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«Supreme Harem God System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1358 It was a stare off between two women who had a few screws loose in their heads.

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Chapter 1358 It was a stare off between two women who had a few screws loose in their heads.

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A Progenitor never picked a losing battle.

This time, Nux might be in trouble.

A grave look appeared on Vyriana's face, but suddenly, she noticed Nux and Lane walking toward her, and, "Thyra formed her Path."

Nux informed.

"The Cat?" Vyriana raised her eyebrow. Nux nodded and Vyriana nodded back. She could imagine Thyra forming her Path.

She was a hardworking girl. Not to mention she was bright and although she remained silent most of the time, she knew how to access the situation and blend in.

Honestly, Vyriana believed that the cat would form her law before Evane, Lane, and Allura, so in Vyriana's mind, the Cat girl was late.

Not that it really mattered. In truth, it was Evane, Lane, and Allura who were out of the expectations, forming their Laws within months without much external help. The expected time Vyriana had in her mind was a few decades, these women, however, were forming their laws left and right as if it was nothing.

Vyriana really wondered just where in the hell did this man found such a monstrous group. At first, she believed that it was because of Nux's ability to cultivate together with his women that these women had reached this level, however, that misunderstanding of hers disappeared after she trained these women together with Nux.

All these women were monsters in their own regard.

Even removing Nux from the equation, these women would be the ones who will be highly sought by the Ancestral Order and once they do join it, it wouldn't take long for them to become one of the higher-ups in the Order, even participating in the Wars and commanding thousands under them.

Most of the time, these women are overshadowed by Nux, Astaria, or Amaya, however, Vyriana indeed saw the potential in them, a potential that has not yet been explored, and this time, Vyriana believed that these women would finally show her what they were made of.


Vyriana, who was lost in her thoughts, suddenly noticed Nux looking at her with an expectant smile on his face, as if waiting for something. A frown appeared on her face as she questioned, making Nux frown as well.

Faustina, on the other hand, quickly understood what her son wanted and couldn't help but chuckle, "Look at you, getting all excited about meeting your wives. It has only been 100 years, boy. How are you so restless when you have barely spent a few naptimes away from them?"



Both Vyriana and Nux had no words as they glanced at Faustina. They really wanted this woman to stop seeing everything from that skewed perspective of hers.

"You can leave.

Talking to the Cat girl would be quite beneficial for you as well."

Vyriana spoke as she threw an artifact towards Nux.

This was the artifact to travel between the dimensions that Faustina had given to them and obviously, the Dragon woman had taken away Nux's artifact so he could focus on training and not think about leaving this place all the time.

The instant Nux got the artifact, his smile widened. Faustina threw another artifact toward Lane, not wanting the girl to consume poison again.

Nux nodded at his mother as he disappeared, Lane followed, then, Vyriana and Faustina decided to leave as well.

On the other side, the moment Nux appeared, he was instantly surrounded by a bunch of women. The one in his arms, however, was a certain black-haired woman with adorable cat ears on her head.

Seeing how her tail was wiggling nonstop as Nux caressed her body, other women glanced at the woman with hatred, this time however, they knew it was the cat girl's moment so they didn't interrupt her.

They still had the decency to hold back when it was required.

A doubtful statement, in this case, however, it seemed to be holding true.

"I missed you~" Thyra spoke, her head already buried into Nux's chest.

After all, it had been an entire year since she had seen her.

"I missed you as well, my Cat~" Nux spoke, the weight in his voice was much heavier than normal.

Hearing that voice, all his women flinched.

In an instant, they realized that what for them, was only 1 year, for Nux, it was 100 whole years. Thinking about it, Thyra instantly tightened her hug around Nux.

Amaya glanced at her husband and carefully observed his dark eyes, the deep expression he was trying to hide but failed spectacularly.

She glared at Faustina and narrowed her eyes. The Human Progenitor shrugged as she pointed at Vyriana, "Don't blame me, child. She is the one who told me not to give you all the artifacts so that Nux can focus on his training."

Amaya and the other women turned towards Vyriana, the pressure from their stares was so high that any normal being would have caved in in an instant, Vyriana, however, was far from 'normal'.

"Don't look at me with those eyes, terms were clear from the start, focus on your training, become a Divine, and take the Artifact."

She shrugged.

"Half of you who haven't even formed their Law yet have no right to glare at me,

And don't say the task given to you is unreasonable, some of your own sisters have already formed their Law."

The Dragon then turned towards her disciple and,

"Some of you lot is already on the verge of breaking through as well. So the task is definitely not impossible, you people are just incompetent.

Blame your own incompetence."

Vyriana snorted and in an instant, the women's glare broke down.

Amaya, however, was different, she simply continued to stare at the Dragon fearlessly. The Dragon stared back.

It was a stare-off between two women who had a few screws loose in their heads.

Then suddenly, Black Mist surrounded the area.

The rest of the women widened their eyes in horror, turning towards Amaya, not believing what she was trying to do. Vyriana narrowed her eyes as well.

Amaya, on the other hand, continued to stare at Vyriana with an expressionless look on her face.

Then, 1 minute later, everyone noticed the Mist spreading around Thyra and Nux. Nux frowned as he glanced at Amaya, Amaya looked into his eyes and, "You have a month.

That is the limit of my current power."

And then, Nux and Thyra were trapped in a dimension where the concept of time didn't exist.

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