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«Super God of War (Web Novel) - Chapter 576: Because She’s Pretty

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Chapter 576: Because She’s Pretty

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“Hey, long time no see.”

It was Qiu Yuan.

She was no longer the naughty girl she used to be. She now looked more matured and composed. A dark light, which was linked to the mist, was glowing on her hand. She was carrying a black-crystal long spear on her back. It was no surprise if others mistook her for a female Warrior or Knight. It was uncommon to see a Priest with a spear.

“Qiu Yuan… Long time no see.” Lin Jie did not expect to meet Qiu Yuan here. Ever since she had left Savage Blade, she had blocked all communication and trained alone. Lin Jie could not even help her.

Qiu Yuan was an additional damage-type of Dark Priest that mainly focused on her own Dark Damage with weapon bonus. It was not very easy and required a lot of equipment and skills.

Although Lin Jie had amazing equipment, his path was still normal.

“I see that you have a hard time now. Here, let me introduce you to my friend.” Qiu Yuan did not worry about the danger around them and waved. Another shadow appeared. He was a Mage in a long black robe. He was the Space Mage Zi Mo that he had met in Best Of The Best.

“Little boy, this is Leader Lone Wolf. The guy who beat you last time.”

Zi Mo’s face twitched. “Please forget that. Leader Lone Wolf, nice to meet you…” He scanned around and asked, “Where is Netherblue? Bu Yi? Charming Smile? Breeze Wind?”

“Behave yourself!” whispered Qiu Yuan.

“Okay, sure.” Zi Mo nodded.

Lin Jie stared at her and asked, “How d you know this guy? What if he is a spy?”

Qiu Yuan waved her hand and dismissed the question. “Relax, we’ll catch up later. Let’s settle the siege for now! We came from the forest over there, and there were about 100,000 enemies there. There was a barrier blocking them right now. It’s most likely that the system does not want anyone to attack them yet. Some of them are very powerful.”

“For example?”

“Like Skeleton Kodos, Liches and… a wave of Bone Dragons” replied Zi Mo.

“Who’s leading them?” asked Lin Jie. He was more concerned about another Player Boss.

“There were three of them. Like Hungry Tiger,” said Qiu Yuan.

Lin Jie was silenced. Eighteen Massacres was really determined to get the City of Light this time. He used all the tricks he had.

“We’ll talk later.” Qiu Yuan took out her long spear and struck the empty air. There was a scream followed by a -697 on the screen.

—Battle prompt message: Player Qiu Yuan dealt 697 points of damage to Void Summoner•Cunning Fox. (Normal Attack: 85, Fire-type damage: 102, Ice-type damage: 95, Lightning-type damage: 85, Dark-type damage: 200, Light-type damage: 130)

Lin Jie was shocked. Cunning Fox had been invisible the whole time!

“Guess I’ve been away for too long. Don’t you know there is a Dark Priest in Savage Blade? Yet you try to use invisibility?” Qiu Yuan held her right hand up, and a dark book was forged.

Book of the Undead Age!

It was a huge book but with only one page inside. There were wordings in ancient language on how old and powerful this book was. Lin Jie had never seen this book before in his previous life, and Qiu Yuan did not own it before either. What was it?

“I control the darkness, and the light will obey me! Light-Darkness Shift!” Qiu Yuan cast a spell, and a wave of energy came out from the spellbook and surrounded Lin Jie, Qiu Yuan, and Cunning Fox!

[Light-Darkness Shift]: You cause the Dark and Light attributes to swap within 5 yards.

Lin Jie suddenly lost his vision, all he could see was darkness, and he was in a void now! That was the effect of this Light-Darkness Shift. The Stealth Mode target would be exposed, and the exposed target would gain Stealth. Cunning Fox was exposed in an instant.

As a Marionest, other than fighting skills, all he had was escape skills. Since he needed to be very careful with his control, he mainly focused on stealth skills to escape.

