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«The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness (Web Novel) - Chapter 461: Strange Girl

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Chapter 461: Strange Girl

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The next morning, Shen Xian brought Shi Man to visit Chief Zheng and his family.

Chief Zheng and Madam Zheng were very close. The two of them had a daughter who had just returned from the holidays in Lin City.

When Shen Xian arrived, Madam Zheng was happily cooking in the kitchen to welcome her daughter.

“Yo, 1 came at the right time. I can try Sister’s cooking again!” Shen Xian smiled and handed the gift she had brought to their nanny. Then, she led Shi Man to change her shoes and rushed into the kitchen.

Madam Zheng laughed at her. When she saw Shi Man behind her, her eyes lit up. “Aiyo, my baby. It’s been so long since we last met, but you’ve already become so beautiful!”

In the past, Shi Man liked to be unique and always dressed herself up. Although Madam Zheng still doted on her, she could not help but worry for her.

Now that Shi Man’s taste had finally become normal, she was so happy that she couldn’t stop smiling.

Shi Man smiled and nodded. She praised her generously, “Auntie Chi is getting younger and prettier.”

Madam Zheng liked her even more. She hurriedly asked the nanny to get her husband and her daughter to come down from the study. She subconsciously quickened her cooking. “Eat more later and try Auntie’s cooking. You’re thin, so you should nourish yourself.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Shi Man thanked her politely and took the initiative to wash her hands so she could help Madam Zheng wash the dishes and scoop the vegetables.

When the food was ready, Chief Zheng arrived late with his daughter.

When Madam Zheng saw this, she had to reprimand, “Look at how spoiled you two are. You won’t go downstairs unless the food is ready, right?”

Chief Zheng hurriedly took the steaming soup bowl from her and smiled ingratiatingly. “How can that be? 1 was chatting with my daughter just now and forgot the time. I’ll wash some fruits later and apologize to Madam, okay?”

“That’s more like it.” Madam Zheng snorted and twisted her slender waist to sit at the dining table. She raised her hand to beckon Shi Man to sit beside her and introduced her. “This is my daughter, Zheng Xin. You played together when you were young. Do you still remember?”

Shi Man looked up at the girl opposite her.

She had long brown hair, and the waves at the end added to her maturity. As if sensing Shi Man’s gaze, the girl frowned slightly and pursed her thin lips slightly, with impatience flashing across her eyes.

She put down her chopsticks and looked straight into Shi Man’s calm eyes with a cold expression. “Are you done looking?”

As soon as she said this, Madam Zheng and Chief Zheng frowned unhappily.

Madam Zheng reprimanded Zheng Xin awkwardly. Afraid that Shi Man would think too much of this, she hurriedly held her hand and coaxed her. “This child has such a temper. In the past, it was actually better. I don’t know why she became worse when she came back this time. Sometimes, she can’t even listen to me and her father. Don’t take it to heart!”

Shi Man shook her head indifferently, indicating that she did not care.

The girl opposite her continued to lower her head and eat her food as if no one was around.

Chief Zheng glared at her, but there was nothing he could do. He could only invite Shen Xian and Shi Man to eat awkwardly.

During the meal, Shi Man asked them about the progress of the police station’s drug investigation. It was not convenient for Chief Zheng to say too much, but in order not to worry Shi Man and the others, he revealed a little.

The police station did not have enough evidence yet, but they could basically confirm that someone had deliberately done this large-scale drug circulation. It was different from ordinary drug trafficking in the past. Moreover, the other party had clearly targeted it. Ordinary residents would not be in danger of getting addicted for the time being.

“Black market,” Zheng Xin suddenly said, interrupting Chief Zheng.

Shi Man’s eyes turned cold and met Zheng Xin’s cold gaze.

Chief Zheng turned to ask her in surprise, “What black market? What do you know?”

Zheng Xin narrowed her eyes and slowly ate the food in her mouth. After keeping everyone in suspense, she said unhurriedly, “The black market is specially built for the evil forces to sell all kinds of illegal items. There must be a place like this in G City, a place that you police can’t find at all.”

“How do you know all this?”

Director Zheng had been the director for so many years and actually knew the existence of such a place. However, not only was this place not easy to find, but the power behind it could not be underestimated. Therefore, he had not made a move to avoid alerting the enemy.

Madam Zheng was shocked by her words and hurriedly raised her hand to test her forehead. “Could there be a problem with this child’s high fever? What black market? It’s so scary!”

As Zheng Xin brushed her hand away coldly, her cold eyes were without any warmth. “If you want to find out the culprit who caused a large number of drugs to enter the market this time, you have to find the black market first. It must have come from there!”

Shi Man tightened her grip on her chopsticks and asked tentatively, “Then how do we find it?”

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