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«Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1952: Little Sister

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Chapter 1952: Little Sister

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Haru was very familiar with Nagisa for a long time, and with a few good words, their relationship could return to normal, and if he wanted, he could push her to bed, and she would happily accept him, showing how close their relationship was.

After getting Nagisa’s mood back, the two didn’t forget about Kanon. The three of them just talked and laughed, and this scene seemed very harmonious, but this way, Himeragi was forgotten for a moment.

Originally, after what had happened during the Nalakuvera accident, Himeragi’s mood had always been in a strange state, and after she saw two kittens, along with girls’ nature who loved cute things made her book return, and felt better, forgetting about her trouble, but now seeing the joyful scene between the three, her heart became heavier.

Haru, of course, noticed the change in Himeragi’s mood, he knew that he needed to do something, but he couldn’t do it immediately since there was still both Nagisa and Kanon beside them. It didn’t take a long time before the two kittens were brought out by the doctor. Although the two kittens had been treated, they still looked a little weak, and it seemed that they needed some period of time to rest.

However, there was a problem now since the three girls couldn’t take the two kittens.

“Let’s bring those two little guys home first. I’ll adopt them.”

The three of them couldn’t take care of the cats, and they bowed their heads and couldn’t make their decision, but Haru didn’t think too much and decided to adopt those two kittens.


Hearing Haru was going to adopt the two kittens, Nagisa became excited since she knew that those two kittens would be alright.

“Of course.” Haru nodded, then looked at Himeragi and said, “Himeragi, can you help me to take care of them?”

“Eh? Me?” Unexpectedly, Haru would suddenly mention her, and Himeragi pointed her nose in surprise.

Kanon was looking at this scene in doubt, then Nagisa told her that Himeragi was living with Haru, which made Kanon feel surprised and somehow also felt envious.

Kanon had a good impression and also felt the warmth that she had never felt before, so if possible, she also wanted to live with Haru, but she knew that she couldn’t.

“Can you? You’re the only one that I can ask this for, Himeragi,” Haru said softly.

Nagisa looked at Haru’s operation and couldn’t help but snort. Her little nose rose high, and she pinched Haru’s arm without hesitation.

“…” Haru.

“Can I really?” Himeragi’s mood had been depressed before, but when Haru told her that she was the only one that he could depend upon, she was quite excited, but at the same time, she was a bit hesitant since she had never taken care of kittens before.

In fact, Himeragi didn’t need to worry since Haru could control most of the animals in this world. He had the power of Aquaman, which was controlling all beings in this world as long as they were related to water-related beings. However, almost all beings in this world were born from the sea, so naturally, he could control all of them, including those two kittens.

Still, Haru knew it was his chance to make Himeragi’s mood better so he wouldn’t miss it!

“Of course, Himeragi.” Haru smiled and patted Himeragi’s shoulder gently.

“Yes, Senpai! I’ll help you to take care of them!” Himeragi said with a spirit.

Looking at Himeragi’s reaction, Haru smiled and knew that this move was very good, but it was still far from enough since he was very greedy.

With this, two new members joined Haru’s family, the two kittens, black and white, were directly named “Shiro” and “Kuro” by Nagisa. They were simple and easy to understand, but weren’t they too simple?

Haru wanted to name them Apollo and Artemis, but in the end, he gave up since he could see that the girls loved both “Shiro” and “Kuro” very well. Luckily, both kittens were female. If one of them was a guy, he was wondering whether he should castrate it since a cat was a very lustful animal, and in his house, it was better for him to be the only one who was lustful.

After they got both “Shiro” and “Kuro,” they went to Haru’s house directly, and Kanon was quite amazed by Haru’s house since it was too big.

Nagisa and Himeragi weren’t surprised by Kanon’s reaction since they also had a similar reaction before, but those three girls quickly forgot and became comfortable, playing together at Haru’s house.

“Thank you Onii-san, if you don’t adopt these two little kittens, I really don’t know what to do.” Kanon let out a sigh of relief when she saw how both Himeragi and Nagisa loved both “Shiro” and “Kuro” here. She knew that those two kittens were alright and she didn’t need to worry about them anymore, but she felt a bit lonely since she also wanted to stay with both Nagisa and Himeragi at his house too, but she knew that she couldn’t stay and needed to go home.

“It’s alright. Nagisa and Himeragi are very fond of them, and I also like small animals.”

Haru looked at Kanon in front of him and could see how radiant she was, but her body had been messed around, which made him clench his fists tightly. Such a cute girl, if he didn’t save her, who would save her?

