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«Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being (Web Novel) - Chapter 762 – Younger Martial Brother

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Chapter 762 - Younger Martial Brother

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Dao Zu entrusted the conference to Chang Sheng.

Chang Sheng was naturally organized to the very last detail and was extremely reliable. As the chief disciple of Spirit Sect, he was the one most likely to take over Dao Zu’s position. Naturally, he had attracted great attention, especially since this man was still suitable for marriage. Every day, someone would inquire about the preferences of Chang Sheng, and every day someone would come to the door to talk about matchmaking.

“This one’s too ugly.”

“This one’s too short.”

“This one’s Dao attainments are too low.”

“This one’s talent is too lousy.”

“This one’s background is too shallow.”

“This one talks too much.”

“This one is too quiet.

“This one…”

Lingyu sat on the branch of a tree and mumbled something. In a word, after looking at them all, he felt that none of them was worthy of Chang Sheng.

Lian Hua sat beside him, shaking his long legs and said, “If you keep being picky like this, Chang Sheng will be single even if he is 200 years old.”

Xi He bit a dog’s tail grass and lazed around, “In Little Yu’s heart, he’s the only one worthy of Eldest Shixiong.”

Lingyu said, “Don’t talk nonsense, or else people will misunderstand.”

With that, Lingyu jumped down from the tree. Nobody knew whether it was out of annoyance or shyness.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the little bee next to him. “I didn’t know you had such a shy side.”

Yan Tianhen was struck half-dead by the word shy, and almost fell from the tree leaves. “I was just very reserved.”

But Lin Xuanzhi only smiled, pretending that the other party was trying to save his dignity.

Lingyu not only secretly said that others didn’t deserve Chang Sheng, but he also refused all of Chang Sheng’s potential Dao companions in Chang Sheng’s place. After he finished speaking, the name Lingyu officially resounded through the Nine Lands. When others mentioned him before, he was Lingyu, the disciple of Spirit Sect, but now, when he was mentioned again, he was the impudent rascal at the Dao Conference.

When Chang Sheng heard people mention this, he just smiled faintly. “Little Yu has been spoiled by me. He is romantic and lovely by nature. If there is any offense, I will take all the blame for him.”

No one else would dare let Chang Sheng plead guilty. Naturally, they repeatedly said, “It is really a teenager’s spirit, straightforward and lovely, hahahahahaha.”

It was the night of a full moon, and Chang Sheng could be seen performing a sword dance in the purple bamboo forest. Under the moonlight, the white figure rose gracefully, and his movement was unrestrained and complacent. Every move had the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers, but he was also able to stop freely. He would never use his sword Qi to bring down the young tender leaves.

Lingyu was fascinated by it and walked into the inner circle of the bamboo forest unconsciously.

Chang Sheng stopped his practice. When Chang Sheng saw Lingyu, he asked, “It’s so late, why aren’t you resting?”

Lingyu summoned up his courage, “Shixiong, I have something to tell you.”

Chang Sheng asked, “What do you have to say at this time?”

Dao Zu’s extra soul was standing in the purple bamboo forest. He saw the two people’s expressions and heard what they said clearly at a distance of less than three feet.

Yan Tianhen realized what was going to happen, and immediately showed a look of panic, saying, “On this day, Master was actually there?”

Lin Xuanzhi was also surprised. “I just found out today too that Master’s split soul actually ran around everywhere.”

Lingyu looked at Chang Sheng over there and confessed to him, “Shixiong, I actually like you in my heart, not as my Shixiong, but as a Dao companion.”

Chang Sheng suddenly froze.

Yan Tianhen covered his face with a wing and felt extremely ashamed to the fullest. He was about to smoke and explode all over.

Lingyu couldn’t get an answer. Although he was disappointed, he also knew that his words were too abrupt and could not be followed immediately, which was to be expected.

Then, he added, “If my Shixiong doesn’t accept me or like me, I’ll say it again tomorrow. If you don’t promise tomorrow, then I’ll say it again the day after tomorrow.”

Anyway, he always had so many tomorrows and day after tomorrows.

Chang Sheng was really shocked by Lingyu’s sudden confession. In this world, the number of people who admired him would be enough to form a line from the summit of Spirit Sect’s mountain to ten miles outside the mountain gate, but he never cared about these things.

After all, other people’s affection for him had nothing to do with him. He also thought that he was devoted to the Dao and had never been moved by anyone. But now, the person who confessed was his Shidi.

He was a younger martial brother who was brought up by him and whom he regarded as his own younger brother.

Chang Sheng didn’t want to hurt him, so he had to say slowly, “I see you as my younger brother.”

Lingyu begged, “Won’t you consider it?”

Chang Sheng softened for some reason and said, “Then I’ll consider it.”

The soul of Dao Zu sighed, turned around, and left.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen were also taken away together, so Yan Tianhen didn’t know what Chang Sheng’s reaction was and what he did after that.

So he asked Lin Xuanzhi directly.

“I didn’t sleep all night.” Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen landed on the shoulder of Dao Zu together, saying, “I spent the entire night thinking about how to refuse the silly little Shidi so that he wouldn’t be sad.”

Yan Tianhan asked, “You didn’t like me, even a little?”

Lin Xuanzhi flicked his wings and rubbed his head against Yan Tianhen’s, saying, “I just didn’t understand. I turned down people so many times that it’s become a habit. So when others confessed to me, my first thought was how to refuse, and I never thought about the possibility of accepting it.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

What else could he say?

Chang Sheng was sent out by Dao Zu to look for someone before he could give Lingyu an answer.

