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«Super Dimensional Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 668: Saka’s Demeanor

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Chapter 668: Saka’s Demeanor

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There was another drawback to this spell.

A wizard needed three steps to cast a spell: extracting enough mana from mana pool, using the mana to construct a spell model, and unleashing the spell.

The first two steps were performed inside mindspace, while the last step required someone to make the spell happen by using their body as a medium so that the spell could enter the reality.

However, using someone’s soul to channel a spell equaled temporarily making their soul into a magic conductor, which would be prone to hazardous energy in the environment.

Even with these problems, Soul Manipulators still regarded Soul Link as an important spell because it had an extra, irreplaceable merit that allowed wizards to transfer the essence of their presence into their souls before their bodies were killed.

For this reason, many wizards were willing to study Soul Link as an “addendum” to their skills even if it would take them lots of time to learn something out of their expertise.

When someone lost their body, retaining the “essence” could prevent their soul from becoming a hostless wanderer. After finding a new body, they could always slowly attune the connection between their soul and the body until it was as good as the original.

To put it simply, Soul Link gave wizards a chance to return to their top conditions after their bodies were killed. This was also why Soul Manipulators tended to live longer lives compared to other wizards.

Angor finally realized why Hookdick managed to keep his consciousness after being possessed by a parasite.

According to Ness, Soul Link was only a “common” spell since every Soul Manipulator would go for it. But still, it was a spell, not a cantrip, which meant it was only available to wizards, except for extremely gifted apprentices like Hookdick.

“That’s all I have to say.” Ness gave Sunders a curious look. “What’s this all about, pal? So you actually have some business other than bragging about your boy? Come on, tell me.”

Sunders stood up and slowly put on his gloves.

“You go first and wait for me outside the tower, Angor. I need to tell Ness something.”

Ness took a better position on his sofa and waited for Sunders’ answer with a grin, whereas Angor obediently left the room while wondering what his professor was up to.

“Please wait a moment right here, mister.” A maid took Angor to the entrance of the tower and closed the door.

Angor spent some time thinking about the spell he had just heard. Combining the results revealed by Alchemist’s Eye and Sunders’ theories, the strange crystal was very likely a tool used for inheriting a soul-related skill. Could it be Soul Link?

Angor felt a little excited as such a spell would undeniably boost his strength to a new level. He could now fight some of the strongest apprentices in his soul form by using the sequence of gravity. And if he would focus on running, he might even move faster than some wizards.

He could not cast cantrips when in soul form. He got a feeling that he could compete with wizards just fine if he mastered Soul Link.

But this would have to wait until he could use that crystal.

Thud, thud…

He suddenly heard footsteps coming from the tower, and they did not sound like Sunders’.

The door was pushed open, and from the shades inside the unlit ground floor, Angor saw a pair of chamois leather boots emerging, while another pair of bare feet floated alongside.

“It’s been some time, my friend. Your name is getting brighter by the day,” the man in leather boots spoke as he fully showed up from the door. “You’re a lot stronger than me now, I must say.”

Angor replied with a deadpan face, “Mister ‘Starsoul’ Saka. What happened to you? You do not look as… cheerful, as before.”

Saka grinned. “When talking to a mightier one, of course I need to behave so that I don’t get killed too easily, no?”

Angor sneered but didn’t say anything. He did hate Saka, but not to the extent as to attack Saka right at Ness’ door.

“I was hoping for a merrier reunion after we departed last time, but it turned out to be more… depressing than I expected.” Saka moved into the open area of the valley. “It’s fine though. Seeing your growth, I’m more determined to work harder.”

“That’s all you have to say?”

“Are you expecting something else?”

Saka didn’t turn back. He kept walking until his form vanished into the blurry distance.

“Damn. A man of nonsense,” Angor complained, but he would admit that Saka was a lot better than Hookdick when it came to annoying people.

“Nonsense? What nonsense?” Sunders was somehow standing right next to him.

“Ah no, I just saw Saka, who mentioned something weird to me.”

“I see.” Sunders nodded casually and took Angor toward the exit of the valley. “Compared to Hookdick, Ness valued Saka more. Also, Maya once claimed that Saka’s potential is exceptional, which meant he’s very likely to become a wizard in the future. You two used to fight a lot, no?”

“We have some problems between us, yes, but we won’t start a war yet.” Angor frowned. “He wants my soul.”

“Your soul?” Sunders was a little surprised to hear it.

Previously, he made plans to retrieve Angor’s soul, should the boy suddenly die for some reason. However, he abolished the plan after learning about the strange mark on Angor’s soul.

Angor was more “useful” when alive.

“That man got a keen eye,” Sunders snickered.

Annoyed, Angor took out his Gondola and hopped on, and Sunders joined him.

“Is the crystal ‘Soul Link’, professor?” Angor asked this question when the Gondola sailed in the sky.

“Yes, if it doesn’t contain any other surprises.” Sunders nodded. “As you heard, it’s a must-have spell for Soul Manipulators, and a helpful tool for other wizards because it helps you live longer. You should know that I once spent 30 years on it. If the crystal does help you gain the spell… it would save you lots of time.”

Of course, this was the optimal result. There was the possibility that the crystal only held the knowledge, while Angor still needed to study step by step. While such knowledge was valuable in this world, it wasn’t difficult for wizards to find it.

“When we’re back, you should try using the crystal inside Gravity Garden and see what it can do,” said Sunders.

As the Gondola approached the Tree of Eternity, Angor saw his transmitter receiving a new message and showed a strange look.

“What is it?” Sunders asked unintentionally.

“I went to the resource center to look for undead just now but they’re out of stock. They told me that they got some new ones.”

“Undead? You want to test your weapon?”

“Yes. Before returning to the Old Earth, I want to fully figure out the properties of Prelude to Rebirth.”

“Maybe someone happened to hand in undead souls just now. Or… someone wants to talk to you and receives your help.”

It was a reasonable theory since Angor was well-known as an alchemist now. Either way, he had to go see for himself.

Angor headed to the resource center on his own, and the same receptionist welcomed him.

“You’re in luck, Mister Padt! Someone provided freshly-captured undead to us just after you left.”

Angor checked a screen, which showed the resource repositories, and saw the item “undead” had “two units” instead of zero.

“How much for these?”

“A hundred crystals for a unit. You can have all two if you wish.”

“Is the price always the same?”

“Yes. We usually buy them from others at 50 and sell them at 100.” The employee didn’t hide their pricing policy.

Since the price didn’t change, Angor wondered if it was just pure luck and not because someone wanted to request his service.

“Can you tell me who provided the resource?” Angor decided to ask another question.

The clerk looked a bit surprised but still answered him, “It was Mister Saka who gave us two undead souls.”

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