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«The Bloodline System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1432 The Pursuit Of The Faceless One

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Chapter 1432 The Pursuit Of The Faceless One

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Just like nets, there were little spaces in between… but were these spaces large enough for their spacecraft to fit?

"How is the spacecraft going to get through that?!" Ria yelled in terror.

It was very obvious that the little spaces were not wide enough for them to pass through without getting obliterated.

To make matters worse, the throngs of violent torrents were moving and swimming, almost like they were alive.

"That's the trick, it can't," Gustav answered Ria.

"Then how are we going to survive?" Ria didn't know what Gustav playing at but he internally decided to curse Gustav if he said,'We won't'.

"We will," Gustav drove head-on for it, unwavering in the slightest.

Unlike Ria, Aildris wasn't bothered because he had full trust in Gustav. However, he was just as intrigued as Ria was about Gustav's plans.

"Can't we just hyper jump through it?" Aildris inquired.

"It won't work. The energy torrent is like strings… no matter how strong the hyperjump is, the moment it goes through, the violent energy will keep pulling it back to its center until it runs out of juice. Once that happens and the spacecraft rematerializes, we will be toast," Gustav explained.

"Ohhh," Aildris nodded in apprehension.

"Endric, take command," Gustav suddenly got up and moved towards the back.

Endric's seat moved to the middle of the control panel and he began to steer forward.

At that moment, they directly arrived before the net of energy, and just as it seemed like they were about to collide with it…

[ Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated ]


Gustav's whole figure emitted a milky glow that spread across the entirety of the spacecraft.


The spacecraft flickered multiple times before dematerializing atom by atom.

The spacecraft became see-through along with everyone within as they phased through the net of thronging destructive energy.

The strings were passing through them like they were in astral form as they cruised through.

Endric navigated the spacecraft to increase in speed while Gustav made sure to concentrate on keeping things the way they were.

They still had a long way to go in this world of destructiveness but couldn't deny that it looked quite amazing. The spark of colors and ripples of cosmic energy that merged into one another, created a mesmerizing display for them to feast their eyes on.

The endearing term 'BEAUTY IS DANGEROUS' had never been more true until that moment. Despite how marvelous the sight was, anyone and anything would be obliterated in an instant if they went close enough.

The journey through the violent net of energy lasted for almost an entire day. By the time they successfully navigated through, Gustav had expended a lot of energy.

Fortunately, they were now in the clear so it was all worth it.

"We're out of the dead man zone," Gustav let out a heavy breath after announcing.

"That was both enlightening and terrifying at the same time," Ria stated slightly mesmerized.

"I agree… truly never felt anything like that in all my life… all those colors…" Aildris voiced with a look of interest.

He wished he could have absorbed them but he knew it would mess with their navigation so he couldn't risk it.

"At least, it's gonna be smooth sailing henceforth," Endric stated from up ahead.

"I'm not so sure about that," Gustav suddenly voiced with an ominous tone.


"What is that?"

"Is that a…?"

"Yes it's a person," Gustav confirmed their suspicions on what lay in front of them.

Hundreds of kilometers before their spacecraft was a figure floating in outer space without so much as a space gear or anything to help them breathe.

They just floated in place with glowing Crimson hair that looked like the branches of a tree.

The person commanded their attention because of the multiple traits but Gustav wasn't interested in knowing who they might be.

He pushed the throttle forward after the spacecraft engines cooled a bit, causing them to sail in a straight line with immense speed.

Common sense told them that a being floating and breathing in space with glowing hair, wasn't a weak person. It was better to leave immediately than to be sorry later.

In just an instant, they had crossed light-years of distance, leaving the unknown far behind…

…Or so they thought.

Dhin~ Dhin~ Dhin~ Dhin~

[ Hostile Force In Pursuit ]

[ Activating Energy Shield ]

Alarms suddenly began blurring within the spacecraft as a silver-colored energy shield appeared around it.

"What the hell?!" Ria yelled in shock.

"It's that person," Endric stared at the holographic projection that displayed the rear position of their spacecraft.

Not too distant behind them was a crimson blur streaking across space with unparalleled speed.

Upon closer look, the Crimson blur turned out to be the same person they had spotted after getting out of the 'dead man zone'.

Endric and Ria couldn't believe their eyes as they saw how quickly the humanoid-shaped being was flying. They were moving faster than the speed of light, and yet, it was starting to catch up with them.

Whoever it was, they were definitely no ordinary being. Gustav couldn't chase a spacecraft and catch up to it at his current level of strength so the person was no doubt more powerful. Only Miss Aimee could successfully pull something like that off.

"Buckle up!" Gustav yelled while tapping on multiple buttons at a time.

He was preparing to activate hyperjump since it was becoming difficult to outrun the being currently in pursuit.

"What if the person is friendly?" Ria questioned from behind.

"Maybe I can kick you out so you two can have a friendly chat then… far from the rest of us," Gustav retorted with all seriousness.


"I don't know what he wants but I certainly don't want to stick around to find out," Aildris stated.

"Me neither," Gustav added.

"Jump now!" Endric suddenly yelled.

Gustav didn't need to be told twice before he pushed the hyperjump button.


Their spacecraft suddenly pivoted forward like a needle cutting through the fabric of space. They vanished in the next moment and reappeared in another part of space, completely void of the presence of the crimson being.

"That's a day worth journey," Gustav announced that they had put a lot of distance between themselves and the hostile.

"So we can get to our destination in four days then?" Ria questioned.

"That is right. I was hoping we wouldn't have to use hyperjump but it couldn't be helped this time," Gustav mumbled.

"I wonder who that person is and what their objective could be," Aildris bore an expression of contemplation as he spoke.

"SJ," Gustav called out.


SJ appeared in the middle of the spacecraft gleaming intensely.

A red robe materialized into existence and covered its surface to dim the immense brightness.

"Did you get a clear view?" Gustav questioned.

SJ proceeded to create a holographic screen for everyone to see.

On the screen was a clear image of the being they had just encountered. Its full structure was on display for them to see.

"It's one of the faceless… I should have known," Gustav nearly facepalmed.

"The faceless?" Aildris and Ria voiced with puzzled looks.

"One of three beings who are the last of their kind in the entire universe," Endric briefly explained.

"Are they like, very strong?" Ria questioned.

"Obviously… all three of them have been in existence for a millennium. And since they are rare, they have tried siring more of their species for a long time to no avail," Endric added.

"So what would they want with us?" Ria asked.

"More like what would they want with him?" Aildris turned to Gustav's direction.

"Huh?" Ria was still confused.

"The thing is… one of them is so obsessed with bearing more of their species that they would take any job so long as the reward gave information on the subject of interest. They could be killers, saviors, fighters, protectors…" Endric paused at that point.

"Or even bounty hunters," Aildris chipped in.

"Yes, or even bounty hunters. So long as whatever the reward is has information regarding what they require to create new offspring.

It makes it very rare for them to accept any job, not because millions of people across the galaxy aren't trying to acquire their assistance on personal matters, but because meeting their requirements is borderline impossible," Endric kept explaining.

"Which means someone must have met their requirements this time… most likely someone from the alliance," Aildris added in understanding.

"But how did they find us? It was almost like that faceless one knew we were coming… it was waiting for us," Aildris wasn't the only one interested in the answer to the question. Ria was just as curious.

"You see… the abilities of a faceless one is… how do I put it," Endric paused while holding his chin.

"Unpredictable," Gustav stated.

"Yes… Unpredictable," Endric nodded.

"How so?" Aildris asked.

Endric stood to his feet and pointed at the holographic projection that displayed the faceless image,

"Notice the branch-like hair?"

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