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Chapter 626: Birthday

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Yi Zheng replied coldly, his eyes still fixed on Shi Man. “Let’s go home first.”

Shi Man changed her thorny appearance and followed Yi Zheng into the courtyard obediently.

None of them invited Lu Li into the house. Lu Li felt awkward standing at the door and could only take the initiative to say, “Aren’t you going to invite me in for a cup of tea?”

Only then did Yi Zheng stop and turn around coldly. “If Young Master Lu wants to come, our family naturally won’t dare to neglect you.”

However, although he said that, Lu Li did not see any welcome in his expression.

If it was in the past, Lu Li would have long turned around and left angrily. However, tonight, he wanted to make things difficult for Yi Zheng. He simply nodded with a smile and said, “Alright, I’ll oblige.”

Yi Zheng narrowed his eyes and pulled Shi Man’s hand into the villa with a cold expression.

Su Tang and Bai Xue followed behind and carefully looked at each other.

Why did this master think that CEO Yi wanted to invite him in?

Shen Xian was waiting for her three precious daughters to come back for dinner when she looked up and saw Lu Li standing at the door greeting her.

She was stunned for a moment before warmly inviting him into the living room. “Young Master Lu, why are you here? Dinner has just been prepared at home. Why don’t you stay for dinner before leaving? I wonder if it suits your taste.”

“It’s very suitable.” Lu Li nodded obediently and did not forget to steal a glance at Yi Zheng’s dark expression.

Shen Xian paused for a moment. She was just being polite. She did not expect Lu Li to really stay for dinner. However, since she had already said it, there was no reason to chase him away.

She could only ask the butler to tell the kitchen to prepare another set of cutlery later.

With Lu Li’s sudden visit, the originally lively family dinner suddenly became a little awkward.

After all, Shi Zhong often socialized outside and was good at being polite to Lu Li. However, in the face of Lu Li’s inquiries about Shi Man from time to time, he changed the topic and kept chatting with Lu Li.

Yi Zheng cut Shi Man’s steak methodically, then smiled and swapped the steak in her hand with his.

Lu Li happened to see this scene and teased with a smile, “I didn’t expect CEO Yi to have such a virtuous side. Previously, I heard that CEO Yi didn’t have his own house after coming to the capital and could only live in the Shi family. Only when I saw it with my own eyes today did I know that Miss Shi must be reluctant to let you live elsewhere. After all, CEO Yi cares a lot. It’s indeed much more useful than ordinary servants.”

These words were ear-piercing. Not only did Shi Man’s expression darken, but even Shi Zhong and Shen Xian could not help but be angry.

However, Yi Zheng continued to serve Shi Man at the table calmly and scooped a bowl of soup for her. Only then did he take the time to look at the mocking Lu Li. “If you can be called virtuous just by lifting a finger, it can only mean that you’ve never sincerely loved your fiancee. Of course, 1 have to take good care of Manman.”

Almost everyone knew that Lu Li had a fiancee.

Yi Zheng chose to say this at this moment and stepped on him again, undoubtedly wanting to cut off Lu Li’s thoughts.

From the moment Lu Li sat in the cafeteria, his eyes never left Shi Man although he had been talking to Shi Zhong.

Yi Zheng did not chase him out directly because he had tried his best to maintain his self-restraint on account of Shi Zhong and Shen Xian.

Lu Li was publicly rebuked by him, and his smiling eyes suddenly turned cold. “I didn’t expect President Yi to be so eloquent. I really want to see the day President Yi and Miss Shi get married with my own eyes. It would be a pity if I don’t get to see it.”

Yi Zheng raised his glass in an imposing manner. “When the time comes, Manman and I will wait for Young Master Lu to come to the event location to congratulate us personally.”

After the meal, Shi Man and Yi Zheng returned upstairs. Lu Li sat for a while before leaving.

In the room, Yi Zheng pressed her against the wall, his eyes red. “Why did you take his car back?”

Shi Man raised her hand and pushed him, but she didn’t push him away. She simply let him lean against her. “He said that he has something to tell me. Moreover, Su Tang and Bai Xue were both there.”

Yi Zheng’s expression softened, but he had no intention of moving away. “What is it?”

Shi Man told him about the Lu Jun’s weekend birthday.

Yi Zheng softened his tone, and even his breathing subconsciously became hot. “Manman, it’s my birthday soon. You’ve never celebrated my birthday for me.”

Actually, Shi Man had given him birthday gifts.

However, at that time, Yi Zheng had been ignoring Shi Man and returned all the gifts she had given him. It was not until he fell in love with Shi Man that he had not received any gifts from her.

Yi Zheng didn’t want anything valuable. He didn’t lack those valuable things.

He just wanted Shi Man to spend more effort on him. He wanted to treasure everything Shi Man gave him and take them out to admire slowly when the two of them were old…

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