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«Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent (Web Novel) - Chapter 610: Leaving the Metaverse (Part 1)

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Chapter 610: Leaving the Metaverse (Part 1)

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Translator: Yamir Moon


Now the development of the Metaverse league is proceeding in an orderly manner. Because there are sufficient resources and low levels of corruption, cultivation is quickly developing.

In particular, private forces and even civilian spaceships can also go out to search for resource planets and undiscovered lands. Even if they don’t intend to eat it secretly, they can report its location to the government and still receive a stable share.

This law has caused many private companies and even civilian spacecraft to set off on adventures in hope of finding resource planets, and becoming rich overnight.

It’s not rare for civilians to hire a few warriors and a few old spacecraft, then set off on a space journey in hopes of getting rich. The only problem is that doing this isn’t very safe.

​​  Fortunately, the league hadn’t slackened in the past few years. It has organized several space fleets and trained them by hunting star beasts, pollutants, and even space pirates formed by the surviving regiments of the two empires.

So, the safety factor of the main routes and even the edges isn’t low.

According to Luo Feng and Nebula, the current Metaverse league’s army is divided into fifteen legions. There’s a legion in each heaven of the nine heavens, one in the territory of the Gama Empire and two in the territory of the Izumo Empire.

The remaining three are in the center of the league. They are the main army of the league and are composed mostly of high-quality geniuses.

In terms of resources splitting, these three legions are given priority, and the outstanding talents of the major training camps often enter these three legions for internships. After graduating from training, many of them directly become officers there.

The three legions are simply named the first legion, the second legion, and the third legion.

In addition to these fifteen legions, each civilized planet has a corresponding army. There are between 2 to 9 civilized planets in a star system and 100 to 500 civilized planets in a Starfield. Each Starfield has a great leader and these leaders possess a great fleet.

​​  There are countless Starfields and leaders in the Metaverse and they fall under a unified military system.

The scale of the Metaverse league’s military fleet is very large. In fact, without counting the high-level combat power, in terms of troop number alone, the Metaverse’s army has even surpassed some bigger empires.

If there are not enough management and control capabilities, controlling such a large army would be extremely difficult. After all, according to Fang Yun’s original vision, the league parliament must have rough control over every planet.

There must be a high-official on each planet, a king-like existence that is under the management of the league. However, this high-ranking official isn’t a leader of life, but under a democratic system that allows the local people to vote for a new leader every few years.

In addition, the higher-ups of the league decided to set an observation system in each region, sending occasional inspectors to check for corruption, poor management, and the standard of life on each planet.

Concerning these military forces, Fang Yun felt that the only significant ones were the first, second, and third legions. There are many domain masters in these legions.

For example, the first legion has 12 domain masters and the highest number of cosmic-level cultivators, making it the legion with the most high-level combat power.

Over the years, the Metaverse league has also figured out the name and power of the empires near them. The closest empire to them is the yellow star empire.

In fact, although they are the ‘nearest’, they are far away, with a large dead zone getting between them.

The distance between them is so large that even the newest starship of the Metaverse league needs to sail for 15 days, and this is taking the shortest route and under optimal conditions.

Although the league won’t suffer from any great danger in the foreseeable future, Fang Yun knew very well that Luo Feng would definitely not take it lightly. Luo Feng had already told him about his future strategies.

In the next few decades, they all need to cultivate and train their forces. From the current point of view, the alliance is indeed taking this route. Furthermore, there’s no sign that the league’s fighting spirit is decreasing due to the long-term peace.

There is no shortage of strong-spirited people in the league. For example, the thirty-six geniuses that have been sent out are currently fighting under perilous situations.

In addition, the outstanding young people in each academy are also very diligent, otherwise, they would not continue to hunt star beasts and pollutants in desolate areas.

According to what Fang Yun has learned, many star beasts have died under the hands of the students from academies all over the Metaverse.

Following this event, Fang Yun headed to urge Luo Feng to build the remaining training camps. Ten training camps, and now six have been opened.

The remaining four training camps, under Fang Yun’s supervision, are under full-speed construction. It’s conceivable that the golden cultivation age of the Metaverse will reach its peak once training camps are built.

Countless talents and powerhouses emerged every year just from 6 training camps.

The metaverse isn’t facing any threat and is on the right track. Fang Yun had already reached the mid-sage level and the resources of the league were starting to get strained with his constant devouring.

To be honest, it seems that there isn’t much meaning in staying in the Metaverse anymore. Fang Yun stated his intention to travel to Nebula.

After sending out the young geniuses to the Grey mist, Fang Yun got a general idea about the situation of the area around, so he doesn’t have to worry about losing his direction in space and entering a completely unfamiliar area.

After hearing Fang Yun’s plan, Nebula and Luo Feng undoubtedly tried to stop him. Both of them were reluctant for Fang Yun to leave. After all, with the protection of the Great God, Fang Yun, the Metaverse is very safe. They don’t even have to worry much about the invasion of a super empire.

Unfortunately, Fang Yun didn’t budge. After making a decision, he won’t easily change his mind just because of some words of persuasion.

Nebula and Luo Feng helplessly nodded. They are also very clear. They definitely can’t stay under Fang Yun’s wings all the time. One day, they need to face this vast world alone.

“Unexpectedly, this day came so soon.”

Nebula looked at Fang Yun’s back and muttered. He had imagined Fang Yun’s departure very early. He originally thought that he had been psychologically prepared, but when the day finally arrived, worry, nervousness and a sense of lack of security emerged in his heart.

Even Luo Feng was a bit distraught, but the two finally converged their emotions.

They could only pray for the safety of Fang Yun.

After Fang Yun left the Metaverse league, he headed towards the west, because there’s a small empire called the ‘purple blossom empire’ there.

​​Fang Yun plans to stay near this purple blossom empire for a period of time. After he collects enough information, he will head towards other places.

“There’s a lack of spaceships and military forces on the edge of this empire.”

Fang Yun was a little surprised because he thought the technological power of the outer universe is stronger than the Metaverse.

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