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«Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent (Web Novel) - Chapter 609: Infiltration Plan (Part 2)

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Chapter 609: Infiltration Plan (Part 2)

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Translator: Yamir Moon

At the beginning, both Nebula and Luo Feng came to ask Fang Yun if they should stop this, but Fang Yun shook his head.

Fang Yun is actually quite happy to see such a situation. The official training camps do have some competition with each other, but this competition is moderate at most.

However, if the private academies join the competition, the official training camps that want to guard their supreme status will suffer from great pressure.

Such a fierce competition will undoubtedly urge the students to get ahead. Overall, whether they are the official camps or private academies students, they will become much stronger and tougher under competition.

After some time, Luo Feng and Nebula selected the first batch of candidates, 36 people.

These 36 people might not be the absolute top amongst their class, but they are the most suitable for this mission.

Because according to the guess of Nebula and Luo Feng, joining the Gray Mist organization requires not only talent but also various other characteristics.

There are countless domain masters across thousands of cosmic empires, but few can join the grey mist organization in the end.

Fang Yun also checked these 36 people and felt that there was no problem with Nebula and Luo Feng’s choice. Just like this, these 36 people set on a lengthy journey, wandering far away from their homeland and looking for a while to join the grey mist.

About the location of the Gray Mist Organization, their headquarters is very far away. It’s almost impossible for a domain master to reach it in a short period, but fortunately, there’s a nearby branch.

Fang Yun plans to get them to enter from the branch first, then rise in the ranks step by step, finally stepping into the headquarters.

Of course, this task is extremely hard, almost impossible. According to what Fang Yun has learned, to become a member of the headquarters, an immortal-level cultivation base is required.

If even one among these 36 people could reach such a level, it would be enough to celebrate.

After these 36 people set off, Luo Feng finally shifted his full attention to the parliament and league, focusing on developing it.

Now they have just conquered the Gama and Izumo Empire. They now need to digest their territory. If they don’t do this, then chaos will certainly spread across all corners of these two empires, causing countless life and material losses.

More importantly, even in the center areas controlled by the league, the former citizens of the Gama and Izumo empire might not be able to integrate into the Metaverse league because of improper management.

Luo Feng is now working hard to digest the gained territory. As for Nebula, he is now completely retired. Together with the members of the veteran senate, he is staying in his own residence and quietly cultivating, trying to reach a higher level.

“Hah… It seems that I must put the selection of a successor on the agenda.”

In the office, Luo Feng looked at the pile of documents that needed to be processed in front of him and couldn’t help shaking his head. In fact.   After Nebula passed his power and status to him, he hoped that Luo Feng would stay in this position for at least a hundred years.

But Luo Feng obviously has no such patience.

“Master Nebula is too much. He left me such a big mess and ran away, hah…”

Luo Feng complained, then continued to process the pile of official documents in front of him.

Fang Yun rarely pays attention to the development of the Metaverse league. He isn’t very good at dealing with such things. Apart from the major decisions that need his opinion, he left everything else to the others, focusing solely on his growth.

As he focused on the dull action of repeatedly devouring objects, his sense of time was blurred.

One year has passed, two years have passed, five years have passed… a full ten years have passed.

Fang Yun finally broke out from the dull repetition of eating and evolving. During the past period, Fang Yun suppressed his consciousness, repeating the same actions like a machine, but occasionally, even a machine must rest, let alone a living, intelligent creature.

On this day, Fang Yun woke up from that blurry state. His power has grown from the early sage level to the mid sage level. His size has also tripled, becoming an even more terrifying behemoth.

“Huh, this feeling of getting stronger is so comfortable.”

Fang Yun felt the explosive energy in his body that is countless times more terrifying than stars and smiled with excitement. However, after a while, his excitement calmed down, and immediately thought of the Metaverse league and the group of young people they sent to the grey mist.

“I wonder what happened to that group of people.”

Fang Yun wondered internally. He left the practice room and set off to check the situation of these younglings.

Soon, Fang Yun reached his network/communication room and checked the top-secret files concerning the grey mist organization using his authority. After a while, Fang Yun learned about the situation of these young people.

“I didn’t expect that in such a short period, 6 out of the original 36 have died.”

Fang Yun was a little surprised. This mortality rate is still relatively high. As far as the Metaverse league is concerned, these domain master-level geniuses belong to the top of their class, not to mention their versatility and war experience.

As a result, they died on the way before even reaching the Grey Mist. It’s unknown what kind of dangerous encounter they had, causing such a high mortality rate.

Fortunately, most of these people aren’t so unlucky. For example, the remaining group of people has sent back a lot of basic and intermediate cultivation techniques to the league.

In addition to that, they have sent a lot of outside information back.

Nebula and Luo Feng were extremely shocked by the strength and vastness of the outer universe. Fortunately, these outsiders don’t care about them at all.

At the same time, they learned that the outer universe is divided into countless areas. They are currently in area 33 and crossing from an area to another is very difficult.

“The Gray Mist Organization implements a membership system. To rise in the ranks, a member’s information and great contribution to the Grey Mist organization are necessary. In addition, the status of the member is taken into account.”

Fang Yun recalled what he had learned and wondered about the situation of these elites. Fortunately, they had some progress

“From the initial 36 people, a total of six people have died, and a total of seven people have successfully advanced a small level in terms of cultivation.”

Fang Yun is quite satisfied with their progress. It’s quite good to have such progress in 10 years. Not everyone is a genius like Luo Feng.

Usually, after reaching the domain master level, every small step forward requires dozens of years of hard work. That’s without mentioning the limitation of talent.

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