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«Reborn Girl’s New Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 819 Stage an Incident

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Chapter 819 Stage an Incident

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Yang Yang heard Song Yunxuan clearly.

Speaking of finding the origin,

Yang Yang gnashed her teeth, knowing that Gu Changle would never call her mother when things came to this.

Now she seemed to feel lost. She just couldn’t believe that she should deal with her own daughter after years of suffering and all the tiresome businesses.

Yang Yang’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

After the meeting, Song Yunxuan got her private plane ready to go back together with her.

But the assassination just failed,

So there would be someone waiting to kill them if they returned home from abroad now. It would be a smarter choice to hide overseas for some time.

Song Yunxuan made a perfect plan in her mind.

And she stayed that night at a strictly secured starred hotel she booked for Yang Yang.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t sleep at night, so she just sat by the bed and looked through the window at the night scene.

The bustling city was busy and bright even at night. One who saw it would feel it in the heart.

Bright lights and boisterous crowds reflected in Song Yunxuan’s eyes but left no ripples in her heart.

There was nothing that could influence her except for resentment.

And now she was really close to her target.

She pondered.

Song Yunxuan got a video call request on the computer when her mind was wandering.

She glanced at the screen and answered it.

In the video, Mei Qi wore a gown provided by the hotel, genteelly tasting the red wine in the glass.

Song Yunxuan pressed the acupuncture points between her eyebrows, saying, “I thought you got some kind of emergency.”

“Well, not quite.”

“What happened?”

Song Yunxuan got the instinct that there must be a reason why Mei Qi made this video call.

Mei Qi couldn’t call her just because he thought of her in the middle of the night or something.

Mei Qi changed his smiling look and began seriously, “Yang Yang slipped away from the back door.”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh slightly, “She is still attached to the kinship, isn’t she?”

Mei Qi compressed his lips, saying, “Maybe.”

“Kinship can be very important to a person, but sometimes it’s no more valuable than garbage.”

“So, what now?”

Mei Qi wanted to ask Song Yunxuan if it was necessary to get Yang Yang back.

Song Yunxuan thought for a while and said, “Send your men to follow her, but don’t stop her.”

She wanted Yang Yang to choose by herself.

She needed Yang Yang to help her spoil Gu Changle and Shao Tianze’s engagement ceremony.

But if Yang Yang seriously didn’t want to help, she might betray Song Yunxuan on this.

That would do more harm than good.

It was a crucial moment, and Song Yunxuan would never risk it.

Mei Qi understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning, so he was about to call his men and ask them to follow Yang Yang.

But when he just turned his head, he heard Song Yunxuan’s voice. “I want you to follow her,” she said.


Mei Qi was a little surprised. He just picked up his drink when hearing Song Yunxuan’s words and didn’t even have time to put it down.

Song Yunxuan nodded, saying, “You heard me. I want you to go.”

Mei Qi smiled with the wine glass in his hand, saying, “But, as you can see, I’m tasting my wine, Manager Song.”

“One who knows how to enjoy life knows how to cherish it, right? Don’t you think you should give Yang Yang some instruction since she doesn’t cherish her life at all?”

There was a resentful tone in Song Yunxuan’s voice when she said that.

Only Mei Qi could feel it.

He knew Song Yunxuan better than anyone.

Thus, he understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning immediately after hearing her words, saying, “Sure, I’ll go right now.”

“Thank you, Assistant Mei.”

Song Yunxuan thanked Mei Qi for accepting the task.

Gu Changle got even more anxious the day before her engagement ceremony.

The killer she hired called her and said, “We went to the house, but the woman was not there.”

“You mean you didn’t find her?”

Gu Changle frowned, saying, “I settled her in that house. She couldn’t leave there without my help.”

“But we truly didn’t see her in that house, Miss Gu.”

“What did you find in her house, then?”

“We searched everywhere in that house and found her luggage. It seemed to have had a gunfight before we arrived.”

Hearing about the gunfight, Gu Changle frowned, asking, “So, somebody’s trying to kill her?”

Gu Changle wanted to kill her.

But she disappeared before the killer could arrive.

Was there anyone else who knew this business and wanted to finish Yang Yang except her?

Gu Changle pondered a second and asked, “Have you found her body?”

“No. The landlord called the police, and they are searching for that woman.”

Gu Changle nodded, saying, “Sure. You got to find her, dead or alive.”

Even if Yang Yang was dead, she had to see her body to confirm that.

“Then I think our job is done, Miss Gu.”

The man was going to terminate the cooperation.

Gu Changle said, “No way. I hired you to kill her, so your job is not done before showing me her body. What if she’s still alive?”

There was silence on the other side of the phone.

Gu Changle said in a tough tone, “I don’t care how much money you want. I’ll pay you, but not until you kill that woman.”