“The Heavenly Evil will appear at the border between the human realm and the demon realm. Pay a visit in my place. If that Heavenly Evil harms the common people, you can directly remove them. If they still hold kindness in their heart, you can take them back and place them in Spirit Sect to avoid causing chaos in the future.”

Dao Zu could divine well. When the Heavenly Evil first appeared, he had already foreseen its existence from the divinations.

He divined that the Heavenly Evil was in a weak state at this time. He didn’t have to go out in person, so he gave this task to Chang Sheng.

Chang Sheng asked, “What is a Heavenly Evil?”

Dao Zu sighed softly. “It’s related to the collapse of the Pillars of Heaven.”

Chang Sheng was shocked. “I’ll leave right away.”

Yan Tianhen gave an unexpected cry, “It turns out that you weren’t the one who decided to bring back Cangdi Fenglang, that rabbit.”

“Master asked me to bring him back.” Lin Xuanzhi pointed out, “Master already knew that he was still ignorant of the world, and he was only curious about the outside world. He did things with his own heart. How could he know whether his actions were good or bad? Master probably wanted me to bring him back, so that he could be taught good and evil instead of just killing him right now.”

Yan Tianhen pouted. “So that’s how it was. I thought you brought that little bastard back to annoy me.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought about it and said, “I didn’t think so much, but after I brought Cangdi Fenglang back, he stuck to me tightly. Besides, he was the youngest and most in need of care, so I took him with me all the time.”

Yan Tianhan said, “You’ve known for a long time that Fenglang was an evil Qi cultivator.”

Lin Xuanzhi said softly, “It’s just that the evil Qi in Cangdi Fenglang’s body has been sealed by Dao Zu from the beginning. Moreover, Fenglang is also a good child. In the past, he killed people because others wanted to kill him. He wanted to protect himself. Later, after returning to Spirit Sect with me, he never killed so easily again. Therefore, over time, I forgot that Cangdi Fenglang himself was an evil Qi cultivator.”

In order not to make Cangdi Fenglang suffer too much coldness and indifference, Dao Zu gave him a new identity — a half-demon. After all, he naturally possessed evil Qi. Even if Dao Zu tried to seal his evil Qi, people with a clear eye could still see the difference between him and others at a glance.

In order to avoid doubt, Dao Zu could only make him a half-demon. This statement deceived not only the world, but also Cangdi Fenglang himself. Until his death, Cangdi Fengland never knew that he was an evil Qi cultivator.

Cangdi Fenglang came to Spirit Sect and because of his cheerful personality and pitiful life experience, he soon received everyone’s love.

Dao Zu called Chang Sheng and said to him, “Fenglang will follow you in the future. Teach him well.”

Chang Sheng replied, “Naturally.”

Dao Zu narrowed his eyes. “Also, don’t ignore Lingyu too much. Don’t be fooled by his carefree appearance every day. In fact, this boy’s mind is the heaviest. Be careful of him holding a grudge.”

Only then did Chang Sheng suddenly remember that he hadn’t seen Lingyu for a long time. It took a long time to go out and look for Cangdi Fenglang. Moreover, he didn’t tell Lingyu where he was going.

After he came back, he was busy taking care of everything in Spirit Sect for Cangdi Fenglang, so that he could better and faster integrate into Spirit Sect’s life, and also take care of Cangdi Fenglang’s cautious, sensitive, and fragile little heart. Thus, Chang Sheng naturally forgot about Lingyu.

Or in other words, he deliberately forgot about Lingyu.

When Dao Zu mentioned this, memories before he left Spirit Sect came back. Chang Sheng looked at Dao Zu, who seemed to see through everything, and said, “I will take good care of my Shidi.”

Dao Zu said, “You treat him as a younger brother, but he doesn’t want to treat you as a younger brother.”

But Chang Sheng said faintly, “I’ve always regarded him as my younger brother, and one day, he will also see me as his elder brother.”

Dao Zu smiled gently. “It is not possible. If you don’t believe me, just watch. Lingyu is the most stubborn child I have ever seen. Either you don’t give him any hope and have him give up completely, or you can get ready to be with him. Otherwise, both of you will be hurt in the future.”

Chang Sheng just looked at Dao Zu and asked, “How are the Pillars of Heaven?”

Dao Zu was stunned.

“Master once taught me that I should place the common people first. The Nine Lands are unstable and the future of the orthodox Dao is unclear, so I am not interested in love.”

Chang Sheng continued, “Master was naturally thinking of us when he forbade us from intervening in the matter regarding the Pillars of Heaven, but it’s also hard for Master to accomplish such a great task by himself. You have trained us for so many years, and it’s not for us to just fall in love, is it?”

Dao Zu had nothing to say.

He couldn’t get along with the disciple who didn’t understand his style, so he could only wave his hand and drive Chang Sheng away.

Yan Tianhen pouted, turned around, and pointed his stinger at Lin Xuanzhi. His face was unhappy and he felt as if he’d been very wronged.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He felt that this evil spirit array was a dilemma left to him by Dao Zu.

“In terms of love, Chang Sheng was indeed very slow and dull. It wasn’t that he didn’t have you in his heart, but he just couldn’t figure it out for a while.”

Lin Xuanzhi flapped his wings behind the depressed little bee and explained, “You’re a lot more mature. Don’t hold a grudge against him.”

Yan Tianhen said sadly, “Go away. If I didn’t pester you so stubbornly, then you wouldn’t even have spared me a second glance. I finally understand. You didn’t have me in your heart at all.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled bitterly. Looking at the wronged little bee who wanted to be eight feet away from him, he cursed the evil spirit array ten thousand times.


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