Cunning Fox was one of the best Marionests. All his skills were the best! His fighting method was to summon a group of clones, and those clones would then control another group of Liches while he remained unseen. Thus, he was very useful in a siege like this!

And now, his stealth skill was useless.

“Dragon Teeth! Fallen Flowers!” Qiu Yuan continued to attack while Cunning Fox was still in shock. Her spear hit his jaw, and he was thrown away by the attack. Qiu Yuan chased after him and smashed on his back, making him remain in mid-air. She used another few attacks from her spear, and Cunning Fox had no chance to fight back at all.

This was the skill Lin Jie used before—Floating Combo!

Unlike Lin Jie, who used brutal strength, Qiu Yuan’s combo was possible because of her skills. Her skills were all near-range ones, like Dragon Teeth and Fallen Flower. Dragon Teeth flicked the opponent into mid-air and dealt some damage. It was one of the Priest’s skills to use when the opponent was too near. The air time allowed the Priest to run or wait for backup. Fallen Flower could cause a knockback on the opponent.

Qiu Yuan used these skills into a combo, and Cunning Fox had no idea what happened to him.

“I have no more skills. Lone Wolf, go!” Qiu Yuan yelled. Her skills were too little compared to a melee-fighting class. After her combo, she quickly flicked Cunning Fox towards Lin Jie.

Lin Jie raised his Broken Blade and continued the combo. He used an Army Obliteration and threw Cunning Fox into mid-air again. Lin Jie continued the combo with only normal attacks. What Qiu Yuan did just now was not very perfect, and there were areas to improve on. He demonstrated once to her, hoping that she could learn something from it.

Cunning Fox was super angry! Even though he snuck into this land, at least, he was a Boss now! Now he was being played around like a balloon!

It was a pity that there was no Surrender or Suicide option in the game. Cunning Fox could not use his stealth move or his puppets in this situation. In the end, Cunning Fox was killed without a chance to fight back at all.

Dignity was totally absent in his death—his corpse was full of scars and holes.


—’You have killed Void Summoner•Cunning Fox. You received 1,600,000 EXP and a Skill Book [Night Strike].’

After Cunning Fox was dead, three mysterious runes were dropped. They were the items for the Nine Great Techniques! Lin Jie quickly picked up the items. There was nothing else to loot. It seemed like Eighteen Massacres had searched him before.

Lin Jie looked at the skill book.

[Night Strike] (Debuff skill) It can be used at night or mist. Increase Attack Speed by 30%, an additional 100 Dark-type damage lasting 30 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

“Yours.” Lin Jie threw the book to Qiu Yuan.

“True.” Qiu Yuan received the book without hesitation and used it.

Lin Jie asked, “What’s that Book of the Undead Age?” He glanced at Zi Mo and decided not to ask for now. “Nevermind, you can tell me later.”

Zi Mo rolled his eyes. It hurt when he was suspected.

“It’s okay. Little Zi Mo here helped me get this book,” said Qiu Yuan. Her spear penetrated a Lich and tried out her Floating Combo again. “Zi Mo and I joined a team to explore the Skyworm Valley. We found the book, had some arguments, we killed them, and I got the book.”

“Erm…” Lin Jie was rendered speechless. Even though she sounded extremely calm, it was not hard to imagine how intense the situation was. Qiu Yuan was not the type who would stab others in the back. Thus, they must have had started the fight first, and Qiu Yuan fought back! Zi Mo was a Space Mage, so they must have cooperated in order to win.

However, Lin Jie did not understand why Zi Mo had helped Qiu Yuan.

Zi Mo heard Lin Jie’s question and replied. “Because she’s pretty!”

“That’s it?” Lin Jie’s eyes wide opened.

“Then?” Zi Mo was a little upset. Why would he be suspected for liking someone who was pretty? Was it wrong of him?

Lin Jie was speechless. He looked at the Book of the Undead Age. It looked like the book Hardworking Pants had! What exactly was it!?

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