemen. Not long ago, Ye Sheng had obtained a secret manual of his, which recorded countless cultivation techniques. These cultivation techniques pointed directly to the core of the Great Dao. This book of the New Age was based on that understanding.

The current Ye Sheng was like a demon king who had descended into the world. He was too old and was unrivaled. With a punch, Wu Wudi could only run away. He couldn’t block it at all.

Moreover, when he couldn’t block it, he actually found it very difficult to escape. Ye Sheng’s fist of the new age enveloped him.

“Save me!”Wu Wudi roared in shock and anger. He asked the king of the hundred clans for help. He was the descendant of the four-knight king and had a great future. How could he die here?

The young kings of the hundred clans ran over one by one and used their own methods to save Wu Wudi.

However, they were not facing Ye Sheng. Instead, they were facing Zhuge Xiaoming, Chi Jun, du Qingyi, and the Rockman.

The Rockman did not know whether ye Sheng was good or bad. However, now that Ye Sheng had stalled Wu Wudi, he could take the opportunity to kill more of the other party’s people. Even if they died together in the end, he would still drag some people along.

This was the stone man’s idea, so he made his move.

The stone man was weak and dying of old age, but his foundation was unfathomable. After all, he had once stepped on that path. Once he made his move, he rose to the immortal realm this time. This time, he cooperated with Zhuge Xiaoming and the others to sweep away the young kings of the hundred clans.

Ye Sheng’s fist also landed, hitting Wu Wudi.


Wu Wudi’s body trembled greatly, and he looked at Ye Sheng in disbelief. His origin withered and died, and the aura of death spread out.

When Ye Sheng’s fist landed, he was actually beaten until there was no life left, and he stepped into the door of death.

“Who exactly are you?”Wu Wudi asked unwillingly.

“Ye Sheng, the nightmare of the Four Horsemen,”Ye Sheng said coldly.

“It’s you, you are Ye Sheng…”Wu Wudi’s eyes widened in disbelief. He had never thought that Ye Sheng, who was being chased by the four horsemen, would actually come here.

“My Grandfather Won’t let you off.”Wu Wudi looked at Ye Sheng with hatred. His life force had been extinguished and he could no longer be saved. However, he believed that his grandfather would definitely kill Ye Sheng.

“You won’t be able to see this,”ye Sheng said lightly. He withdrew his fist and turned around to leave, completely ignoring Wu Wudi.

He was no match for Ye Sheng at the eighth sky of half-immortal realm. If he couldn’t withstand a few punches from Ye Sheng, he would die completely.

Ye Sheng’s current target was the immortals.

Only the immortals were Ye Sheng’s match. He could sweep through the half-immortal realm.

This wasn’t arrogance, but confidence. Ye Sheng believed in himself.

On the other side, Zhuge Xiaoming, Chi Jun, du Qingyi, and the Rockman all killed the remaining kings of the hundred clans, leaving no one alive.

“Cut off their heads and give them to the four knights,”Ye Sheng said to Zhuge Xiaoming faintly.

Zhuge Xiaoming nodded and started to do this.

The stone man looked at him coldly. His body was even more damaged. He looked like an abandoned statue. If he didn’t have a weak aura, he wouldn’t even feel any life force.

Wu Wudi’s damage to the stone man had cut off at least 500 years of the Stone Man’s life.

A peak expert who failed to transcend could survive for a long time by relying on the origin. He would gradually weaken until he died. This process would last for millions of years without any problems.

Even five million years or more wouldn’t be a problem.

The Rockman couldn’t leave the ancient city. A long life was like torture. This was also the punishment of the loser.

If transcending was so easy, then the people of the world could try it.

Ye Sheng looked at the Rockman. He didn’t know what era the expert was from, but he was sure that back then, he was definitely a peerless figure in the universe.

But now, he was just a Rockman waiting to die.

“You also want my origin?”The Rockman asked indifferently.

Ye sheng smiled and said, “I really want the Rockman’s origin, but you’ve been suffering for so many years. There’s not much origin left. I’ll let you wait here to die.”

The Rockman was silent.

Ye Sheng was right. Even if his origin wasn’t taken away by Ye Sheng, he was still waiting to die here.

For a peerless expert who had once stood at the peak, how cruel was waiting to die silently?

The path of the Rockman wasn’t that easy to walk.

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