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«Reborn Girl’s New Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 820 Qi Yan

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Chapter 820 Qi Yan

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Mei Qi was being very patient. He waited while Yang Yang was listening to the recording on the phone and watched her opening her mouth in astonishment.

“That’s impossible…” She kept shaking her head, which seemed that she wanted to deny something urgently, “It’s absolutely impossible. How could my daughter…”

“Even though you are her real mother, so what? As long as you are in her way, she will eradicate you without any hesitation.”

Mei Qi was amused by Yang Yang’s reaction.

He walked up to her, took back the phone from Yang Yang’s hands, and said, “You believe it now, don’t you?”

“No. It’s impossible… Absolutely impossible…”

Mei Qi smiled, saying, “Now you’ve got the phone. Besides, I bought it at a high price from the killer’s organization. The audio can’t be composed artificially. If you really don’t believe it, then…”

He dialed the phone number and put the phone to Yang Yang’s ear.

Yang Yang waited for the phone to be connected with glazed eyes.

Mei Qi felt it was intriguing. He waited for the other end to pick up the phone smilingly and he also studied Yang Yang’s face.

Just as he expected, someone on the other end picked up the phone very soon. The person even asked with excitement, “You found that old fart, right?”

She addressed her as that old fart…

Yang Yang couldn’t help clenching her fists.

After having been separated for so many years, her own daughter hired a killer and wanted to kill her. Moreover, she just couldn’t wait to see her die.

Yang Yang’s heart was filled with resentment and she wanted to speak.

But just at that moment, Mei Qi reached out and covered her mouth.

As the person on the other end heard nothing, she couldn’t help wondering, “What happened? Are you gonna tell me something on the phone? What’s going on? Speak!”

Gu Changle asked repeatedly on the phone. Her voice was very clear, which mercilessly disillusioned Yang Yang.

Mei Qi watched Yang Yang lowering her head and collapsing on the floor.

Then Mei Qi hung up the phone contentedly.

Then he asked Yang Yang, “How about now?”

Seeing that Yang Yang kept silent, Mei Qi continued, “If you don’t believe me this time, I’ll find some other evidence.”

“I believe it…”

Yang Yang’s weak voice was filled with disappointment.

Though she didn’t want to admit it, the truth was that the person speaking at the other end was her daughter.

The daughter she gave birth to in the fullness of time.

She felt she’d better not have the baby, who nearly killed her.

“What do you want me to do?”

“You’d better talk to Manager Song in person. It’s meaningless for you to talk with me as you may put me off again.”

Mei Qi smiled and called someone to pick Yang Yang up.

Yang Yang was badly hurt. But luckily, she could speak.

Even if she broke a leg, it wouldn’t matter. Song Yunxuan only wanted her to speak.

Mei Qi took Yang Yang away from the organization.

After returning to the hotel, Mei Qi reported to Song Yunxuan, “I’ve let her listen to the recording and sent her to the hospital.”

“How did she react?”

“Bitterly disappointed.”

“What a fool.” Song Yunxuan said. Then she continued, “No wonder Gu Cheng just took her daughter to the Gu Family and left the woman behind.”

“What do you mean?”

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan.

Gradually, Gu Changge’s childhood floated into Song Yunxuan’s mind, making her think of what Gu Changge’s mother looked like.

“Gu Cheng likes beautiful women.”

“Every man does. Judging from what Gu Changle looked like, Yang Yang should be a beauty when she was young.”

“But inner beauty is what really matters.”

Song Yunxuan said.

Mei Qi narrowed his eyes. Song Yunxuan was right about that. Beauties always had authentic charm, making them attractive and enchanting.

And an eye candy would always turn into a man’s plaything.

A beautiful and excellent daughter was always precious.

Mind, temperament, charm, coupled with the character and beautiful appearance, would enchant any man.

“The reason why Gu Changle was able to enter the Gu Family was that Gu Cheng thought Gu Changle would become a beauty who was more graceful than Gu Changge.”

“Because Yang Yang was pretty?”


“Then why did he hide it from Gu Changge?”

“Because Gu Changge would inherit the whole family. A daughter is valued because of her mother. And Gu Changge is the daughter.”

“You mean Gu Cheng favored his first wife?”

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan looked at Mei Qi smilingly, saying, “You know better about it than me, don’t you?”

Mei Qi remained silent.

