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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1334 Checking Messages

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Chapter 1334 Checking Messages

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Eguchi-sensei’s answer naturally brought a smile to my face, enough for me to almost lose my reason, attempting to kiss her right at that moment.

Thankfully, I managed to hold out at the last second.

However, that didn’t change the fact that I pushed in dangerously close to her.

With only a distance of a few centimeters, our noses touched and our eyes locked into each other. Spending a few seconds in that state, the two of us somehow exchanged breaths; I inhaled what she exhaled and vice versa.

Well, her breath was tasty enough that an image of what she ate for lunch popped into my mind. And surely, she’s the same.

Due to that, the two of us laughed at each other, forgetting the situation that we were in. Or maybe, we were of the same mind in deciding not to pursue what could’ve happened if one of us traversed that little distance.

Following that, we spent the next few minutes in silence just cuddling each other. Eventually, Eguchi-sensei turned back around to once again wrap me in her embrace.

When the clock ticked to ten minutes before the end of the lunch break, the two of us separated and moved on to the task at hand; going over the activity she prepared for today to make sure that not only it would be fulfilling for everyone, but also no one would be unnecessarily exhausted.

“Onoda-kun, you’re still in your uniform, go on and change. I can carry this myself.” Eguchi-sensei said after we concluded that check.

“Alright, sensei. See you there.”

“Un… Also, remember, no one should know about what we… did.”

This woman, there’s no need for her to remind me again but she still did. Looking at her complexion, her ears were still a little red… That means… her mind was still stuck on what happened earlier.

And so, instead of answering in a serious tone, I thought up a playful answer, enough to get a lovely reaction from her. “I understand, sensei. It’ll be bad for me as well if you stopped spoiling me every time I earned your appreciation.”

“Onoda-kun… That’s not what I meant! Even if someone finds out, I… I will still do it for you. Only for you.”

Yep. That’s the reaction I was looking for.

But taking that answer into consideration… She's basically telling me that it doesn’t matter if someone knows.

What is it, really?

Well, I would probably apologize to her in the future. I mean, all of my girls have long been aware of how close I am to her ever since the start.

But then again, they’re only aware of how close, not of what was happening between us. So, in a sense, I was still basically keeping this promise to her.

“I’m happy to hear that, sensei,” I replied at the same time as I closed our distance and hugged her once more. This time, I somehow made it feel like I’m the one showing my appreciation to her.

Although a little surprised at first, she eventually accepted it wholeheartedly, prolonging that embrace for close to a minute.

When I stepped out of the door, I glanced back to see her dazedly staring at me while having a very affectionate expression.



On my way back to the empty clubroom where I left my PE uniform behind, I checked the messages I received.

As usual, it’s filled with my girls who replied to my earlier message before we started eating our lunch as well as photos of them, enjoying their lunch break.

I also read some juicy tidbits from the other school.

There was an update on the three fake bitches that tried to attack my Miyako.

Elizabeth and the others who planned to ambush them when those three approached Miyako was successful.

Before they could take the girl away, Elizabeth and the others already got them surrounded.

Furthermore, with a member of a newspaper club present, the rumors regarding the girl would probably soon go away.

I mean, if they tried to twist the truth by making Elizabeth and the others a villain, they’d probably antagonize a lot of people - for example, the ones who were more or less a fan of them.

Elizabeth alone was quite popular because of her goofiness. If the other girls’ admirers and fans got added then it would be close to half of their student body.

And with Mizuki, Otoha, Yae, and Akane also at the scene, even if they only watched on the side, no one would dare change the story of how the three bitches tried to bully and frame Miyako with unsightly rumors again.

That’s a lively lunch break, I presume. And sure enough, some of the girls sent me photos and recordings of the event.

Good for Miyako… But the retribution for those three hasn’t ended yet. I still have to do my part, right?

I’ll do something about that soon.

Moving from that, I also received a message from Juri. She updated me about the fate of that loathsome guy and the supervisor who more or less sold her to him last Sunday. She was expecting to be fired or rather, punished for ditching the guy but when she found out that nothing would happen to her and she’d be getting a bonus instead, she started suspecting that I had a hand on it. Hence it became another reason why she contacted me.

“Did I do something? Koizumi-san, do you think I can do that?”

Yep. That's how I replied. I answered her question with another question rather than picking from ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Well, I couldn’t tell her that it’s the power of the Patriarch of the Kaneko Family, right? Although she could take that as a joke, it’s better to just do it this way.

Furthermore, I quickly diverted the topic back to her, congratulating her for it. And perhaps sensing that she wouldn’t be able to get a straight answer from me, she soon gave up on trying.

However, her last message took me by surprise.

“Onoda-kun, let me take you out on a date. I’ll ask Satsuki-chan to let me borrow you for a day.”

After she sent that message, Juri stopped replying to me even when I asked her to clarify it.

Well, she probably became busy or she deliberately decided not to clarify it… if I had to guess, it’s her way to return the favor of acting as her boyfriend that night. And surely, she’d try to probe into me whether I had a hand in that incident.

Let her try then… But she first had to get Satsuki’s permission…

Thinking about it, we’re still going to meet this weekend for the scouting trip. Yep. There’s no escape from Juri’s interrogation.

Last but not the least, I also received a message from Auntie Yayoi. As it was her first message to me ever since we exchanged contacts at the police station, she’s very careful with her wording.

Nonetheless, the content of her message was simple, she was asking me if it was fine for her to prepare a lunchbox for me starting tomorrow. And along with that message, she sent a photo of their dinner table, filled with what one would normally see in a lunchbox.

Mhm… Auntie Yayoi had already begun practicing cooking for the eventual outcome that I would say yes.

Thinking about it, according to Mina, she’s making her own lunch to not trouble her mother when she’s busy managing her salon.

And with that detail, that meant Auntie Yayoi was going out of her way to prepare a lunchbox for me…

Really, who won’t fall in love with that kind of woman?

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