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«The Bloodline System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1431 Dead Man Zone

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Chapter 1431 Dead Man Zone

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"What if he isn't?" Handler Three didn't know when he suddenly blurted it out.

Mummurs~ Mummurs~ Mummurs~

"You would show compassion for the culprit responsible for the destruction of your planet?" One of the alliance's leaders voiced with a detestable tone.

"Not even we think he is innocent," General Chell further fueled his notion.

"I am just saying… it doesn't seem like what an evil planet destroyer would spend his time doing especially when he stated having more important matters to get to," Handler Three voiced in response.

"More important matters?" General Chell questioned in suspicion.

"You know something, don't you, Handler Three?" The alliance leader representing the Draconets raised four of his limbs while speaking.

"Is there hope for us the Ozis to reclaim our seat as one of the alliance leaders?" Handler Three threw a question back.

They understood what he was driving at. He wanted to strike a bargain for the information he had on Gustav.

"Yes, there is hope," General Chell stated.

When one alliance leader spoke, he spoke for all so the others did not refute his answer.

'I am sorry Vilax, but I will always choose our people over outsiders,' Handler Three apologized internally, feeling remorseful briefly.

"Good…" Handler Three began speaking once more, "Gustav Crimson is trying to recover two of his friends that got lost during the destruction of our planet. Which is why he headed for Xelios Tower in the first place. His next destination after that was back to his home planet… Earth!"

General Chell's eyes widened slightly in confoundment.

"Are you sure about this?" News flashed in his head of everything that had happened on Earth in the last three weeks.

"I am most certain. Although, it is very much possible that he has gotten what he went for and left already. I believe his main objective was most likely to get something that could only be found on earth…" Handler Three's revelation caused a brief general silence.

"I see…" General Chell mumbled after a while.

"Handler Three, who else have you informed about the Siefiling incident?" One of the alliance leaders questioned.

"Only my people are aware," Handler Three answered immediately.

"Let's keep things that way… And to the rest of you, the story of the Siefiling incident must never leave the confines of this space!" General Chell stated with an authoritative tone.

In the uncharted vastness of space, beyond the reaches of known galaxies, a monumental spacecraft shaped like a pentagon sailed forward, reflecting the sparse light of distant stars.

It bore the emblem of a mythical creature with serpentine coils and ferocious eyes. The Tark emblem would keep any spacecraft with nefarious intent away, but it was a different case when they met with natural space anomalies.

They were currently journeying across a Perilous Expanse, a stretch of space notorious for its unpredictable gravitational anomalies, fields of cosmic debris, and sudden, violent energy storms.

The region was a graveyard for many unwary travelers. Debris from desolate spacecraft was a normal sight around there.

Suddenly, the ship shuddered as it encountered an unexpected gravitational wave, sending it veering off course.

"Hold on tight!" Gustav yelled within the spacecraft as he manually navigated them through a dense anti-gravitational energy field.

The silhouette of the spacecraft glided gracefully, its pentagonal form allowing for maneuverability that belied its size.

The ship weaved through the torrents of energy slicing forward. They barely slipped through the spaces between some, causing the spacecraft to tremble immensely at certain times.

As they veered further forward, a massive energy storm, its swirling colors a mesmerizing display of nature's power and fury, appeared in their line of sight.

Gustav powered up the thruster, ready to jump the ship through the abysmally immense energy storm that seemed unavoidable.

The spacecraft pulsated with energy as lightning-like discharges struck the shields, illuminating the spacecraft in a spectral dance of light and shadows.

As the ship rumbled and drew closer, Gustav suddenly pushed the jump control panel.


The spacecraft turned into a streak of light that shot through the storm of energy, penetrating its center on a subatomic level.

Emerging from the storm, the spacecraft appeared in a part of space that seemed much more stable compared to where they had been earlier.


Ria let out a sigh of relief when he noticed the stability of the vicinity.

"We are not completely out of the blue yet," Gustav announced.

"What? We've been at this for nearly four days now," Ria uttered in disbelief.

"That's why it's called 'dead man zone'. No spacecraft manages to maneuver past this part of space successfully," Gustav responded.

"And why exactly did we pass here again?" Ria questioned.

"It's the fastest way to where we're headed," Aildris answered from the side.

"Uh? I think I'd prefer the long way so long as we don't get turned to mush," Ria stated with a look of disapproval.

"Yeah… only that, it would take us at least four months of journeying through space," Endric pointed out from up ahead.

"I take it back," Ria voiced with droopy eyes.

"Don't worry in another day or two we'll be out of it. Afterward, we just need to travel for another five days before getting to our destination," Gustav said with a tone of assurance.

"We'll cut back on over three months," Endric added.

"If we don't die first," Ria sighed.


The group burst into laughter.

"You'll be seeing why it is called the dead man zone soon, but no worries, we'll scale through," Gustav voiced amidst chuckles.

They continued for another day without having any mishaps. Their journey through space gave them a feeling of nostalgia, taking them back to when it was done together as a group.

It was quite disheartening that more than half of the group couldn't join them on the endeavor but after getting the details it made sense to Aildris why Gustav wouldn't want anyone joining.

"So, this place, you say, connects across galaxies because it is located at a focal point in outer space that makes it everywhere and nowhere at the same time?" Aildris questioned sounding slightly confused.

"That is what the Mundane One told us," Endric answered.

"I am not sure I get it," Ria shook his head and for once Aildris was on the same page with him.

"Some things in the universe are never going to make sense… But basically what the Mundane one means is, we are journeying to the center of the universe. How do they know that it is the center of the universe? Beats me too," Gustav proceeded to give a brief explanation.

"The planet that exists in that location is desolate and on the brink of utter desiccation. It exists in such a manner that it touches all planes of reality and connects to every reach of the universe. Due to that, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time," He added.

"And that is the reason we can use it to get to Angy and Falco," Ria voiced in realization.

"Pretty much."

"I see."

Aildris still had a contemplative look on his face as they kept journeying.

("You do know that this action may bring you face to face with HIM, right?") The system questioned in Gustav's mind.

'I knew that from the moment I decided to embark on this journey,' Gustav answered internally.

("You're not powerful enough to face him, you know? He could snuff you out of existence with just a single breathe,") The system cautioned.

'Oh? So now we can talk about him? Didn't you say that could cause consequences?' Gustav scoffed internally.

("We're closer to the due periods of your quests so yes we can talk about HIM to an extent now without causing problems,") The system answered.

'Whatever… I don't intend to face him yet anyway. We'll just grab Angy and Falco and get out of there before they realize it,' Gustav voiced internally.

("Overconfident much?")

'I'd rather be that than underconfident."

("That is not a word.")

'Shut up.'

The system went silent.

Gustav pushed a button and the spacecraft sped up, attracting the attention of the two behind.

"What's up again?" Ria voiced while peering straight ahead.

"We're about to face another energy storm," Gustav announced.

"Just when I thought we were past this," Ria glued his bum to his seat tightly.

"Nah, this is going to be the worst one," Gustav chuckled briefly.

"You are about to find out why it is called the dead man zone…"

Ria's eyes widened as he spotted the sea of violent energy swimming across space with incredible destructiveness.

Unlike the previous ones they had encountered, it covered their entire line of sight, looming over them like it was about to swallow everything up.

It was like an enormous net, with each string, the size of a planet that would obliterate anything upon contact. And just like nets, there were little spaces in between…

However, were those spaces large enough for their spacecraft to fit?


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