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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1335 Help Onoda Kun

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Chapter 1335 Help Onoda Kun

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Upon changing into my PE uniform, I went to the Gymnasium alongside my girls and Hana.

Yeah. None of them passed up the chance to watch me change. Perhaps finding the situation a rare chance to see me change in front of their eyes, my girls surrounded me just to watch intently and get a feel of my body. Fortunately, none of them went further than that, or we would surely be late for our PE Class.

Not that I wouldn’t welcome it if they tried.

Anyway, because Eguchi-sensei let me pass on the information about the upcoming activity today, the Gymnasium was already filled with the students from our class and Class 4 when we arrived.

They’re all excited about it. I mean, the news I disseminated contained some remarks like ‘a bonus point for the winning team’ and ‘another chance to sit out the next PE class for the whole class’.

I didn’t decide. It’s truly included in Eguchi-sensei’s instructions to me. She probably wanted to be this excited so that they would properly enjoy her activity.

As always, being her Student Assistant, I soon separated from my girls. But this time, someone followed me.

The only one who’s still in her uniform; Hana.

Apparently, her uniform has yet to arrive. Due to that, she can only sit this activity out. And without anything else to do… the girl chose to follow me.

Chii and the others tried to prevent her, however, the girl was quick enough to dodge them resulting in everyone’s attention once again landing on us.

“Heh. Ruki, I can sense a hostile gaze from the other class. Are they Fujii-san’s friends?”

The girl flippantly asked as she closed the distance between us.

Well, I didn’t need to glance back to check, Nazuki and the other two with her were truly staring daggers at her back.

I did talk to Rae’s friend earlier, owning up to the rumor that she heard. However, seeing Hana still doggedly following me, it’s only natural for them to misunderstand again.

“Who else will it be? But Hana, do you really want to be hated by them?”

“Of course not. But I also don’t care about them. I have a reason to follow you, aren’t I?”

Hana coolly replied. I could imagine the girl simply showing her angelic smile to them. Or maybe to everyone watching us walk away from the crowd.

Since Eguchi-sensei was preparing a distance away from where the two classes gathered, conversing like this became possible.

“Yes, you have… Then can you walk in front of me?”

“Don’t wanna… Why will I pass the chance to admire you from behind? That’s unthinkable.”

“Girl… Is what happened earlier not enough for you to change your ways?”

I left her there earlier to try and see if they could change her mind… Looks like it’s not that effective. Or she’s just too adamant to accept the reality?

“That is that, this is this. Ruki, if you were in my shoes, will you stop just because other people were obstructing you?”

“They’re not obstructing you. They’re defending their place beside me.”

I know. Our perspectives are just different from each other. They’re an obstruction in her eyes while the girls are only doing what they can do.

In the first place, I’m practically making it hard for my girls when I openly stated that I want Hana back. That’s why whatever they may choose to do, I won’t object to it.

“Doesn’t matter. I can accept their words, motivations, and reasons but that doesn’t mean I will change my approach, Ruki. I love you just as much as them.”

“Love, huh? You didn’t feel that way about me back then.”

Right… While I was already clear about my feelings for this girl, I couldn’t be sure about what was truly the driving force for her. Obsession? Because I’m irreplaceable? From what I could recall, this was the first time she uttered that word.

“Is that so? Weren’t you the same? Love was a foreign concept for you. All you had was your desire. Rindou-san’s words earlier resonated with me… what I’m feeling for you is also the same love you’re feeling for me. Or so, I want to confirm that.”

“Okay, that’s fair…”

That’s all I could reply to. Furthermore, I couldn’t help but pause in my steps to check her expression. And like I expected, while she’s staring at me filled with her affection, she’s still kinda lost about what she truly felt for me.

Most likely, part of the reason why she’s being stubborn in that decision was to confirm if she was really in love with me or not.

Well, she’s one of those girls that’s hard to read because of her ability to put on that mask and hide behind it.

“Heh, don’t worry. I’ll do something about those rumors and issues cropping up because of my actions. You wanted to protect your girls. I’ll help you do it.”

“Now, that’s new. I never thought you'd be able to say that.”

“I can do anything to get you to pick me.”

I guess it’s the same thing as yesterday. Despite her actions that put my reputation in jeopardy, she cleaned up the mess by owning up to it.

I had no idea what she planned to do for it. However, I had this nagging feeling that I should watch over her in case something unexpected occurred.

“Yep. That’s impossible.”

“Ah… How cruel. Regrettably, that heartless response won’t faze me.” Hana declared as she increased her pace to catch up to my side.

At this point, we finally arrived at Eguchi-sensei’s location. A perfect timing to end that conversation on that note. Actually, in just two days, I’m now getting used to the girl’s antics… While I wanted to see more of it, my heartless remarks would continue to stab into her.

“Great, you’re here Onoda-kun, I’ll have you supervise the team formations… Oh! You… you’re the transfer student, correct?”

Because her back was turned to us, Eguchi-sensei failed to notice Hana right away.

“Yes, sensei. I’m Shinohara Hana… I’m afraid I don’t have my gym clothes yet.”

“I see. So that’s why you followed Onoda-kun here. Let’s see…”

With Hana introducing herself as well as her current circumstances, Eguchi-sensei took a moment to think of what to do to her.

A while later, although her enthusiasm appeared to have waned a little, she generously suggested a task for the girl.

“Okay, Shinohara. I can have you sit this one activity out or you can help Onoda-kun with his task. I’ll leave it to you to decide.”

“Uhm… Thank you for your consideration, sensei. I choose to help Onoda-kun!” With her eyes glittering brightly, Hana answered right away. She even looked at me and made a cutesy expression as though she was trying to tease me.

Eguchi-sensei failed to see that. She already turned her focus back to me, after all. But after hearing Hana’s answer, a bitter smile flashed on her lips…

There’s no need to guess. She thought that Hana would pick the first option since most students liked that. She only put that second option to give the illusion of a choice.

Unfortunately, since Hana picked the second choice, she had to follow through with it and act like the good teacher that she is.

“Un. Great choice. It’s only your second day, I’m sure you still need time to familiarize yourself. Onoda-kun, I’ll leave her to you.”

Eguchi-sensei languidly tapped my shoulder as she began explaining what we needed to do. On the other hand, Hana acted like she was listening attentively as stepped a little closer but in a way that it wouldn’t be conspicuous that she was trying to make a move on me.

Somehow, this PE Class might be chaotic again. Hopefully not.

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