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«The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness (Web Novel) - Chapter 627: Interrogation

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Chapter 627: Interrogation

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Shi Man’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t help but hold his face and ask, “Which day?”

Yi Zheng lowered his eyes, his voice tinged with grievance. “Go and investigate yourself.”

Shi Man nodded in amusement. “Alright, 1’11 find out myself and remember it.”

Yi Zheng pulled her into his arms and met Shi Man’s affectionate eyes. He felt his heart thump.

He pulled her into his arms. Just as he was about to lower his head and move closer to her lips to relieve his longing, someone suddenly knocked on the door outside.

Yi Zheng subconsciously hid her behind him and raised his hand to open the door. The anger in his eyes was only a little stunned when he saw Shi Mu.

Shi Mu stuck his head in and looked around. “Where’s Manman?”

The wretched Yi Zheng had been in his sister’s room for so long and still hadn’t come out. He must be up to no good!

“Brother, I’m here.” Shi Man walked out from behind Yi Zheng helplessly.

Shi Mu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his sister was fully dressed and there were no suspicious creases. However, his face was still cold. “Sister, it’s late. It’s time to rest after a busy day. Don’t you think so, Brother-in-law?”

Yi Zheng raised his eyebrows and planted a light kiss on Shi Man’s forehead in front of Shi Mu. “Manman, I’ll leave first. Good night.”

“Good night.” Shi Man cooperated with him with a smile.

Shi Mu’s eyes were burning with anger. He grabbed Yi Zheng’s hand and pulled him out of the room. Then, he closed the door with a bang. “Let’s go to sleep.”

Looking at Shi Mu’s exasperated back, Yi Zheng couldn’t help but purse his lips and laugh.

At the corner on the other side, Bai Xue looked at the scene just now in a daze. She subconsciously clenched her fists in front of her chest, and a complicated look in her eyes could be seen.

After that day, the Tong family seemed to have told Liu Xin everything they needed to say, so Shi Man’s school life was relatively peaceful.

In the afternoon, Shi Man went to the rooftop alone to rest under the sun as usual, but the sun above her head was suddenly covered by a shadow.

The moment someone approached, Shi Man had already opened her eyes and looked at the expressionless girl above her.

“Are you Shi Man?” That person was wearing a light green dress that accentuated her fair skin and beautiful face. She had the beauty of a daughter of a humble family.

Shi Man looked into her eyes, but she couldn’t be bothered to answer her obvious nonsense.

Seeing that Shi Man was ignoring her, anger appeared on that person’s pretty face. “I know you’re Shi Man. It’s useless if you don’t answer me!”

Seeing that if she didn’t speak, this person would nag some nonsense to delay her lunch break, Shi Man could only send her away as soon as possible. “Why are you looking for me?”

The girl restrained her expression and suddenly sat down beside her. “Hello, my name is Ruan Yu.”

Shi Man didn’t like unfamiliar people getting too close to her. She almost immediately sat up from the side. “I don’t know you.”

Seeing her vigilant expression, Ruan Yu smiled and said, “I’m Lu Li’s fiancee. You should know who I am, right?”

“Oh.” Shi Man lowered her eyes and moved to sit in front of the shady wall beside her. “So?”

Ruan Yu was surprised by her calmness and went straight to the point. “I heard that you got into my fiance’s car a few days ago. Did he say anything to you?”

Shi Man raised her eyebrows teasingly. “He’s your fiance. Why didn’t you ask him what he said and did? Why did you come and ask me?”

Ruan Yu choked on her words, but she knew that Shi Man was right. Her lips pursed even more tightly. “I came to look for you today to tell you that Lu Li and 1 will be engaged soon. Our engagement was arranged by the elders of the two families since we were young. The two of us are childhood sweethearts and our families are long-time friends. Lu Li will definitely marry me.”

Shi Man glanced at her indifferently. “What does that have to do with me?”

Was this woman really innocent or was she just arrogant because Lu Li favored her in public that day?

Ruan Yu thought for a moment and decided to make things clearer. “I came to tell you this just to remind you not to get too close to Lu Li. He won’t marry any other woman except me. If you don’t want your reputation to be affected, please don’t approach him on purpose in the future.”

Shi Man pursed her lips speechlessly. “Is it true that all the women who have spoken to Lu Li are deliberately approaching him?”

Ruan Yu’s expression turned cold. “Of course not.”

Shi Man raised her eyebrows. “Then how did you know 1 was?”

Seeing her nonchalant attitude, Ruan Yu immediately felt angry that a mistress had emerged. She had completely forgotten that she had taken the initiative to come forward today.

“Because 1 know Lu Li. He would never let anyone of the right age get into his car except me.”

Shi Man turned her head and sneered at the blue sky above her. “I got into his car because he was instructed by Chief Lu to invite me to Chief Lu’s birthday banquet. That’s all.”

Ruan Yu looked at her suspiciously. “Really?”

However, her best friend, who had seen that scene at the school gate that day, had clearly said that Lu Li had even personally opened the door for this woman with a series of meticulous actions…

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