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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1481 Defending The Choke Points

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Chapter 1481 Defending The Choke Points

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Trinity Dawn similarly had three new spells from her special class, Royal Elemental Master. Her level 50 & level 60 spells were the same as Master who had the Elemental Master special class, which were the Elemental Turbulence and the Tri-elemental Storm.

Her level 70 spell was different. While Master got Sea of the Elementals for his level 70 spell, she received Elemental Rain. Elemental Rain conjured a rain that dropped three different elemental energies in turns. The first was fire rain. It was followed by ice rain and ended with lightning rain. Each rain lasted one minute, so the entire spell's duration was three minutes.

In terms of damage, the Sea of Elemental hit harder but it was an instant spell. Elemental Rain dealt smaller damage but if the enemies stayed within the rain area for the entire spell, the combined damage surpassed the Sea of Elemental.

In a defensive situation, the Elemental Rain was more advantageous because the enemies had to stay within the spell's AOE unless they wanted to retreat and halt their advance.

Fierce Flame was level 72. She also received a new skill when her Royal Arcane Archer hit level 70. Her new skill was Chaotic Arcane Shot.

During the activation of this skill, she entered an immobile stance. Her shooting speed was increased by 500%. Each arrow dealt an additional 100% damage from a random element. Each shot had a chance to inflict different status effects based on the elements. This skill ended if her stance was disrupted. If not, she would be in this rapid shot state for three minutes.

Jeanny supported them using her Beacon of Hope. Substantially increasing everyone's stats and healing them, giving them a higher survival chance against the enemy's relentless push.

The defenders took turns in defending the choke points. The ones who were low on HP retreated and were replaced by the reserves. This allowed them to continue this protracted battle.

The two other divisions of Jeanny's guild were led by Grace and Domon.

Grace was accompanied by Paytowin, The Man, and Bowler. On Domon's side, he was supported by Jet, Freddie, and his other old disciples.

They also summoned their companions, which comprised mostly of the ex-members of the Council of Charites. Out of all the chokepoints, the three defended by the Everlasting Heavenly Legends were the most stable and unbreakable.

Even though the defense on the other choke points didn't seem as easy as the one held by Everlasting Heavenly Legends, they were also holding. This went on for hours. The native defenders were high on morale and the players had high spirits.

They felt like they could defend these choke points for as long as they were needed.


On the other side of the choke points, Master was waiting in the large cave hall near the main gate. His army cramped here while they waited for their turns to advance. Other gates had been broken and his army entered from those other entry points, but they similarly encountered barricades that prevented them from proceeding deeper into the capital.

"They were pretty smart to utilize the nature of this place," Master said.

"It can't be helped. This place is a natural fortress," Linda said. "If only we had some kind of a nuke to just bring the whole mountain down on this capital, we don't need to go through this hassle."

"Hmph. Even if there is such a weapon, this world doesn't work that way. This mountain's main structure won't crumble that easily. How is Spring Crown doing? He certainly takes his time."

Spring Crown's voice was heard then. "Come on, man. This place is crawling with troops. Do you think it's easy moving around?"

"Are you done with your survey?" Master asked.

"I still have a couple more tunnels in this section that I have to go and check," Spring Crown answered. "If I am to be thorough, I have to also go to the section where Boron's force was at."

"Out of the ones you have checked, which one has the weakest defenders?"

"I can see that you are out of patience. Are you sure you don't want me to finish checking the other tunnels?" Spring Crown asked.

"Take me to the weakest barricade from the ones you have checked," Master replied. "Long, Ronald, you come with me!"

"Aye, aye. This way, boss," Spring Crown said.

Long and Ronald followed without a word.

Linda stayed behind to continue organizing the troops. The war table had been moved into this cave hall so she could use this hall as their field base. She arranged for the troops to prepare near the tunnel where Master and Spring Crown were heading.


At one of the tunnels connecting into the slum district, White Scarf and Offline Beast's members were holding the line with Palgrost native soldiers. The members of a few Palgrost's local guilds were with them but they were not familiar with those guilds. They tried to communicate so they could all work better together but those guilds preferred to do as they wished.

Jeanny had been appointed as the one in charge of the player guilds after the Licth Squad was demoted due to their fiasco in Num Maldur Pass.

These guilds agreed to follow Jeanny's arrangement about where they fought. But on how they fought, they didn't accept being commanded. These guilds' members fought haphazardly. They tried to compete in killing the enemies to get more exp and war contribution points. They ended up suffering more casualties than they had to.

White Scarfs and Nomodem could only do their best to do their parts. They acted more as a support to the native soldiers rather than competing for kills.

Suddenly, they heard a warning shout from the native soldier on the front line. "Incoming…!!!"

Silverwing didn't want to take chances. He called his members to use their defensive skills. Honeycomb, who was now a level 70 Sentinel, came in front of Silverwing and used Protection Field, just as a torrent of elemental flood washed over them. This flood contained fire, ice, and lightning energy.

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