The man answered. After that, he asked, “Is there anything else you want us to do, Miss Gu?”

“Just kill her. That’s the only thing I want you to do. Tomorrow is my engagement ceremony, and the old woman must not ruin it.”

“Yes. Please rest assured, Miss Gu.”

They made a deal.

After that, Gu Changle hung up the phone.

On the other side, after hanging up, the man who talked to Gu Changle turned to an Asean guy near him, asking, “Will that do?”

“Very good. You’ve made it quite clear. Hand me the phone.”

The Asean guy stretched out his hand.

The liaison of the killer organization handed the phone to him immediately.

“Well, our money…”

He shuffled.

The Asean guy raised the corners of his lip, saying, “Of course, we’ll give you the money. You don’t think we are lying, do you? Just give me the number, and Manager Song will transfer the money to your Switserland bank account.”


“Where’s the woman now?”

“She’s in our room.”

“Did you hurt her?”

The Asean man asked carelessly.

“Well, just some minor injuries.”

The Asean man couldn’t help laughing out when he heard that. “It seems I’m a little bit late,” he said.

He said that with an unmistakably joyful look on his face.

Manager Song wanted her to suffer a little pain, after all.

That was why he dragged his heels for a while before going there, which let Yang Yang suffer a lot.

What a shallow-brained old woman!

It was unbelievable that she ran out with a wounded leg in the middle of the night when she knew someone was trying to kill her.

Luckily, Mei Qi got a wide range of contacts, in which the killer organization was included.

Or he wouldn’t be able to save Yang Yang.

As being told by the killers, he found the room where Yang Yang was.

She got a lot more than just minor injuries.

It seemed that they beat the crap out of her.

She would have been dead if he had arrived any later.

Yang Yang was tied by a rope, and she got two black eyes and missing teeth. Seeing that, Mei Qi sighed, saying, “You’re not young anymore. Why did you do such a foolish thing?”

Yang Yang couldn’t say a word.

And her cheeks swelled up.

“I believe that they could kill you with a bullet if Manager Song didn’t pay a barrel of money to save your ass.”

Yang Yang’s eyes were filled with horror and surprise.

Mei Qi went up to untie her.

But Yang Yang was extremely frightened because of the torture. She struggled to get away from Mei Qi even if he was just trying to untie the rope.

“I’m here to save you, so don’t move and let me untie you,” Mei Qi said patiently.

But it seemed that Yang Yang couldn’t hear a word at all. She just kept struggling.

The stupid woman wasted Mei Qi’s time and money, so he started to get impatient.

If the woman hadn’t slipped away in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t have had to buy her life with so much money.

“I hope they didn’t hurt your head. You’ll be useless to Manager Song if you’re out of your mind. By then, Manager Song might give up saving you with that much money, and you, lady, you’re gonna die here.”

Hearing that, Yang Yang’s muscles contracted instantly and muttered insanely, “I’m not mad! I’m sober! Help me, please! Help me!”

Mei Qi was satisfied with her reaction, and finally, Yang Yang stopped struggling to make it easier for Mei Qi to untie the rope.

Mei Qi untied all the knots around her.

He said, “Right, I’ve got a gift for you.”

Yang Yang was confused by his words.

Mei Qi explained, “I can tell by the ways you slipped out that you’re not a moron. You know everything about thinking and doubting.”

Yang Yang kept silent with her eyes fixed on Mei Qi.

“You ran away not just because you don’t want to disclose your daughter’s identity in public. You doubt that the killers yesterday were hired by Manager Song, don’t you?”

Yang Yang compressed her lips without denying it.

She experienced a lot with Gu Cheng when she was young.

And she knew how cunning Gu Cheng was and how he had set his enemies up in a variety of ways and eliminated them bloodlessly.

When she saw Song Yunxuan, she had a feeling of familiarity.

The young girl looked cold and imposing, just like Gu Cheng when he was at his zenith.

Yang Yang knew that she was not some kind of simple-minded girl, either.

So, when she coincidently got rescued by Song Yunxuan’s people when the killers hunted her in that house,

She started to doubt that all this stuff was Song Yunxuan’s scheme.

She doubted that it was Song Yunxuan’s filthy trick to make her break up with her daughter.

That was why she left the hotel secretly in the middle of the night.

But she was tracked and then got caught and was tortured badly. It was not until those people put a gun on her head that she realized they wanted to kill her.

Song Yunxuan, however, sent people and saved her again.

“What about this time? Do you still think Manager Song created all this?”

Mei Qi asked Yang Yang smilingly.

Yang Yang said nothing but stared at Mei Qi.

“You wronged her again.” Mei Qi laughed, shaking his head. Then, he played a record on his phone loudly, saying, “Listen to this carefully, and you’ll know what’s real and what’s not.”

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