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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1587. Complete Legendary Weapons

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Chapter 1587. Complete Legendary Weapons

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Clone Jack stayed behind with Good Janus. Aside from the two, everyone else crowded around Tiemezzys. Hashi decided to join the fray when he saw his Assassins Guild members join the fight against the dragon.

Jack was walking toward the loots dropped by Evil Janus. A tiny orb emitting a purple light floated among the loot. It floated towards Jack. Jack was about to grab it, thinking it to be some sort of special loot, but this orb avoided Jack's hand and floated past him. It continued onward toward Good Janus. It stopped before the mage and stayed there.

"What is that?" Jack asked.

"… It's my evil twin's essence," Good Janus answered. "It came to me by itself since it was originally a part of me."

"Oh… Wait! Are you going to accept that essence? Do you think that's a good idea? If you fuse back with him, won't his evil thoughts influence you again?"

"In theory, it should not. He had died. Just as he absorbed the essence from the faction leaders he killed, his consciousness is not influenced by them. I shouldn't be as well."

"You said in theory… You don't sound very confident," Jack said.

"I'm not…," Janus replied. His hand went forward to touch the purple orb.

"Are you truly sure that's a good idea?" Jack asked again.

Janus' hand paused upon Jack's question, but it moved again soon. The instant he touched the tiny orb, it dissipated.

Jack could sense all the mana from the orb poured into Janus from the touch. Janus himself didn't exhibit any changes. Jack used his Inspect and found that Janus had returned to his original level and grade, level 90 mythical.

"Uh… Hello? Do I have a reason for concern," Jack asked.

Janus turned to him and smiled. "Don't worry, I'm still the one who was imprisoned with you these past few days."

"Phew! I'm relieved," Jack heaved a long sigh.

"You are a very trusting person, Mister Storm Wind. I could have lied to you," Janus said.

"I believe that smile," Jack pointed at Janus' face. "The evil one never smiled like that. Even when we met for the first time when you and he were still one, you didn't smile like that. He is gone."

Jack turned his attention back to the loots. One specific item among the loots drew most of Jack's attention. It was a magic staff. One with an eye sculpture at its top.

"Staff of Illios…," Jack muttered and picked that staff up.


Staff of Illios, level: 80/99 (Legendary magic weapon)

Magical damage: 1,250

Range: 80 meters

Attack speed: 1

Energy: 500

Intelligence +55

MP +500

Vision Bending: Create a copy that will stay within a radius of 10 meters from the user. The user will be invisible for as long as the copy exists. Copy will vanish if the user receives an attack. Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown: 3 hours.

Illios Stare: Shoot a beam that deals 200% chaos damage every second. Causes Dizzy status. If the beam hits the same target for more than 10 seconds, the damage is increased to 250% chaos damage every second. If the beam hits the same target for more than 20 seconds, the damage is increased to 300% chaos damage every second. Duration: The first 5 seconds is free, every second afterward will consume 30 MP each second (until a maximum of 30 seconds). Cooldown: 1 hour.

Eye of Surveillance: Consume 1,000 mana cores to project an image of a targeted place. Range: 50 kilometers. Duration: The first 5 minutes is free, every second afterward will consume 20 MP each second (until a maximum of 15 minutes). Cooldown: 2 hours


"Wow, this staff has three active abilities," Jack remarked.

"Yeah, that is rather unusual," Peniel agreed. "Maybe because this staff was created using a legendary artifact."

"It's one ability is for non-battle purpose, though," Jack commented about the Eye of Surveillance. "This ability is for reconnaissance. I'm a bit disappointed. It can only spy on things fifty kilometers away. It would be cool if I could spy on things in another country, like when Janus used the eye to watch the battle in Liguritudum."

"Maybe if you disassemble the staff back to the original artifact, you can," Peniel proposed.

"You mentioned me?" Janus asked when he heard his name was mentioned.

"Nothing. I'm just happy all my weapons are legendary grades now, hehe," Jack chuckled. "Oh, you don't mind parting with the Eye of Illios, do you?"

"It is yours," Janus said. "That thing brings me enough trouble already."

Jack immediately replaced his Mana Leech Staff with this new magic weapon. He couldn't transfer his Orb of Raijin yet. He would have to etch this staff before he could.

He didn't review the other loots. He just picked them up and entered them into his inventory because, at that time, several loud booms were heard. The space was also shaking. He looked toward the source of this occurrence, Tiemezzys.

Multiple earth pillars sprouted from the dragon and stabbed in all directions. The pillars went all the way to the edge of this pocket world, piercing its boundary. Those who were slammed by these earth pillars received large earth damage and were petrified. Several Young Januses and the members from the two factions members were turned into stone.

Tiemezzys unleashed his divine earth breath again, damaging and forcing all his assailants back. His breath attack also went on and hit this space's border. Cracks could be seen in the void wall and ceiling.

"He is fighting while looking for a way to escape," Jack said.

Jack might be staying at the back here in safety, but his other two selves never stopped fighting. Janus was the same, he was contributing by controlling the Young Janus clones.

Dragon Jack had unfortunately been killed from the last breath attack. But before he died, he successfully sent his soul breath to Tiemezzys' eyes, forcing the dragon to shut his eyes.

Lightning Jack was at the end of the divine skill's duration by then. He channeled his finishing mode onto his fist and rushed at the dragon. By the time he came into Tiemezzys' mana sense scope, it was too late for the dragon to dodge. His accumulated lightning fist slammed into Tiemezzys' belly. The powerful impact was enough to send the colossal dragon tens of meters back.

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