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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1588. Vision Bending

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Chapter 1588. Vision Bending

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Tiemezzys roared. His roar shook the entire space. The roar was out of both pain and anger. Anger that he was being humiliated by beings that should have been much weaker than him. Yet, the pain was real. Even with his incredible defense, that last lightning attack took out tons of his HP.

Tiemezzys stared at Jack in fury. The Jack who just attacked him had now returned to human form. This battle was unadvantageous for him. Even when his enemies were all weaker, there were just too many. As embarrassing as it was to admit, he knew the wise option was to flee, but he at least had to take out the Themisphere King first. Killing Jack was his entire purpose of being here!

He charged forward. Now that Jack was back to his human form, he should be vulnerable. A gigantic figure came in his way. It was Ragorth, who had used Gigantify and was now five times his normal size.

"Out of my way!" Tiemezzys yelled.

With both an enlarged body and an enlarged weapon, Ragorth's strength multiplied exponentially. Even so, he was still dwarfed by Tiemezzys. When his greatsword and Tiemezzys' claw collided, he was still the one getting pushed back. However, he was successful in stopping Tiemezzys' charge.

Multiple shadows appeared around him then. It was the assassin, Hashi, and his fellow faction members. They zipped around Tiemezzys with speed almost unseen to the naked eye.

Tiemezzys clamped his jaws, producing a sound that almost shattered the air. This explosive sound hit the assassins who were jumping around him. They fell like flies hitting an electric fence.

After carrying out a sound attack, Tiemezzys was then hit by one. It was as if someone with a megaphone shouted right into his ear with the volume turned to the max. He felt his head spinning.

This sound attack was another of Elayne's new skills, Blaring Noise. It didn't cause much damage but this skill could daze almost any target. If this skill was used while the user was playing music, it became a sustained skill. The skill could be maintained until the user's music was stopped.

Tiemezzys found it hard to think under this mental attack. He gritted his teeth and used mana to erect a barrier around his mind. Elayne's skill could still seep into this mental barrier, but at least he could think properly. He located Elayne and couldn't believe his attacker had such a low level. The humiliation was unbearable.

Elayne was not the only one troubling Tiemezzys. There was also Howard who kited from a safe distance. He was in his Lightning Destroying Arrow mode and was firing without reserve. He probably contributed the most DPS. But the same as Elayne, Tiemezzys couldn't get to him. If Tiemezzys forced his way, he could only choose one direction. He chose the direction toward Jack.

Many hinder his way. Ragorth and Hashi with their surviving faction members, the Young Januses, and Jack's other royal agents.

Jonathan had unluckily been petrified during the earlier earth pillars attack. Jack's royal agents who engaged Tiemezzys in the melee were Eyrene, Lindsey, and Robinson. Robinson was in his eagle form, flying in and out whenever he saw an opportunity. Lindsey used her katana and zipped around the dragon with fast movements. Aside from Eyrene, the two dealt minuscule damage, but they were distracting enough that Tiemezzys had trouble focusing.

Laurent and Amy played support using their healing spells. Duke Alfredo and Nerd joined Howard in applying DPS using their offensive spells.

Tiemezzys fought ferociously. What he thought was an easy battle today had turned into a laboring fight. He cast several spells while his limbs and tails smacked the flies that kept swirling around him. Lindsey had suffered several hits. Her condition was the worst, but she didn't show any fear. If not for Laurent's golden plates protecting her body and Amy's healing, she would have died a while ago.

"Lindsey! Move back!" Jack's voice ordered. Lindsey finally retreated after that direct order.

Tiemezzys turned back. The voice just now came from his back. He recognized Jack's voice. He had been fighting his way to get to one Jack when another one approached him from behind. He knew about Jack's Double Clone. He knew he had to take both Jacks out if he wanted to achieve his objective. The one at his back was closer, so he turned around.

He noticed that the Jack behind him was using Evil Janus' staff. The eye sculpture at its top transformed into a real eye and fired a dark beam. He felt stinging pain when this beam hit him. This was one of the staff's abilities, Illios Stare.

The beam persisted, dealing chaos damage every second. Tiemezzys roared while casting a spell. Hundreds of rock pellets were summoned. They battered everyone nearby, but a large portion was directed at Jack who was firing Illios Stare.

The rock pellets flew past Jack as if he was an illusion.

"What?!" Tiemezzys exclaimed in surprise. He clearly sensed Jack in the position. It shouldn't be an illusion.

Jack was using the staff's other ability, Vision Bending. He had experienced this ability when Evil Janus used it. This ability not only shrouded one with invisibility, it also masked one's mana. It completely displaced the staff user's presence into a different place. When Evil Janus used it, only Spark who had mana perception was able to locate his position. Tiemezzys didn't have that ability, so he was fooled.

After a few more times trying to hit illusion Jack without success, Tiemezzys' mouth opened wide as if he was about to unleash his divine earth breath. But instead of a beam, the yellow foams poured out in a ring shape. The ring fume hit everyone that surrounded him. This, of course, included invisible Jack who used Vision Bending. Illusion Jack vanished and Jack was exposed then.

When Tiemezzys was about to attack, he felt a stinging pain in his back.

'Is it that accursed assassin again?!' Tiemezzys thought in his pain. He couldn't sense this attack coming. He turned around but it was not Hashi. It was another Jack who had used Brave Slash with One-word Slash.

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