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«Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 669: Sudden Crisis

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Chapter 669: Sudden Crisis

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Angor wouldn’t care if he heard anyone else’s name. But Saka…

Why? What does Saka want? Did he talk to me at Ness’ place and give me undead resources just to remind me of his name?

“You didn’t tell anyone else that I’m looking for souls, did you?” Angor stared at the employee in front of him.

Embarrassed, the clerk looked away. “I-it’s just, people will help you find them quickly if they know about this, right? So…”

“I see.”

Angor didn’t say anything further to blame her. This was a simple exchange of information. He just asked the employee about Saka, which was a similar thing.

“Mister Padt, did I mess up?” The woman grew a little worried.

“No. Don’t worry about it.” He handed in some crystals as payment. “I’m buying them both.”

While leaving, he kept wondering what Saka’s intention possibly was. Was that man trying to be nice? And those words earlier meant to show the white flag?

No… at least Angor didn’t think Saka was admitting defeat back there.

Saka always behaved in a strange way. It was also this man who told Angor about Hookdick’s new look, which helped Angor detect Hookdick among the “clowns” and finish the kill. Saka did not gain anything out of Hookdick’s death.

Angor simply gave up on figuring out what Saka wanted to do. For now, he’d consider the actions as tokens of an alliance. As for how long they would remain friendly… it would depend on when Saka changed his mind by doing stupid things again.

When Angor arrived at Phantom Island, he was called to a stop by Goode before he could find Sunders.

“Mister Padt, Mister Rein is currently inside Master’s study. I suggest you do not go there for now.”

“‘Silencer’ Mister Rein Mute?”

Goode nodded to confirm.

“I see, thanks.”

He considered and decided to wait in the guest hall. Surely Rein wasn’t going to chat with Sunders for an entire day and night, right?

The guest hall was close enough to Sunders’ study for Angor to feel the aura of “silence”. There were no spells or wards used nearby, yet he could not make any sound no matter how he tried.

With nothing to do, he slumped down on a sofa and closed his eyes to take a nap, hoping that the deathly quietness would go away soon.

It didn’t take long for him to feel something changing.

However, it wasn’t caused by Rein’s departure. Instead, another overwhelming power showed up from somewhere and covered up the entire mansion.

Angor found the experience to be similar to when he witnessed the construction of Sunders’ Gravity Garden. At that time, the world’s consciousness exerted inexorable might upon everyone even if it only showed a very brief appearance.

He decided to go to the balcony.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the sky had almost completely darkened because an enormous thundercloud was above, which was releasing swirling lightning bolts.

Phantom Island wasn’t the only place affected by the dark cloud. It even reached all the way to the Tree of Eternity, which was several dozens of kilometers away.

Angor looked at the forest on Phantom Island with a confused look.

Each time he heard roaring thunder, another deadly lightning strike would reach the trees, or sometimes, an unlucky phantom beast among the trees. He even saw a Phantom Servant getting hit just now.

The strikes weren’t very fast in the views of supernatural beings, yet no one—be it man or beast—could avoid them. With the thundercloud above their heads, they were like terrified preys facing against the inevitable, which deprived all strength from their legs.

Jon used to tell him that nature was the strongest force that no one could fight against. The current sight might not be what Jon was referring to, but it wasn’t much different either—this was undoubtedly absolute power brought by the world’s consciousness, and nothing could stand in its path.

Angor couldn’t understand why such force was aimed right at Phantom Island, which was clear to tell because the center of the thundercloud was right above him.

Was Sunders building a new Sorcerer’s Garden? Or did something on Phantom Island provoked the world’s consciousness?

He quickly thought about Rein Mute, who was also a powerful wizard likely to do such a thing.

Did Mister Rein reach legendary?

Just like Angor, the others in Brute Cavern were all panicking around.

In fact, the mirror world of Brute Cavern had not witnessed such a disaster in a long time. This was way more serious and hostile compared to the tragedy caused by Sunders’ Gravity Garden.

