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«Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel) - Chapter 642: First-hand experience? The impossible show

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Chapter 642: First-hand experience? The impossible show

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According to gathered information, the Christmas boss will appear under a fir tree during Christmas Eve.

The special boss’s information was obtained through strenuous efforts and spending, however, the information about the boss appearing under a fir tree is information that almost everybody got without much difficulty.

It’s a boss that only spawns on Christmas Eve, as a Christmas event, it’s easy to guess that the boss will probably spawn near a fir tree. The other players also reckoned that the boss will bear a similar appearance to Santa Claus.

Inside the Forest of Wandering, there are a lot of fir trees. However, there’s only one tree large enough that it looked like it can serve as a raid boss battleground. It’s the biggest fir tree in the deepest part of this forest.

Wu Yan navigated his way over to this tree with the help of his map. He came here after walking through a teleportation circle. The fir tree immediately entered his vision when he arrived.

He looked at this tree which was so large that even the tall trees in Silvaria would be hard-pressed to compete with. He approached the tree like he’s taking a simple stroll in the woods. It didn’t look like he’s here to hunt a boss.

Spatial distortion occurred behind him when he approached the fir tree. Knights of Blood Oath, Black Cats, Fuurinkazan, Divine Dragons, and the Army. They all appeared here along with players like Asuna, Kirito, Souta, and Klein.

They stopped themselves when they came here. They crowded the outer rims of this area like how they crowded the entrance of the Forest of Wanderings.

“Is he going solo? It sure looks like!”

Klein is overly excited.

“Yes! I can see the Fae Swordsman in action!”

Kirito nodded. He mumbled seriously while finding a good vantage point.

“Let me see the difference between us…”

“Is he going to fight alone again?…”

Asuna said. It’s hard to tell what’s her emotions right now.

She actually paid a lot of attention to Wu Yan’s activities during this past year. That’s because he left a deep impression on her mind.

She heard about his power, she heard about his combat results, she also knew how he’s doing generally. However, she can spot a glaring similarity among the gathered information – he always does things solo…

“Maybe I can’t find anyone who I can team up with, in this world…”

His words rang clearly within her mind. Asuna clenched her fists, she just couldn’t forget this line no matter what.

Asuna also started in SAO by herself, for the first month anyway…

Maybe it’s because she’s been there, maybe it’s because she’s curious, in any case, Asuna paid a lot of attention to Wu Yan. A year ago, she’s already feeling like this, now, her feelings more or less solidified.

Wu Yan didn’t know about this. He would be surprised if he found out. He didn’t talk a lot with Asuna after all, they only talked on a few occasions before today.

The fir tree looked like a gigantic Christmas tree. Just decorate it with bells and strips of paper and you would get a super-oversized Christmas tree. The boss is nowhere to be seen thought.


Christmas bell rang out of nowhere as it reverberated in the entire area. Everyone looked at the source, the place with the loudest noise and…

They saw it, two clouds that looked like two jets crashed into them, drawing a clear line in the night sky, they couldn’t see the transportation that got the boss here. But, they did see what looked like a giant meteor crashing into the ground, creating a local snowstorm. The snow dispersed after the figure within the impact area showed itself.

A weird beansprout-looking Santa Claus monster appeared from within the snow and ice. He had pale-blue skin and he looked like a horror game Santa Claus with a ghastly complexion and hair, his jutting eyes are also glimmering with malice.

“There’s the boss!”

The KoBs, Cats, FuurinKazan, Dragons, and the Army grabbed their weapons. They were ready to charge at the moment their leaders issued the order. But, Asuna, Souta, and Klein stopped their respective squads. Only the Dragons and The Army didn’t lower their weapons as they still wanted to rush into the battle.

Looking at the boss who stood well over 5 meters, Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he sized it up. Wu Yan is looking at the boss like a monkey waving around a weapon it had no business wielding, he’s not even taking it seriously.

Perhaps the boss picked up Wu Yan’s disdain, its ghoul-like expression contorted as it emitted a “kakaka” sound. Its fish-like eyes fell upon Wu Yan in no time at all…


The boss stomped and he took out a battle-ax. With another move, it charged at Wu Yan with a force that looked like it could move mountains and part the seas.

Wu Yan grabbed the hilt of Heaven Gazer and while his cloak bellowed with the winds, he stood his ground until the moment the boss attacked him, that’s the cue for him to draw Heaven Gazer.


The two clashed with a ferocious force. The gust generated from their attacks blew towards the raid group.

They tried blocking with their hands. They couldn’t see through that thick snowstorm but they didn’t close their eyes because they didn’t want to miss a single scene of the legendary Fae Swordsman in action!

Wu Yan also didn’t disappoint. They saw David facing Goliath within that snowstorm, well, they most saw Goliath, the boss was a hulking monster after all.

They saw the giant being sent flying after a brief exchange of attacks with his opponent.

Klein’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets, a bead of sweat flowed down the side of his head.

“Holy… that strength…”

Asuna, Kirito, and Souta didn’t say anything. They continued watching intently as even stopping to comment would disrupt this process.

The localized snowstorm is still in effect, however, they could vaguely see a dark figure chasing after the boss the moment it got sent flying away. The flash of sword skills being used shone through the flying snow and ice. It gave everyone an impression of illusory starlight. The flashes of sword skill covered the boss.

The sword skill struck the boss into the ground. The 1st of the boss’s four Hp bars fell drastically by more than 50%. He shaved 1/8 of the boss’s hp with a single hit.

Totally brutal!

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