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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 4904: Who saved who?

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Chapter 4904: Who saved who?

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“Why don’t I try to refine it again?” Huangfu qingjue said.

“I have thought about it before, but this bow is made from the seven extreme demon bow and the sunset God demon bow. The Mithril used in the sunset God demon bow is not from Qing-Yun realm. I have never seen it before, and it is not even recorded in the spirit connection record. Combining the two bows together is the limit. It is impossible to make another one.” Said Ling Chuxi as she shook her head.

Other than the problem of Mithril, there was one more problem that she didn’t mention. The forging method of the sunset God demon bow was too exquisite. Even with her forging skills, it would be difficult to figure it out without a year and a half.

If she had the right amount of Mithril and refined gold, as well as the forging technique, she might as well make a new sunset Demon God bow instead of reforging the divine bow. It would save her a lot of effort.

“Qingjue, why don’t I try one more time? break the seal and see if I can dissolve the demonic Qi in the bow.” Ling Chuxi had no other way but to try it out personally.

“No,” Huangfu qingjue firmly rejected.

If he wanted to use the sunset God demon bow’s true power, he would have to break the remaining five seals. Even the Helian absolute slash was unable to withstand the might of the divine bow and the demonic Qi after a seal was broken. If all the seals were broken, even if Ling Chuxi had prepared the array disc in advance, with him and Ling Yichen protecting her, Ling Chuxi would probably not be able to withstand it.

“Then what should we do? If we can’t find a way to resolve this brutal Qi, how can we complete brother Zhai and Villa head Yi’s request to destroy the spiritual Qi storm and protect the peace of the heaven domain?” Ling Chuxi could see Huangfu qingjue’s concern and did not insist, but she still said this with a distressed look on her face.

“I do have a way to restrain the brutal Qi of the seven ultimate demon bow.” At this moment, Meng dingtai’s old voice was heard from the entrance.

“Senior Meng, you’re awake.” Ling Chuxi quickly stood up and bowed.

“Young master Ling, you don’t have to be so polite.” Meng dingtai quickly went forward to help Ling Chuxi up.

Looking at his vigorous and energetic steps, his injuries were obviously no longer a big problem.

“Senior Meng, I haven’t had the chance to thank you for saving qingjue and Wei Wuming last time. This time, you’ve saved my aunt Dongfang. I’m truly grateful.” Ling Chuxi said to Meng dingtai.

“Young master Ling, aren’t you making me feel ashamed by saying this? This time, it wasn’t me who saved your aunt, but the two of them who saved this old man’s life. If you didn’t heal me, I’m afraid my Foundation would have been damaged and my strength would have been greatly reduced. If you really want to thank someone, 1 should be the one thanking you. ” Meng dingtai stroked his long beard and said with a sullen expression.

“Aunt Dongfang and the others saved you?” Ling Chuxi was greatly surprised.

“That’s right. Let’s get down to business first. Take a look at what this is.” Meng dingtai did not rush to explain the cause and effect of the matter. Instead, he took out a golden longbow.

As soon as the longbow was drawn, Ling Chuxi felt a solemn and holy aura hit her in the face.

“This is …” Ling Chuxi’s heart moved. She had guessed something, but she was not sure. She suppressed the surprise in her heart and looked at Meng dingtai doubtfully.

“The God Emperor bow, the number one godly bow of the God clan.” Huangfu qingjue answered on Meng dingtai’s behalf, his face full of surprise. With this bow, he should be able to restrain the brutal Qi of the seven ultimate demon bow…

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