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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 1158 She Was Forced to Do Something that Could Have Been Resolved Peacefully.

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Chapter 1158 She Was Forced to Do Something that Could Have Been Resolved Peacefully.

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Xu Yuan raised the knife and made a cut. Mother Xu slumped behind the door.

Seeing Xu Yuan like this, she was too weak to open the door.

Xu Yuan brought her hand back and took a glance at Professor Xu.

What a loser!

She was forced to do something that could have been resolved peacefully.

Don’t forget about this old woman.

The only thing left was to kill her.

“Xu Yuan, don’t come near me!”

Mother Xu was so frightened that her knees went weak.

Xu Yuan was no longer her daughter. She was wearing a drug rehabilitation center’s uniform stained with blood all over.

Her short hair was flying in the air in a mess, and there were a few playful freckles on her thin, yellow face.

Her lips were pale and bloodless, and there was a layer of dry and cracked skin on her lips.

That was not her daughter.

That was not her daughter.

Her daughter Xu Yuan was so adorable when she was little.

How did she become this way after growing


“You dead old bat, aren’t you and that old man a loving couple? I am going to fulfill your wish to stick together. He will not be lonely anymore with you together on the journey to hell.”

Li Qingcang kicked open the ward’s door. He immediately saw how Xu Yuan was covered in blood.

The moment Xu Yuan saw Li Qingcang, an innocent shyness appeared in her eyes.

Xu Yuan was shocked to see Li Qingcang and suddenly ran into the bathroom.

The face she saw in the mirror was unfamiliar, yet it was not the face of a total stranger. She had a vague feeling that it was supposed to be hers.

She used to be devilish and tender, like a rose with morning dew, beautiful and bright.

Now, she had become a rose ravaged by a violent storm.

She was like a rose that had wilted, without any vitality at all.

Xu Yuan turned on the faucet and washed her face with hot water, fiddling with her hair occasionally.

She even washed away the dead skin and dried blood on her lips with cold water.

Xu Yuan took a good look at herself in the mirror after finishing cleaning herself up.

No, she was not pretty enough.

She used to be much prettier… she shouldn’t have looked like this.

Outside the bathroom, Li Qingcang called the doctor. Ye Tianxin helped Mother Xu to get up. She looked at the pool of unknown liquid on the ground and felt bad for Mother Xu.

Xu’s mother had never expected her daughter to be so scary when she became crazy.

While Ye Tianxin held her up, her hands were shaking. Her lips trembled as she was unable to utter a single

The doctors and nurses at the hospital came. After examining Professor Xu’s condition, they looked at Li Qingcang and shook their heads.

All rescue measures proved ineffective.

Li Qingcang looked at Professor Xu, whose skinny body was lying in a pool of blood. He remembered how the professor used to give speeches on a three-foot stage.

He was full of ambition back then.

He devoted his entire life to his career.

Unfortunately, Professor Xu never expected to die in his daughter’s hands. “Old Xu is dead.”

“Old Xu is dead.” “Old Xu is dead.”

Mother Xu repeated the words again and again.

She even wanted to push Ye Tianxin’s hands away to dash and jump out of the window. The doctors and nurses could not help but move their eyes away when they saw Professor Xu’s horrifying way die.

Li Qingcang walked to the bathroom door, punched the door with his fists, and said, “Xu Yuan, get out!”

Xu Yuan came out of the bathroom slowly. She raised her head, revealing an extremely ugly smile with a faint expectation on her face.


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