Indeed, he came to Yuncheng a little earlier than Song Yunxuan.

But of course, he came earlier than the real Song Yunxuan.

Now Song Yunxuan had changed completely.

Gu Changge’s mother died at a very young age. The Gu Family held a funeral not long after she gave birth to Gu Changge.

Even though Gu Cheng was at the top of Yuncheng and adored by the public, her wife, the one who had never appeared in public with Gu Cheng, always stayed in the Gu Family like a pearl in the deep sea.

While she was alive, seldom people had ever seen her.

Mei Qi had never seen her before.

“Gu Cheng’s wife…”

“Her name’s Qi Yan.”

Song Yunxuan said presently.

Obviously, Mei Qi felt surprised. He slightly frowned, looking at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan smiled, continuing, “Qi Yan isn’t the heiress in the rumor.”

She was Gu Changge’s real mother, so no one knew her better than Gu Changge.

“Gu Cheng just considered her as an heiress. Actually, she was just a girl from a normal family, which was even a single-parent family.”

Mei Qi knitted his brows, becoming rather curious about the mysterious woman.

Qi Yan’s name was mysterious enough.

As Qi Yan was like a nobody in the Gu Family and Gu Cheng had hidden her from the public. Thus no one had ever been curious about her or run a check on her.

Her husband and daughter were the best elites in Yuncheng.

While they were alive, they topped the city.

After they died, they became legends.

Only by looking at Mei Qi’s eyes, Song Yunxuan knew that he was dying to know Qi Yan’s whole life.

However, Song Yunxuan’s memory of Qi Yan was vague now.

Instead of taking everything about Qi Yan with her to the grave, she could just tell it to Mei Qi and let him know about the meeting and love between her father and mother.

Even though Gu Cheng’s love towards Qi Yan was freakish…

“Qi Yan was a girl born in a single-parent family. She was proposed at the age of 21 and married a man. However, on the day of her marriage, her first husband failed to enjoy the wedding night with her. He drank in excess and died of a sudden illness.”

“This miserable?”

Mei Qi said.

“Certainly not miserable, but coincidental.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, continuing, “Qi Yan was a very smart woman. She skipped grades in both high school and college. She was a junior when she was 18. Though her background was modest, she knew how to behave. Besides, she got a good-paying job as a tutor for Gu Cheng. She was four years older than him.”

Mei Qi frowned.

Song Yunxuan smiles, pursuing, “So when Qi Yan got married at the age of 21, Gu Cheng was 17. At that time, he just began to run the Gu’s. But he was a tough and ferocious man. After Qi Yan’s husband died, he found out that Qi Yan’s husband had once embezzled the funds of his company for his own private use and asked Qi Yan for a large sum of money. Moreover, he deliberately asked Qi Yan’s mentor to recommend her to interview in Gu’s when she was hunting for a job.”

“I didn’t expect that Little Master Gu was also scheming.”

“I knew it by hearsay only.”

Actually, it was something Gu Cheng mentioned while having s*x with a woman one day. It thundered that night and Gu Changge was going to see Gu Cheng with her soft toy in her hands.

However, she heard Gu Cheng talking about her real mother.

Of course, the woman that listened to Qi Yan’s story was hit by a car the next day.

She died really quickly.

“And then?”

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan said, “I’ve said that Qi Yan is a very smart woman. Gu Cheng set her up step by step. When Qi Yan turned 25, Gu Cheng waited patiently for four years before he was finally willing to enjoy the fruit.”

“He proposed to Qi Yan?”

“No…” Song Yunxuan replied, “He raped her.”

Mei Qi never expected that Gu Changge was the child of a woman raped by Gu Cheng.

“When there’s a first time, there will be a second time. But Qi Yan never wanted to be together with him.”

“Then what happened?”

“If a man wants to detain a woman, the best way is to let her have their baby.”

“Qi Yan got pregnant?”

“Right. And she was pregnant with Gu Changge. Therefore, Gu Changge was given an important task when she was born. Gu Cheng wanted to detain Qi Yan by utilizing the kid in her belly.”

“Did she compromise?”

“Gu Cheng proposed to her and married her as he wished. He felt he had got what he wanted most in his life.”

“But Qi Yan didn’t live long.”

“Someone made Qi Yan infected with a kind of virus during her pregnancy.”

Song Yunxuan said.

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