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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 732: There Must Be a Sponsor Behind Ye Tianxin

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Chapter 732: There Must Be a Sponsor Behind Ye Tianxin

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Chunxue asked in a surprised tone, “Isn’t that just a necklace made of ordinary gems? How valuable could it be?”

Reporter Yang took out the information that he had gathered on Ye Tianxin and showed it to Chunxue.

“These gems are worth quite a lot. Most can’t even afford to buy one of the gems, but look at Ye Tianxin. She’s recklessly wearing a string of them.”

She felt extreme jealousy.

Chunxue did not expect Ye Tianxin’s necklace in that photo, which looked like a string of rainbow-colored stones to be so expensive.

She thought that nothing could’ve been more valuable than the antique jewelry she wore that night, which she acquired from an auction house.

She ended up struck down by Ye Tianxin once again.


“Well, why do you think Ye Tianxin seems to have endless publicity on the internet?”

Startled, Chunxue said, “There must be a sponsor behind Ye Tianxin.”

As a veteran artist in the entertainment industry, of course, Chunxue knew about the existence of sponsors. She also knew that it was common for rookies who craved fame to source for sponsors.

They would eventually become famous as sponsors invested by buying publicity and resources for them.

Reporter Yang said, “I wouldn’t believe it if Ye Tianxin doesn’t have a sponsor.” Chunxue lost in her thoughts after hearing that comment.

Although this was something that would’ve easily made headlines, Chunxue stayed calm despite receiving such information. She asked, “But why’s her sponsor investing so much in her?”

Reporter Yang answered, “She’s young and pretty…”

“There’re so many young and pretty ladies in the entertainment industry.”

Reporter Yang clicked his tongue in disapproval and said, “You’re too naive, Chunxue. “There’re indeed many young and pretty ladies in the entertainment industry, but are they as smart as Ye Tianxin? Do you think it’s easy to be the top scorer in the college entrance examination? How many ladies can you think of that are as pretty, smart, and classy as Ye Tianxin?”

Chunxue was unwittingly persuaded by Reporter Yang.

“I believe you know very well that there’s a gold nest in the Capital. Besides being young, all of the girls there are from top universities. Their pay for one night was already this high even without getting into prostitution. Do you understand what does this means? It’s merely the leisure of the rich and powerful.”

By then, Chunxue was completely persuaded that there was indeed a filthy-rich sponsor behind Ye Tianxin.

“What if her sponsor comes from a powerful background?”

Reporter Yang explained, “How powerful could the sponsor be? There’re so many officers in the Capital. If the sponsor was that powerful, he would’ve privately kept Ye Tianxin as a mistress. Now that Ye Tianxin’s famous, people ask for her autograph whenever they see her on the streets. Wouldn’t that be too risky for someone from a powerful background? In my opinion, this person might have some authority but only be to a certain extent. Chunxue, the photos are already taken. It’s up to your decision if you want to use it since it’s none of my business anyway! I’ll act according to your decision…”

Should she use it or not?

Chunxue wasn’t sure what to do.

Right now, two million was not an issue anymore.

It was more about whether she dared to use the photos to her advantage.

Would there have been any negative consequences if these photos were released to the public?

These were what she needed to consider most.

What if this put her career on the line?

“Well, I guess you’ve already made a decision! I’ll be leaving now!”

Reporter Yang could practically read minds, especially those women like Chunxue. He clearly stated the benefits and losses that could result. The rest was up to Chunxue’s judgment.

Were the photos worth two million?

More importantly, Chunxue had to consider if the photos could be released to the public!


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