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«Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel) - Chapter 643: The meddling Divine Dragons and the Army!

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Chapter 643: The meddling Divine Dragons and the Army!

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A boss like this who dropped uber-rare items usually had astonishing stats to back it up in combat. Otherwise, a random player can just solo this boss. The clearing guilds also wouldn’t need to send out so many elites. Guilds like Black Cats and Fuurinkazan also wouldn’t need their guild masters to mobilize specifically for a quest like this. Heck, even the Dragons and the Army sent out enough members to compose a smaller raid group on their own. That’s just how seriously they took this boss.

Sure, they sent out these members to secure the revival item, but, the major reason behind this mobilization lies behind the strength of the boss. According to preliminary estimates, this boss is at least as strong as a floor boss of the floors above the 40th.

A boss like this is risky for Kirito or Asuna to take on by themselves. Even if they grouped up, they had to be on their toes to avoid being taken by surprise when the boss shows it’s true power. When Wu Yan arrived on the scene, the situation reverse, it’s the average player going up against the floor boss (Wu Yan).

It didn’t take him more than 5 seconds to shave away one-eighth of the boss’s max Hp.

What did this mean?

This means that if he can repeat 7 more attacks like that, this boss will get wiped out.

7 more attacks like one would finish a field mob monster.

They were utterly stunned by his damage. The guy just took away one-eighth of the boss’s hp like nothing.

“He’s strong! Way too strong!”

Klein gulped.

“I can see why he’s able to take down nearly 20 floors in Aincrad by himself. He’s so far away from us, did he get this kind of damage by pure grinding? Maybe he’s using an exploit or bug right?”

“That’s impossible…”

Kirito shook his head with a bitter laugh.

“I don’t want to admit it but SAO is very balanced and stable in this aspect. With so many players in SAO, someone else would have found this bag. There are a lot of smart people in this game and their optimizations or efficient builds failed to even come close to this…”

Klein turned taciturn and he asked Souta.

“How did you two get to know each other? It looks like you guys are very close with each other…”

“We go way back…’

Souta said as he continued watching Wu Yan. He’s one of the rare ones who actually watched without much comment.

“We got to know each other during the second day of SAO. It’s not far-fetched to say that he’s the reason we got this far…

Asuna, Kirito, and Klein were astounded by what they heard. Now, they had a clue why the Black Cats are always so well-equipped despite being only slightly above-average among all the guilds. If Wu Yan intervened, that would explain a lot of things.

Without their fancy equipment, the Black Cats would be weaker than Fuurinkazan, and Divine Dragons, forget about standing on the same level with guilds like KoBs. They would probably be weaker than the Army who sustained huge casualties.

Asuna finally opened her mouth.

“Since you know him so well, did you guys party up before?”

Souta sighed after he flinched.

“No! He never formally joined our party once. We weren’t qualified for that, even now he’s…”

Asuna bit down on her lips.

“You mean he didn’t party up with other players since then?”

Souta nodded.

“According to my knowledge, that’s true…”

Asuna said nothing.


Klein looked at Kirito.

“Looks like there’s a bigger loner than you, at least you joined parties before…”

Kirito crossed his arm.

“If I am as good as him, I wouldn’t need parties too!”

Kirito is a loner by nature, he partied up with other players when he wanted to attack field bosses or floor bosses, other than those times, he usually trained by himself. Knowing Kirito, if he had the power, he probably wouldn’t party up with other players.

They were too busy talking that they didn’t notice the Dragons and the Army inching ever closer to the fight.


With another Crumbling Strike, he smacked the boss away, further reducing the boss’s Hp by one-eighth. He pulled away from the boss after noticing that the boss is already at the Yellow zone in Hp (less than 50% max Hp).

He grasped Heaven Gazer and he wanted to attack once more when he noticed something. He unwinded himself as a vicious glint flickered in his eyes.

Wu Yan stopped attacking so Asuna, Souta, Kirito, and Souta knew something’s up. Wu Yan should be able to easily finish the boss if he wanted to, why did he stop now?

Kirito looked at the boss and Wu Yan with bewilderment. Then, he yelled in shock.

“What are they doing?!”

Asuna, Souta, and Klein immediately looked at what Kirito is looking at. They all hissed in shock.

The Dragons and the Army already positioned themselves near the boss. Soon, they began attacking the boss like nobody’s business. It’s very clear that they wanted to steal the boss kill.

“Those bastards!”

Souta yelled in anger, his fists cracked under immense pressure.

“Are they not ashamed to do things like stealing bosses?”

“Those disagreeable fellows did nastier things than this!”

Klein laid in with disdain on his face.

“The Divine Dragons and the Army are famous for doing anything and everything to get their hands on rare materials. They gave BS like saving other players to extort Cors and items…”

Asuna and Kirito said nothing. Their eyes were flickering with feelings of repulse as well. They didn’t like how these guilds went about their business.

“Hey, Souta…”

Klein elbowed Souta.

“Aren’t you going to help him? I thought you guys are on very good terms with each other?…”

He didn’t like the Dragons and the Army’s style but Klein decided to stay out of this one. He had a guild to look after and he’s not ready to incur losses to defend an unrelated party.

Klein wanted the revival item but it’s not to the extent of offending a legendary player like him. That’s a player who can dance around in the maze area without much trouble, Wu Yan literally killed floor bosses on his own.

The Army and The Dragons were blinded by greed.

Souta is the only one with a legitimate reason to interfere. As for Asuna, well, nobody knew what she thought of this situation…

Shouta turned around as he shook his head.

“He’s not weak, he can take care of this on his own…”


Kirito and Klein felt odd.

The Dragons and The Army overwhelmed Wu Yan in numbers. Even if the boss is strong, the two guilds can probably take down the boss if they worked together…

They attacked the boss with a clear conscience as if they didn’t steal this boss from someone else. They continued ganging up on the boss while arranging for wounded fighters to heal up as tankers stall for time.

It didn’t take long for the boss to reach into the Red zone (less than 10% Hp).

While they all prepared to make the final hits, a figure streaked past them and landed a strike on the boss.


Heaven Gazer deleted the boss’s final Hp Bar as the giant fell with a loud thud. Data fragments and crystals rained all over the place.

The Dragons and the Army failed to comprehend what happened.

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