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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 4905: Fiance?

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Chapter 4905: Fiance?

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“Senior Meng, where did you get this bow?” Ling Chuxi’s guess had been confirmed and she asked in joy.

“This is all thanks to young master Dongfang.” Meng dingtai sighed and started to talk about the origin of the bow.

“Back then, in order to resolve the spiritual Qi storm caused by the nine suns, the previous revered artifact master and many other artifact Masters decided to make a divine bow. They tried many times but failed to meet the requirement. Seeing that the revered artifact master and the other artifact

Masters had worked hard to make this bow, the Emperor of gods and the Emperor of demons were deeply impressed, so they took out the divine Emperor bow and the Qijue demon bow for his reference.

The revered artifact master and the others had combined the refining techniques of these two peerless godly bows, and finally, with their own blood essence as a guide, they had sacrificed their lives to refine the sunset demon bow.

“Then, just as you all know, the buotian region master exploded his blood essence to raise his power to the extreme and destroyed the spiritual energy storm. However, he didn’t just use the sunset demonic bow. He first used the God Emperor sacred bow, then the seven ultimate demonic bow, and finally the sunset demonic bow.

If he hadn’t shot the three arrows in a row, he might not have been able to defeat the last spiritual Qi storm, and he might not have burned out his profound Qi and died.

When the last arrow was shot, the Lord of the potian region died in the void. The setting sun demonic god bow was broken into several pieces. Although the God Emperor bow and the seven ultimate demonic bow were well-preserved, they also fell into the void.

The reason I’ve stayed in the void all these years is because of my duty as a follower and also to remember the last words of the heaven-breaking domain master. Only by finding the God-Emperor bow and the Qijue demonic bow could the blacksmiths of the later generations forge the God-Emperor bow again and destroy the spiritual Qi storm that had regathered.

The heavens do not let down the determined. After searching for over ten thousand years, I’ve finally found the divine Emperor sacred bow. However, there were dozens of venerable realm experts who discovered it at the same time as me!” At this point, Meng dingtai’s expression became very serious.

“An honorable realm expert!” Ling Chuxi was shocked when she heard this.

Weren’t the top experts of the venerable realm being held up in the void by mo Shili and the others? why were there still more?

“Those venerable realm experts must have taken advantage of the time when the domain Lords were trapped in the void to pass through the defensive formation.” Meng dingtai immediately explained, “even if 1 can’t complete the heaven-cleaving domain Lord’s request, I will never let the divine Emperor sacred bow fall into the hands of someone from the Lord’s realm. I will immediately snatch it. Although the strength of those people could not be compared to the top experts of the venerable realm who were trapped in the void, they had the advantage in numbers.

After killing several people, I was also seriously injured. Fortunately, young master Dongfang arrived at this time and immediately rescued me when he heard about the origin of the divine Emperor sacred bow. He let me leave first and blocked the people from the venerable realm for me.

However, although the young master Dongfang was powerful, he was alone and was soon forced to burn his blood essence. l, Meng dingtai, have lived for so many years. How could I let a junior die for me? so, I turned around and fought again. However, how could he deal with them when he was seriously injured?

Fortunately, young master Dongfangs fiancé arrived in time and stopped them temporarily. Young master Dongfang used his last breath to summon his flying spirit weapon and brought us out of the place.

Although the speed of the flying spiritual energy was fast, it consumed a lot of spiritual stones, and we ran out of spiritual stones before we could get far.

Worried that the venerable realm experts would catch up again, young master Dongfangs fiancé and I had no choice but to gather our vital Qi and continue flying on our flying sword with the unconscious young master Dongfang. He happened to run into a crack in the void that had just closed and wasn’t stable enough, so young master Dongfangs fiancé used his last bit of vital Qi to break it open and returned to the virtual sky World. ” Meng dingtai explained everything in one breath…

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