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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2307 Indifference

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Chapter 2307 Indifference

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The Mortal Plane was in turmoil.

Many weren't certain of exactly what happened. On one day, they were in the deep lull of peace, but in the next, it felt as though the world was collapsing all around them. The difference was striking and jarring.

Void beasts ravaged the lands. At first, there just seemed to be one or two. However, with each that fell beneath the combined assault of the Sacharro Royal Family, another would appear. Soon, the hordes became too much to deal with and mortal cultivators were forced to seek refuge within the walls of the Mortal Empire.

It could only be said that the defensive design of the Mortal Empire was the best to ever appear on the mortal plane. Not only were their universes arranged such that one could only access at most two others from a single point, each of them was incredibly difficult to navigate.

By now, the Sacharro Clan had harvested countless stars for their energy. As a result, a key tool of navigation was instantly wiped out. Most universes under the control of the Mortal Empire were filled with endless expanses of black, making it difficult to tell what was up and what was down, never mind actually finding one's bearing and location.

As though this alone wasn't enough, not only did the Sacharros' concentrate all populations of people within a single arrangement of planets in each universe, creating a makeshift solar system of multiple habitable planets, but they were also surrounded and protected by formations of black holes that could slaughter Higher Existences as though they were children.

The worst part about all of this for anyone attacking them from the outside was that if by some miracle they had the strength necessary to make it through this field of black holes, they would then find that the arrangement of planets had already long since been evacuated, making all of their work meaningless.

Like this, despite the situation, the casualties within the Mortal Empire could be said to be negligible to the point of nearing 0.

However, this still didn't mean that the situation was good… There were only so many universes and only so many points of evacuation left. Once the Mortal Empire's people ran out of places to run to… wouldn't they be finished?

At that moment, a bloody figure descended toward Soul Rend Planet. Her face was as delicate as an angels, but ghastly wounds were spread all across her body.

Despite this, her face was staunch and full of confidence. Her violet hair flowed with the wind, a queenly aura putting the hearts of the people at ease.

If one got over their distraction toward her beauty, it was possible to see that there was something slung over her back. On second inspection, it was possible to see that this 'something' was actually another young woman. Her state seemed several times worse than the violet haired beauty who descended from the skies like a fairy.

The violet hair beauty sighed. "Reckless little girl. What would this mother of yours do if something happened to you?"

Who else could this violet haired beauty be if not Madeleine? She saw Little Alauna as her own daughter, no differently than Luna or any of Dyon's other wives. So, seeing her in such a state, how could she not be enraged? If it wasn't for the sake of getting the little girl to safety, she would have unleashed all her pent-up rage right then and there.


Madeleine looked up to see Eli rushing toward her. Compared to the past, Eli was many times more confident and strong. After realizing the true nature of his ability was comprehension of daos, he was no longer a weakling under the control of others.

The only thing he was dissatisfied with was that he had to stay on Soul Rend Planet as the last line of defense while his wife and son were up on the front line. But, it couldn't be helped. If he went to the front line, he would only be able to use 9th level Daos. However, here, he could even use 9th level Laws thanks to the bridge to the Ancient Battlefield that Ri and Luna built together.

Using Ri's void comprehension and Luna's control of energies, this bridge was created. As a result, Eli was able to tap into the laws of the Ancient Battlefield and thus produce even greater strength than he could normally.

"Please take care of her, Eli. I will be going now."

Eli nodded, taking his niece in his arms. He could only shake his head when he saw her state. He couldn't even imagine what she had gone through.

By the time Eli looked up, he found that Madeleine had already disappeared, causing his expression to change. He only now registered that something seemed to be off about her, but when he wanted to ask, she was already gone.


Madeleine walked across the skies, a rage flickering in her pupils.

She wasn't a person who liked violence and conflict. If it was up to her, she would spend her days tending to a garden and the children she one day wanted to have. She wanted to have family all around so that everyday could be filled with happiness and joy.

Yet, it felt like there was a new lurking danger around every corner. Every time it appeared, her husband would take it all on his shoulders and she rarely suffered any hardships at all. It seemed that before anything could even threaten her, her man would swoop in and destroy everything that did her harm.

If she thought about it, when was the last time she suffered any sort of grievance? Wasn't that back when she was still a teenage girl and her master stole her away? Ever since Dyon brought her back to his side, had she ever experienced something like that again?

Thinking to this point, despite the rage in her eyes, Madeleine couldn't help but smile like a blooming flower. Her husband had always protected her. Despite the dangers, it could be said that she had lived a comfortable life. This was the world of cultivation after all, how could there not be some troubles to speak of? But, before her man, many of these were negligible.

Now, however, her man wasn't here. But, in her mind, he didn't need to be.

'Wait for your wife on the Immortal Plane.' Madeleine thought with a smile. 'This time, you'd better give me a few babies to hold.'

These matters of the Mortal Plane, whether it was the Sapientia, the void beasts, or The Entity, she would wipe them all away.

Madeleine's smile disappeared, replaced by a strong resolve that caused her white robes to flutter. Her picturesque figure glided through the air, a single step taking her forward several kilometers.

In but a moment, she had appeared above the Sapientia planet, looking down coldly as the faint crackles of violet flames lit and sparked around her body.

In the skies, three corpses floated in the vastness of space, dwarfing even the planet they had fallen into the orbit of. It was no surprise that they were all void beasts, each of which had been slaughtered by Little Alauna.

However, what Madeleine felt wasn't pride in her daughter for doing such a thing. Rather, she was even more enraged. They sent three void beasts after a little girl while they continued to hide away in their little turtle shell?


Madeleine's aura alone pressed down on the planet so forcefully that the planet quaked.

The Sapientia within the barrier shook in fear. Even Alauna hadn't caused their planet to quake and move like this. Even though it was obvious during Alauna's battle that she had most definitely held back against them, it was also possible that Madeleine was still holding back as well.

At that moment, something completely unexpected happened. Emperor Saerus Sapientia who had always seemed to be nonchalant about everything suddenly stood and took a step forward. In the breadth of a single blink, he had vanished, appearing above the planet with his hands clasped behind his back.

His golden robes fluttered in the air as he stood not even ten meters from Madeleine, his hands clasped behind his back and his face expressionless.

"So you're finally here." He said indifferently. "As the creation of the Sapientia Clan, it's about time you take responsibility for your duties, no?"

Madeleine's eyes narrowed. It shouldn't have been possible to know of her Sapientia origins, at least not via normal means. And, even more importantly, she had already burned this blood out from within her body.

"My name is Madeleine Sacharro. How would you like to die?"

Madeleine's response was equally as indifferent. But, it made her stance incomparably clear. The dignity of the Sacharro Clan wouldn't be trampled upon, and certainly not by the likes of this person. The Sapientia? They had never been her family, nor would they ever be.

Just for these words alone, this man deserved death a thousand times over.

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