People were made more scared when they saw a powerful wizard in the organization, “Rosa” Neon Yethaway, getting knocked away from Phantom Island by a lightning bolt when she tried to check what was going on. If not for the timely help provided by Tree Spirit, Neon would have been badly wounded.

The other apprentices feared what would become of them when they saw Yethaway injured so easily.

Inside Tree Spirit Palace, Yethaway almost recovered under Tree Spirit’s treatment. She glanced at the half-naked soul she always hated and chose to express her gratitude anyway.

Tree Spirit grinned. “What, feeling bad after getting helped by an old pervert?”

Yethaway glared at him. As a Wood Elementalist, she always wondered why the great soul born inside the Tree of Eternity turned out to be a shameless man who loved streaking in public. However, she had to display her manners since Tree Spirit just saved her life.

“It’s not that. I truly appreciate your help, Mister Tree Spirit.”

Then she walked onto a giant leaf outside and looked above her. “Whatever is this?”

Tree Spirit also left the palace and rested his hands behind his head. “Hey, I know that. Come on, ask me!”

Yethaway turned around and was immediately disgusted by Tree Spirit’s overgrown underarm hair.

“If you may be so kind, Mister Tree Spirit.”

Tree Spirit smiled as he successfully annoyed his target, just as he planned.

“This is quite easy. Something pissed off the world’s consciousness.”

“But what is it? A Sorcerer’s Garden?”

“Who knows? I can’t see through all the energy lurking around Phantom Island, but there won’t be too much damage done… Mister Rein is currently visiting Sunders, after all.”

“Mister Rein is at Phantom Island right now?” someone at Rockwell Venue yelled in great surprise.

Rockwell Venue was another floating island beside the Tree of Eternity, which was full of black thorns and bright-red roses. The wizard tower at the center, also covered by thorny vines, was the personal residence of “Blood Witch” Flora.

“Yeah. Before visiting you, I saw Mister Rein entering Phantom Island. I used my far-sight spell to see him going for Sunders’ study, and that’s when Sunders found out I was peeking and almost destroyed my eyes using his illusions.” The second speaker was wearing a long, rose-colored skirt and was enjoying some sweet tea prepared on a stone desk beside a stone bed.

Flora was sitting on the other side of the bed, hugging her knees, while gazing at the sky outside her tower.

“Mister Rein wants something from my professor? And what is this power?” she muttered.

“Dunno. Mister Rein caused it, probably. Maybe he finally reached that level?” the woman in the rose dress replied.

“From the records I read before, the omen brought by reaching legendary is way more disastrous than this,” a young man spoke near a desk while writing something down. “If Mister Rein truly succeeded, he should know to do it outside the mirror world. The challenges given by the world’s consciousness would easily destroy the entire Brute Cavern and no one can stop it.

“I believe Mister Rein very much wishes that Brute Cavern remains well and whole, thus my theory.” The young man finished his paper, took it to Flora, and bowed. “I’ve completed my work, professor.”

Flora glanced at the man without taking the paper. “Remember your place, Spivet. I accepted you as my student just because my professor asked me to.”

“Little Imp” Gragg, or Spivet, chuckled.

Flora waved him off. “Now go. Don’t be an eyesore.”

The woman in rose dress suddenly called to him, “Wait up.”

“What is it, Leona?” Flora frowned.

Leona showed a casual smile. “Interesting student you have there, Flora. He knows more than he should. But he’s only a level-1 apprentice… or is he?”

Flora did not explain Spivet’s condition even though Leona was her “bestie”. It would be better for such secrets to remain secrets.

Leona spoke to Spivet without minding Flora’s unresponsiveness, “So you can tell this is not caused by someone reaching legendary level. Nice! Can you tell us some more, like, what is the root of that dark cloud that covered up half of Brute Cavern’s sky?”

Spivet shrugged.

“I think Angor might be the reason.”

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