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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 731: She Just Wanted to Destroy Ye Tianxin! 5 Million Dollars is Worth it!

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Chapter 731: She Just Wanted to Destroy Ye Tianxin! 5 Million Dollars is Worth it!

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Just a few lousy photos would cost her 2 million. Of course, it was a little expensive.

Chunxue didn’t get all of that money out of nowhere, but all she could think about at that moment was how badly she wanted to destroy Ye Tianxin’s career after seeing the headlines.

She was willing to pay 5 million if it meant destroying Ye Tianxin’s life for good; 2 million meant nothing to her.

Still, were these photos worth 2 million?

“Of course I don’t have a problem with paying you 2 million, but are your photos worth so much money?”

Reporter Yang smirked and replied, “Chunxue, you are the one who decides whether it’s worth it or not! This exchange should be consensual on both ends, don’t you think?”

“Let’s meet up to talk.”

They negotiated and settled on a meeting location. After half an hour, Chunxue appeared in a cafe near her home with a pair of sunglasses and a mask on.

Reporter Yang saw Chunxue enter and motioned, “Over here.”

Chunxue walked over to Reporter Yang and sat down. When Reporter Yang noticed that Chunxue wasn’t carrying any bags of money, he asked her bluntly, “Where is the money?”

“Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea what time it is now? Where am I supposed to get 2 million dollars for you when the banks are closed? Don’t you know I need to make bank applications in advance if I want to withdraw huge amounts of cash?”

Reporter Yang thought Chunxue did have a point, but he also offered her a quick solution; she could’ve just withdrawn the money from separate ATMs.

“You can also use ATMs to withdraw cash. I think most ATMs will let you withdraw about 20,000 to 25,000 yuan per day… ”

Chunxue was a bit irritated by Reporter Yang’s reply. She said, “Alright, but I want to take a look at the photos. If your photos are actually worth that much, I’ll go to each bank with you to withdraw the money straight away. Are you okay with that?”


Reporter Yang switched his laptop on and showed Chunxue some of the photos he took when he was following Ye Tianxin today.

None of his photos even showed Xie Xuning’s face, yet Ye Tianxin’s face was obviously visible in the photographs.

“You’re just going to show me photos like this? There’s nothing newsworthy here at all. ”

Chunxue did not find anything remotely valuable in the photos at all.

It didn’t matter if the man’s face was hard to see. A photo of something distasteful happening in the car would’ve been enough to satisfy her as long as she could recognize Ye Tianxin’s face.

“Chunxue, could it be that you’re too blinded by your own rage?”

Reporter Yang’s comment infuriated Chunxue. She pulled off her mask and snapped, “Why would you ask me for two million dollars just for a few lousy photos?”

“Are these as lousy as you’d think? Look at them carefully yourself.” Reporter Yang pointed at the car with the mouse first. “Check out this car. Is this car an ordinary car? Do most people have a car like this? As far as I know, Ye Tianxin is just a young girl from the country. Do you really think she can afford to buy such an expensive car in a short time?”

Reporter Yang gave Chunxue a detailed analysis.

“Also, take a look at this man. Isn’t he acting quite subservient to Ye Tianxin and opening the car door for her? This person must be a driver, right?”

Chunxue removed her sunglasses to examine Ye Tianxin and the man with the invisible face in the photo.

She also felt that these photos did have some catching points.

“In the entertainment industry, who would usually have such good resources as Ye Tianxin does? She starred in Director Jin’s big movie as soon as she made her debut and is now traveling in fancy luxury cars. Look at all the dresses she’s been wearing - all of them were designed by none other than Fu Yuzhu. I don’t need to explain how hard it is to find a dress out there that’s personally designed by Fu Yuzhu himself. Besides, even though the necklace she wore at the party today didn’t look that special at first glance, it’s actually worth a fortune. Do you even know how much each of the jewels on her necklace is worth?”


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