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«Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 500 – “What happened? Sales had been affected? Do we need to have them removed right away?” (4)

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Chapter 500 - “What happened? Sales had been affected? Do we need to have them removed right away?” (4)

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A week had past just like that.

Gu Shishi would go to work with Huo Sishen everyday and had three meals a day with him.

In addition to painting, she would also look up from time to time and check out the attractive girls and boys as eye candies.

Huo Sishen was bombarded by Gu Wushuang harassment for real. First she sent him invitations in text. After Huo Sishen had ignored all of them, she came again in person.

Gu Shishi even ran into her twice while going to the bathroom.

Huo Sishen, however, refused to see her and Gu Wushuang was usually blocked in the assistant’s area. Each time, she would be taken down to the Strategic Cooperation Department.

Every time Gu Shishi ran into her, she felt that Gu Wushuang just looked like she was about to have another heart attack and would have to be rushed to the hospital and she’d cover up her mouth and smile.

Returning to the CEO office, she was in a very good mood. Any way she looked at Huo Sishen, he was even more attractive than normal.

After all, a man who could resist temptations is the cutest of all!*

After returning from the bathroom, she gave him a peck on his cheek as a reward and allowed him give her belly a rub in the middle of work.

Returning to her spot, her explosiveness as the winner was released and she completed the paintings for the “excursion” in one sitting.

“Ivy. I am done with my paintings. Should I send it over to you first or just upload it to the website?”

The account that Siyi had given her had no special access.

Ivy, on the other hand, gave her ability to tweak the webpage live.

“Either or.”

Ivy, who was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, blurted out.

“Alright, I’ll upload them then.”

Gu Shishi wasn’t bothered by that.

She followed the directions that Ivy had provided to her in the past and completed her task.

She was still busy by 6 PM when it was time to go home.

Huo Sishen was the one who finished his work first and came looking for Gu Shishi in her little office.

“Give me one more minute. I am almost done~”

Gu Shishi clicked on her mouse and looked at the outcome. She wasn’t happy with the result so she tweaked it some more before she was finally finished with rearranging the webpage.

Huo Sishen, watching next to her, remained silent cooperatively.

The amount of time was sufficient for him to clearly see the product of her hard work over the last few days.

His thin lips curved and his brows raised.

“Not bad.”

Gu Shishi turned and gave him a smack. “Just ‘not bad’? Hrm!”

A warm smile crept into Huo Sishen’s black eyes. He grabbed her hand and shoved it inside the sleeve of the coat that he was already holding in his hand.

“Right. I scored, totally.”

Gu Shishi finally gave a complacent smile and followed him out happily.

Ivy, who had finally finished her urgent promotion webpage, stretched, finished picking up, and walked out of the office at 10 PM.

Before she had even clicked open her ride share application, a call came in.

It was the Boss from Excursion.

“Hi, Boss Lou. Right, I just got off work. The frontpage of Jiangnan Water Towns? Eh, no, I haven’t had a chance to look yet. I have been working all day on our promotion site.

“Is something wrong? Give me two minutes!”

Cussing to herself, Ivy turned around and walked back into the office.

Was the work of the boss lady really unusable?

But, seriously, what was wrong with this Boss Lou? Hadn’t he reassured her that he didn’t care about the sales on this particular product and that it was just a luxurious gimmick for the consumers to peruse?

“So, what was it? Did it affect the sales? Did we infringe on copyrights and need to yank them immediately?”

That was the worst-case scenario that Ivy could think of.

Shortly, her heels that was just made a 180-degree turn, stopped on their tracks.

“What did you just say, Boss Lou? The page is fine? And we sold ten packages?!

“No way!”

Standing in the cold air, Ivy shuddered in the night.

-day tour of the old towns, 99,999 yuan per person… … someone bought that?

“What?! There are more orders? You just sold 12 more packages?”

Ivy felt that she was dreaming!

She hurried back upstairs. The reception wasn’t great inside the elevator but she could hear parts of what Boss Lou was saying… “The art was amazing”, “Three VVIP called and said that the products are infectious”, “we should do more themed tours like this in the future. It has amazing cultural values.” … …

Ivy, “? ? ?”

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