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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1482 Defenses Crumbling

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Chapter 1482 Defenses Crumbling

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Silverwing and his guildmates received damage and were pushed back by the force of the elemental flood, but Silverwing could see that the flood had been greatly weakened due to going through several protection skills at the front line. He saw many of the native soldiers at the front line had fallen to the ground.

Before those natives could get their bearings, another assault came. This time, it was a cacophony of storms. A fierce storm that contained fire, Ice, and lightning swept through the tunnel.

The storms didn't hit as far back as the flood just now. Sillverwing and the others were safe, but he could see the front line was in big trouble.

"Brace yourself!" He bellowed. "Forward!! The enemy is making a big push! We have to stop them!"

Nomodem followed Silverwing's lead. He called his members to push forward.

The other guilds just stayed back and watched. They lost many members due to the elemental flood and storms just now. Silverwing was frustrated at them. When the situation was easy, they acted so passionately. Now when trouble came, these people lost their nerves.

Silverwing heard another commotion. The front line had just been hit by another wave of searing flames. A gigantic earth golem followed. It smashed into the barricade as if they were blocks of Legos. The air around the golem shimmered and twenty sharp wind blades lashed out and cut Palgrost soldiers who were still trying to get their bearings.

"Sh*t!" Silverwing cursed. He never saw it directly but he had heard reports. He hurriedly sent a message to Jeanny, "Send reinforcements! Master is at this spot. We are having trouble maintaining our defense!!"


After receiving Silverwing's reinforcement request, Jeanny sent a message to Viral Cora, who was stationed at the palace courtyard. The courtyard had been turned into a temporary command station. This was the place where they coordinated with the native army. Thelgrun was also there.

Jeanny asked Viral to send one of the admirals to Silverwing's side to reinforce him. Palgrost's admirals were equivalent to Themisphere's Lord Marshalls. Like Themisphere, Palgrost had three such admirals.

Unfortunately, one of the three admirals followed Boron. Hence, they only had two on their sides.

After hearing Jeanny's request, Viral told her that both admirals had already been dispatched. Liguridutum's high marshall, Oberon, was attacking one of the choke points, so an admiral was sent there. The second admiral was also sent to another choke point when a report of the third admiral who supported Boron was sighted. Right now, they could only send normal soldiers.

The appearance of Liguritudum's high marshall and Palgrost's third admiral was not a coincidence. Linda purposefully timed their attacks to draw the opponent's firepower before Master carried out his push. She also had those attacks at locations far away from where Master was, so the enemies couldn't provide help.

Jeanny told Viral to ask Thelgrun to send as many reinforcements as they could to Silverwing. She herself was heading there. The spot she was defending wasn't in danger. She could leave them to Fierce Flame and the others.


Silverwing looked with concern as the front line getting pushed one step at a time. Many of the native soldiers had fallen. It had happened so fast that most didn't have enough time to pull back. Reserves continued to rush in to replace the fallen soldiers but they continued to lose their footholds.

Several Cheval de Frises and Scorpios, which were war tools, were originally installed at this choke point, but they had also been destroyed as the front line was pushed back. If this continued and the invaders pushed them out of the tunnel, then the choke points' advantage would be gone.

Silverwing knew that could not be allowed to happen. His members and Offline Beasts' members defended the place valiantly. They tried their best to resist the push.

The other guilds had mostly backed off. Some of them gathered their courage and went to fight the enemies, but they were quickly killed. Seeing their comrade's demise, their small flames of courage were quickly snuffed and they scurried away to safety.

Silverwing saw Master in the flesh now. After receiving attacks from almost everyone, Master's earth titan was finally destroyed. However, their vigorous effort only served to take off Master's titan suit. Master himself was completely fine. By the time they successfully achieved that, their formation was already a mess. The Liguritudum soldiers rushed in and pressed on the openings Master had created.

Silverwing couldn't deny the pressure of facing Master was suffocating. Even without the titan suit, Master was still more than formidable. Each of his spells packed a punch. Even his normal attacks dealt lots of damage. Players were mostly powerless against him.

What's worse was Master had lots of AOE spells and he never ran out of minions. The native soldiers he brought were also all elites. They were Liguritudum's special units, the Celestial Knights, Ghost mages, Empyrean Priests, and worst of all, the Dread Knights.

These special units were led by three expertly powerful players, Long, Spring Crown, and Ronald.

Spring Crown fought with uncanny synchronization with the native soldiers. He fully understood their strengths and weaknesses and adjusted his fighting style accordingly to achieve the most effective result. He also easily spotted the enemy's weak points and led the soldiers to take advantage of them. Under his command, the defender's already chaotic formation crumbled even more quickly.

Long was the opposite. He didn't care about his allies. He just rushed forward by himself into the midst of the enemy and wreaked havoc. His speed and perfect body control made him almost untouchable by the enemies. No one was able to land a hit on him while his fists slew one opponent after another.

Ronald similarly didn't care about coordination. He simply shot at any enemies he saw.

The situation was truly not good. Silverwing called for his members who still had the Amulets of Rebirth to wear them, but he told them to not retreat. They had to defend this place no matter what.

He then saw on the other side, that Nomodem was killed by Long. Nomodem tried surrounding Long with his comrades, but they ended up getting cut in half by a flaming saber conjured by Long's hands.

Silverwing had no time to pity his comrade's demise because he found Master to have suddenly appeared above him. Master's body was shrouded with dark energy, a visual cue of Warlock's Demonic Possession.

Master's Demonic Possession was an evolved version, Superior Demonic Possession. With the buff, Master cast another spell, Hail of Ice Calamity. Ice swords magically appeared from the tunnel's ceiling and rained on defenders.

Silverwing threw his flying knives at Master. The flying knives stopped just before hitting Master.

Master had used Telekinesis to stop the knives. He flicked his staff. The knives turned around and shot back. Their speed was twice their original speed. Silverwing was unable to dodge. The knives struck his vital points and caused critical damage.

He fell to the ground as the invaders broke through the last line of defense.

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