The original protagonist?

Haru was sure the original protagonist would just fight Kanon or something, doing something perverted, before the battle ended. As for the conclusion and what would happen to Kanon, the original protagonist didn’t care much.

“Oh, Nagisa, you’re here?”

“Mom!” Nagisa quickly hugged Mimori when she saw her there. As for why Mimori was living in Haru’s house, she didn’t think too much, but she was happy to see her.

Mimori hugged her daughter and patted Nagisa’s head dotingly, then glanced at Haru with a knowing smile.

Haru rolled his eyes and had something to do. He had regarded Kanon as a part of the family, then there was one thing that he needed to do, and that was to save her.

Kanon didn’t stay in Haru’s house too long, and after staying for a while, she left first. For Nagisa and Himeragi, these two girls still focused on both Shiro and Kuro along with Mimori. Using this chance, Haru dialed Natsuki’s phone.

“Natsuki-chan, can you help me a bit?’

“What’s wrong?”

Recently, Natsuki seemed to have become accustomed to being called “Natsuki-chan” by Haru. Now no matter what Haru said, she wouldn’t refute much but just responded to him indifferently. Still, with Haru asking her for help, she knew that something must be happening. Otherwise, this guy would flirt with her.

“I want you to check on someone.”


“The guardian of Kanase Kanon. I need all of his information. The sooner, the better.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Natsuki didn’t talk nonsense, and she often asked for his help, so she didn’t mind helping him, and with how close their relationship was, she also would help him without hesitation. Although she didn’t know why Haru tried to investigate the guardian of Kanase Kanon, as long as it was his request, she would do it.

In fact, it didn’t take a long time for Natsuki to gather all the information about Kanon Kanase’s guardian, and it only took her 15 minutes, and the information of Kanon Kanase’s guardian was placed in front of Haru.

The leader of the Magus Craft, Kensei Kanase, was seemingly a normal researcher, but Haru frowned when he saw the photo of this man.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this guy?”

Regarding the information of Kensei Kanase that Natsuki had given Haru, she didn’t see any flaws or problems, which made her puzzled, so she asked him asked about what was wrong with this man.

“You don’t need to think too much about this guy, Natsuki-chan. I’m going to register Kanase Kanon for my family’s registration later if you want to know,” Haru said since, with money, everything could be solved easily, and his intention to ask Natsuki was because he just wanted to see the power of the Island Guard’s investigation ability, but it seemed that there was still a long distance if they were compared to his team.

Haru didn’t talk much about Kensei Kanase, but rather he told her that he was going to put Kanon on his family.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Are you going to adopt Kanon Kanse? Are you kidding?” Natsuki was wondering whether Haru was drunk and why this guy suddenly talked about adoption. “Do you want to make the Saint of the Middle School a member of your harem? If you want to do that, why don’t you just seduce her? What’s the use of adoption?” She knew how lustful this guy was, but she didn’t think that it was good to adopt Kanon.


“Natsuki-chan, there must be a reason why I did this, so believe me that my decision to adopt Kanon Kanase is for a good thing.” Haru knew Natsuki had misunderstood him, but there was nothing that he could do since the image of a bastard had been put on his face. Kanon had regarded him as an older brother, and what kind of older brother would let his little sister be in despair?

“It’s impossible unless both Kensei Kanase and Kanon Kanase agree. Otherwise, I can’t help you.” Natsuki didn’t know why Haru was doing this, but she hoped that he wouldn’t cause trouble.

“It’s alright. You don’t need to worry. You know, with money, there’s a lot of things that I can do, you know? I just want to tell you to believe me, and I won’t cause trouble,” Haru said.

“Well, if you say so…” Natsuki was a bit worried, but once Haru had decided to do something, nothing could stop him, and she could only believe that he wouldn’t cause trouble.

After they talked for a moment, Haru hung up the phone and looked at two girls and one mother playing with the cat, before he also saw Asagi and Rin, who also had come also join them, which made him show a gentle smile.

Thinking of Kanon, Haru knew that he needed to get her from the hand of this Kensei Kanon since if he let her there any longer, he wasn’t sure what kind of experiment that would be put on Kanon in the future, and she might even die in the future, and he couldn’t let that happen.

After he had made up his decision, Haru started to act that night and went directly to visit Kensei Kanase. As for whether Kensei would reject him or not, there was no such a thing on his head since he knew that guy would agree, and if Kensei didn’t agree, then… Oops!

Haru knew that Kensei was Kanon’s uncle, so he would probably be gentle.

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