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«The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness (Web Novel) - Chapter 462: Self Proclaimed Female Lead

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Chapter 462: Self Proclaimed Female Lead

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zheng Xin smiled proudly and said with an unfathomable expression, “I can’t tell an unrelated person like you. I request to participate in the police investigation. Otherwise, 1 won’t say anything!”

“What do you want? How long are you going to fool around?!” Zheng Xin’s words completely changed Chief Zheng’s expression.

In the past, he only knew that his daughter was willful, but she did not lose the cuteness of a child. However, her behavior after returning this time only shocked him and he could not help but feel disappointed.

He didn’t know who her daughter had learned from, but she left home for half a year. When she returned, she didn’t even greet her parents. When she met them, she only said “Hello” instead of addressing them respectfully. It was rude.

The reason why he was late just now was because he was teaching his daughter a lesson upstairs and telling her not to be so arrogant.

However, not only did she not listen, she even said some nonsense, claiming that he was just an NPC who dared to teach her a lesson. It was simply unreasonable.

Now that she had suggested interfering in the police force’s narcotics case, she was too lawless. If he did not teach her a lesson, who knew how much trouble she would cause in the future!

Zheng Xin didn’t care about her father’s reprimand. She still raised her head and said, “Don’t make such a fuss. In the future, all of you can come to me for help if you encounter any difficulties. I’m the chosen one and have the halo of a protagonist. All problems will be resolved in my hands!”

Chief Zheng and Madam Zheng exchanged looks and saw worry and anger in each other’s eyes.

Shen Xian quietly touched Shi Man’s arm under the table and whispered into her ear, “Manman, in your opinion, has she gone crazy?”

Shi Man smiled lightly, her eyes filled with interest. “She’s not crazy. Perhaps there’s something wrong with her brain.”

Everyone was at the same dining table, so Zheng Xin naturally did not miss this sentence. Her expression suddenly turned cold as she warned seriously, “You’d better put away what you said just now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for making you unlucky!”

Shi Man had been threatened many times after living for so long, but this time was different from the past. This was a threat from the “heroine”.

She narrowed her eyes and deliberately sized her up provocatively. She smiled and said, “1 want to know how you want to make me unlucky.”

“I’ll expose all the lousy things you did when you liked Yi Zheng!” Zheng Xin thought that she had already threatened her weakness. After saying that, she raised her head proudly and waited for her to beg for mercy.

However, she did not notice that the expressions of the elders at the same table changed drastically.

Chief Zheng couldn’t take it anymore and slammed the table angrily. “Are you done? Why are you crazy? You can either eat, or shut up and go back to your room. Don’t come out and embarrass yourself!”

Chief Zheng was furious. He was actually a person who rarely lost his temper at home.

He had always loved his wife and her daughter.

Zheng Xin was quite capable to anger him to this extent.

Madam Zheng hurriedly put down her chopsticks and patted her husband’s chest comfortingly. “Old Zheng, don’t be anxious. She doesn’t know the situation yet. We’ll talk to her slowly.”

Unexpectedly, Zheng Xin lost her temper when she heard this. She angrily threw down the chopsticks in her hand and pointed at Madam Zheng’s nose unhappily. She shouted very rudely, “Who gave you the guts to actually say that about me? No one knows you better than me! No one knows your thoughts and methods better than me!”

As she spoke, she pointed at Shi Man aggressively and sneered. The mockery in her eyes was especially obvious. “Aren’t you just thinking about Yi Zheng and he still refuses to marry you? You actually sent a few hooligans to rape the girl beside him because of jealousy. Now, you’re pretending to be innocent and pitiful!”

Shi Man raised her eyelids slightly and looked at her steadily. Her guess was confirmed again, and she could not hide the smile in her eyes.

She had no intention of paying attention to Zheng Xin because she knew that once Zheng Xin said this, someone would naturally teach her a lesson on her behalf.

“Pa.” A loud slap suddenly stopped Zheng Xin’s sharp and ear-piercing voice.

She turned her head away from the slap, her eyes filled with disbelief. When she came back to her senses, she gradually raised her hand to cover her swollen cheek. She looked angrily at Chief Zheng, who had just retracted his hand and was also glaring at her.

“How dare you hit me!” Zheng Xin’s expression turned ferocious for a moment.

Right on the heels of that, a few silver needles suddenly appeared in her hand. Shi Man narrowed her eyes and slowly lowered her hand that was holding the chopsticks. While everyone’s attention was on Zheng Xin’s terrifying face, she suddenly threw the chopsticks forcefully. The tip of the chopsticks hit Zheng Xin’s wrist which was holding the silver needles.

With a few crisp clicks, the silver needles fell.

A sharp pain suddenly came from Zheng Xin’s wrist. She reflexively covered the painful place and forgot about the hidden weapon in her hand.

Madam Zheng looked at the needles that had fallen to the ground in a daze and covered her mouth in disbelief… “Xinxin, what did you want to do with these just now?”

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